Samsung CFG73 27″ 144Hz 1ms QLED Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (LC27FG73FQNXZA)

 Samsung CFG73 27

Size:27″ 27″ 1800R Curvature, 1ms MPRT Gaming Monitor.  144hz refresh rate with Quantum Dot technology  3000:1contrast ratio for shaper colors and darker blacks. . Very differentiated dual hinge and arena lighting in the stand to boost gaming atmosphere.  Easy to use, sophisticated gaming UI, gamers can easily change response time, refresh rate or brightness.  Superior Curved Gaming Monitor.

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  • 27 inches 1800R Curvature 1ms MPRT Gaming Monitor , Tilt : Minus 3.0 degree (±2.0 degree ) to +20.0 degree (±2.0 degree )
  • 144 Hz Screen Refresh Rate
  • Quantum dot technology supporting sRGB 125 percent
  • Enhanced gaming usability : Gaming mode & Arena lighting

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  • The Samsung CFG7 series has the potential to be the best 144Hz/1080P gaming monitor in the $300 price range. I’ll start listing what this monitor does right.PROS:- Very rich and vivid colors thanks to Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology allowing 125% sRGB, along with the 3000:1 native contrast ratio a VA panel provides for some great looking black levels. If image quality is your main priority while wanting to experience 144Hz and you don’t want to move up to 1440P, this is pretty much the best you can get. Everything else at this price point for 144Hz are TN panels and when it comes to colors, the Samsung is quite a bit ahead.- Useful OSD settings allowing you to select from presets, or tune it to your hearts content. Out of the box, it’s already pretty good but changing the “Black Equalizer” to the max setting of 20, makes the display really come to life. You can also set the monitor to different refresh rates from the settings instead of having to do it through your operating system, along with creating 3 different custom profiles to switch between on the fly.- Stand works great. It has good cable management options, and of course it can tilt, rotate and is height adjustable. Although the legs do stick out quite a bit so depending where you place the monitor on your desk, you may bump your mouse into it a few times.CONS:- The text on this monitor isn’t very sharp due to the way the pixels are arranged. It’s not terrible, but most people will notice the text looks slightly off and blurry while browsing. This isn’t noticeable in gaming for the most part.- Due to this being a VA panel and not an IPS, you won’t have to deal with IPS glow, so darker scenes should look better on this monitor for the most part. VA glow is definitely something to look out for and quite noticeable when viewing the monitor at off angles. This will shift the color quite drastically if not viewed from the optimal viewing position.- VA panels tend to have longer response times than TN and IPS which will make moving objects look a bit blurry.- Lack of quality control and customer support from Samsung, I’ll go into more details below:Now the main problem with this monitor seems to be a big lack of quality control from Samsung, the older variant the CFG70, was plagued with purple artifacts which ruined the monitor. Samsung has sort of addressed this issue with this newer model, but there’s still plenty of reports of people still getting monitors with this problem. This is essentially the same panel used in the older one but with newer firmware.I’ve gone through a total of five, yes five replacements so far and luckily I haven’t had the purple artifact issue but I’ve had plenty of others. My main problems have been dead pixels, trapped dust under the panel and uniformity issues on the panel(darker colors on one part of the monitor). Some minor black light bleed as well but nothing terrible.So in conclusion, this is an amazing monitor if you’re looking to do some gaming at 144Hz at 1080P while having very good image quality. Just be cautious when it comes to quality control as many users on various forums have reported Samsung support to be less than ideal. Also the text clarity issue is something every one of these units has, so keep that in mind for people who are sensitive to less than perfect text.If you’d like some other recommendations at around this price point for TN panels, some great choices are the Viewsonic XG2401/2402 or the LG 24GM79-B. For $100 more you can get the Acer XF270HU which is an IPS panel with 1440P/144Hz, there you’ll have to play the panel lottery when it comes to IPS glow.
  • Monitor has amazing picture quality for 144hz. This VA panel is much better than TN panel monitors; hardly had to tweak the color settings to get it looking great. The curve is only very slight and a not really noticeable when viewing the monitor straight on; it’s a welcome addition. Taking a star off because the stand is very awkward and poorly designed for such a high end monitor. Honestly I have never had an issue with the stand on any monitor I have ever used until this one. It’s not the most stable (although apparently better than the CFG70 style) and the feet stick forward a huge amount; much more so than it appears in the picture. They stick forward so far and the stand itself is so deep, that the keyboard and mouse end up having to be at least 3-4 inches further from the screen than a typical stand. I tried for two weeks to get used to it and could never get my mouse and keyboard in a comfortable position. The monitor itself was so good that I did not bother returning it. I was able to use the included VESA (75mm standard) adapter and make it work with the stand from my previous Dell monitor. If you like to sit close to your monitor and have your keyboard and mouse directly under the screen, you will likely need to buy a different stand or a monitor arm. The quality of the panel is still worth this setback it in my opinion, but just be aware about the potential issues with the stand before you buy. If Samsung shipped this thing with a nice sturdy, compact stand (such as the Dell ones which have a short depth) they would have a 5-star product here.
  • I bought this to replace a perfectly good 24″ 60hz LED/LCD monitor that I was using. Was trying to decide between a smaller Gsync for more $$, and this 27″ curved. It is Freesync ready, which I can’t take advantage of since I use an Nvidia GTX1060 G1 6Gb (OC’d). But the compromise was worth it. Going from 60hz to 144hz removed the stuttering and occasional tearing in some games.Cons:Gave it 4/5 stars for picture because of a band of pixels in the lower left with a slightly lower shade. It is noticeable in certain situations depending on the background colors, but otherwise don’t really notice it unless I look directly at it. And that’s when I look at my FPS counter in the lower left corner, otherwise in general use never see it.Pros:Stand foot is large but well designed. Inverted V design which supports the panel without the bulky square footprint leaving desktop space. The stand has cable hide, so I have routed my DP and USB through that for looks. The USB cable is not for the monitor, it is for charging my headset. The stand extends above the panel mount providing a convenient place to hang and charge headset all while being out of sight. There are also a couple of programmable display mode buttons for quick and easy switching if you wish. And one little detail that I really like: the power light on the front is small and dim, and most importantly turns off when the monitor is powered on, so no distracting light.Summary:Great 1080 144hz monitor for those that are not looking at 4k and Nvidia users not wanting to pay the $$ for Gsync. If you have an AMD Freesync GPU then here ya go. I am very happy with this purchase. Would recommend.
  • AMAZING MONITOR for the price. VA panel with quantum dot is gorgeous. 144hz is blazing fast. 1ms response time is true awesomeness. Has freesync which has no purpose for me as I have a 1080 ti but some will enjoy that. Honestly the best looking 144hz 1080p panel by far. Oh and the curve is cool but doesn’t really have any affect on the 24″ version of this monitor.

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