Capri Tools 30037 14mm XZN Triple Square Bit Socket with 1/2-Inch Drive

 Capri Tools 30037 14mm XZN Triple Square Bit Socket with 1/2-Inch Drive Brand Capri Tools

Size:14mm (M14) This Capri Tools 14mm XZN triple square bit socket with 1/2 inch drive; is constructed with a heat treated S2 steel bit and the socket is made from Chrome-Vanadium for heavy-duty use. Each piece is built to last for all of the toughest vehicle repair jobs. This XZN bit is compatible with all European vehicles. Ideal for use with breaker bars, ratchet handles and torque wrenches. The socket bit is compatible with hand tools only. A lifetime replacement guarantee is provided by Capri Tools for added protection.

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  • This product is ideal for use with breaker bars, ratchet handles and torque wrenches
  • Single 14mm XZN bit socket in 1/2-in drive
  • Socket bit is constructed with S2 steel which makes this tool great for heavy-duty use
  • A lifetime replacement guarantee is provided by Capri Tools

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  • I did some research on YouTube and discovered I needed a 30mm deep socket and a 10mm triple square bit. I had never heard of a triple square bit except for the grumblings of the mechanics that said I needed one to remove the axle flange bolts. After searching Amazon, I found at least two that were suitable, the Capri Tools 30035 10mm XZN Triple Square Bit that is about 1 inch long and this one that is about 3 inches long. I thought the 3 inch bit would clear the base of the flange but, years ago, I had three long torx bits break in use so I bought both the long and the short Capri bits in case I needed a spare.I also bought a TEKTON 4930 30mm 6 Point Socket to remove the axle nuts. (Of course, VW used a 12 point axle nut that made the socket useless to remove the nut but the replacement nut was 6 point and needed 220 foot-pounds of preload so the new socket came in handy.The Capri bits look very well made and have excellent finishes. Any Snap-On mechanic would welcome them to his tool set. I used the 3 inch bit because of how far back the axle flange is on the Beetle. I used a series of extensions and a 23” long, 1/2” drive breaker bar to loosen the flange bolts. There was enough slop in the extensions to comfortable work at a slight angle but still get the bit fully seated in each bolt.If Amazon lets me up load it, the picture shows the extension and bit set up. It also shows the bit and bolt. Note that a torx bit has 6 points but this triple square bit has twelve points.Also, I broke the axle nut loose with the car on the ground. Then I jacked it up, removed the tire, and put my grandson in the car. With the axle still in place, I rotated the axle until I could see a bolt, inserted the bit, and had my grandson step on the brake until the bolt broke loose. Then he released the brake, I rotated the axle until I could see the next bolt, and repeated the steps. Putting the bolts back to hold the new axle required the same kid and procedure.You could use your significant other if you don’t have a kid or maybe borrow a neighbor’s kid. It sure is a lot easier that trying to do it by yourself.The Capri bit survived just fine. I would have no hesitation recommending them to another mechanic.
  • Beautiful piece of work. This tool made it possible to get the rear calipers off my 2006 VW Jetta. It will no doubt last a 100 years or more. For those of you that are replacing rear break pads for the first time please read on. The rear calipers piston on both sides of your VW Jetta do not compress back like regular calipers. It is not necessary to buy the expensive compressing tool to compress the piston back to the closed position. You can do it by simply applying pressure to the piston with an inexpensive Piston Expander and a medium sized channel locking pliers. First spray a little bit of WD40 on the black dust boot rear the front of the piston so it will not tear as you rotate the piston in counter clock rotation. Now take the Piston Expander with the old outer brake pad still in place and apply good pressure. Then take the channel locking pliers adjusting to the correct size and grip the front of the piston being careful not to pinch the rubber boot and turn the piston in a counter clock rotation and the piston will slowly ratchet back to the closed position. It will be necessary to continuously tighten the the Piston Expander keeping pressure on the piston or it will not move backwards.
  • Great tool. Perfect for the rear brake carriers on my 2010 Jetta. Some advice though, if you don’t have a decent 1/2 drive breaker bar you need to get one to get those bolts out. Also the higher off the ground the better in terms of access. I did mine on stands but put them as high as possible to give room to ‘swing’ the breaker. A lift would be ideal because leverage was tough to apply on just the stands. Got it done but it was work. The tool itself held up well and stayed put in the bolt.
  • As my new used 2006 VW JETTA TDI is one of the cars that uses this on rear hub bearings it was needed and used . Thanks VW for going over to these as fasteners without stating that they were being used in your Bentley Repair Manuals
  • Great price and this part was so hard to find for my husband. He has a Volkswagen and we cannot find anything for it until he started looking on Amazon so I have no complaints at all for this part it worked he got his car fixed and I am happy
  • The exact tool to take transmission fill plug out of my 2005 passat 1.8t. Had a helluva time trying to find this at any parts store. And I mean all of them in a 30 mile radius. They could all get it in 5-6 days, but that did me no good as I needed it the next day. BAM! Amazon strikes again. Seems well made. I don’t see me using it more than two or three times ever. But man will it save your ass those couple of times.
  • This is a really nice bit and is definitely worth the money. I realized I needed this to remove a seat from a 2012 VW Jetta. Thanks VW for making be buy special sockets to do simple stuff to my car. Could have just used hex bolts like everyone else…Either way I still got my heated seat pads installed 🙂
  • They sent me a 1/2″ drive socket even tho it was listed as 3/8″…I’m fine w/ that I guess, I’m in new England, and those VW brake bracket bolts are often over tightened and rusted so 1/2 is probably better.

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