EKLIND 64840 4 MM Power-T T-Handle Ball-Hex T-Key allen wrench

 EKLIND 64840 4 MM Power-T T-Handle Ball-Hex T-Key allen wrench Brand Eklind Tool

Style:Power-T Ball-Hex Keys/9″ Arm  |  Size:4MM EKLIND TOOL COMPANY is America’s leading manufacturer of high quality, industrial grade hex keys, made with pride in the U.S.A. since 1950. The EKLIND 64840 4 MM Power-T T-Handle Ball-Hex T-Key allen wrench meets the most stringent requirements of professional mechanics, tradespeople, do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists.

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  • MADE IN AMERICA- High quality, Industrial Grade Professional Tools made in the U.S.A.
  • Shaft Length=9in, Handle Width=3in
  • EKLIND hex keys (allen wrenches) are used to drive internal hexagon socket (allen head) fasteners
  • OPTIMUM STRENGTH- These EKLIND tools are made with EKLIND Alloy Steel that is heat treated, quenched and tempered for optimum strength, torque and ductility for safety and coated with a rust resistant finish

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  • Couple of problems:1. Waaaay too long. The photo is deceptive. The description is correct. It really is 9″ long. This can be a good thing….because it allows us to spin the screws pretty quickly (if you hold the metal shank between your fingers).2. The ball end means you get small contact point with your bolt/screw. Twist it with too much force and the wrench slips inside the screw head. Do it too often and the the wrench/screw head gets rounded off.We bought 6 of these in two different sizes (7/64 and 3/32) for our robotics team. A few of them are already rounded off. I think we will have to grind off the ball end to make it a regular hex wrench, eventually
  • Bought this to tighten down my Incra table saw sled. The 3/32” wrench is too thin and long that if you torque it tight at all it twists. Ended up buying a Wiha Soft Finish driver, the metal is much stouter and has no problem. Disappointed at this tool, expected more from a US product.
  • Forget using L-shaped hex wrenches to adjust your guitar’s truss rod – this tool makes it easy!
  • A life (and money) saver. Couldn’t break loose the allen screws on 2 of my old Mercedes fuel injectors and thought I’d have to pay a garage $100-200 to rebuild the 2 injectors. Bought this instead and it worked like a charm. By the way, I already had 2 ball-end hex keys but they either weren’t long enough or too weak to reach the 2 middle injectors. Put a lot of torque on this and it held up fine. Good tight fit on the screw-heads, too.
  • I needed to pop the steering wheel on my Crown Vic, which requires a 4mm allen key. Unfortunately, the one I had was far too short. This tool feels sturdy and is plenty long enough to do the task at hand. I think the picture misrepresents the product as shorter than it actually is. This sucker is loooooooong.
  • I purchased this tool to use on a miniature Sherline Lathe. It seems very compatible with 5/32′ Hex cap screws. The raw delta between 5/32″ [~3.81 mm] and 4 mm [~.19 mm] seems to make little difference, other than making the matching a little tighter ! The “BALL” gives a wider variance in the approach angles that work.
  • This item was bought as replacement for a Snap-on wrench of the same size that I use to assemble and repair inline speed skates. Like the Snap-on, it has reach for getting into any place in the skate, including mounting a frame for 100mm wheels. And like the Snap-on, it fits perfectly so that there is no doubt that one is turning the screws rather than stripping them. Let the buyer beware that not all wrenches that say 5/32 fit well, and that can cause undue damage to the screw. But this wrench fits so well that I recommend this particular brand for any size work one must do. I have every confidence that it will fit the job. And please remember to operate even the best tools in a safe manner.
  • Love the handle and the T grip. Gave me great control and reached the screw head in the washer that the normal sized hex key could not reach. Appreciated that it could be purchased as a single tool than having to buy a set. Already have hex key sets, this one was perfect for the job needed!!

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