Craftsman 2 Piece 16 Inch Rubber Strap Wrench Set, 9-45570

 Craftsman 2 Piece 16 Inch Rubber Strap Wrench Set, 9-45570 Brand Craftsman

The Craftsman 2-piece Strap Wrench Set Is a Must-Have Tool at Home and at WorkThe Craftsman 2-piece strap wrench set is a must-have tool set that no home owner, do-it-yourselfer, or professional should be without. These handy strap wrenches are ideal for taking off an oil filter, installing a hard-to-reach drain pipe, or just opening and closing bottles and jars. The applications are endless.The 2-piece strap wrench set includes one large- and one small-handled 16-inch strap wrench. The large-handled wrench manages items up to 6 3/8 inches in diameter. The small-handled wrench manages items up to 4 inches in diameter. Made of cushioned plastic, the handles are comfortable to hold. The straps are made of strong, reinforced rubber that grips most anything and will not break. Just slip the strap around the item, tighten it until it grips securely, and turn. Friction keeps it from slipping. The set is lightweight: just 1.25 pounds.

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  • The large wrench manages items up to 6 3/8 inches in diameter
  • The small wrench manages items up to 4 inches in diameter
  • Straps are made of strong, reinforced rubber
  • Cushioned plastic handles are comfortable to hold

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  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Had to remove an old shower head but the attachment was flat and round, with no teeth or edges to use any form of tools or pliers or wretch of any type. Went online did some research and found that what I needed was a strap wretch. Came to Amazon (smile) and after sorting through different reviews of all the various type/brands I ended w this one for the price, the value, and customer reviews. Came in the mail QUICK. Read the instructions, which were so easy, and used it on my old shower head and it INSTANTLY came off. I was so happy to not have to be stuck with that old shower head anymore. Never would have happened if I hadn’t bought these rubber strap wrench. Definitely suggest this to people who need it.
  • Very happy with this strap wrench set. I found a single strap wrench at big box stores like home depot for about the same price as this package deal, so I decided to go with this from amazon. I used the strap wrench to replace a fuel filter on my diesel pickup. I think I will also use these strap wrenches for oil changes. I also find that the smaller of the two has great applications to remove stubborn hand tightened bolt, nut, cap, etc. that you can’t seem to get off after hulk put it on for you.These tools are a must have for every garage, or man cave to help you in a variety of applications.
  • You can go a long time without needing a strap wrench, but when you need one it can be a real lifesaver. In my case it was the stuck glass cover for the oven light bulb. That sucker would just not move. Very slippery and even when I got a grip on it you hate to force something glass while holding it in your hand, you know? Got the strap wrench, put it on, was able to get it unscrewed with a nice even force. Nothing broke and my wife can make Christmas cookies and peek in on them without opening the door. One use like that and it’s paid for itself ten times over versus calling somebody in… who would probably have the same wrench and take the same minute I took once I had the right tool.I’ve used these before, they’re useful for lots of tasks, basically any time you have something round without a good way to get purchase on it this will really help, and unlike something metal there’s no real risk of scuffing up the surface.
  • These were bought as jar openers. The little for the lid and the large for the jar (if needed). With arthritis, I was struggling to open jars -trying to hang onto the bottle/jar while twisting off the lid. I just opened a bottle with a quick twist of the handle- no stress!! Just loop the rubber around the lid and turn. That’s it ; )
  • Needed something to grip my faucet spout without marring it. First I tried using channelocks with a rag wrapped around the spout, kept slipping off. Then I tried a pipe wrench with the rag wrapped around the spout, kept slipping. Then bought and tried one of those strap wrenches with the fabric strap from Home Depot, same thing…kept slipping. Then I bought this set and figured I’d try the smaller one to get the spout off, within 2 minutes the thing was off. If you need to unscrew any round plumbing fixture and don’t want to leave bite marks from channelocks or a pipe wrench, this is the tool you need. Great addition to the toolbox.
  • Does the job–gripping those hard-to-grip items that seem to pop up everywhere. Used them on a WWII canteen top, Mason jar lids, and loaned them to a co-worker having trouble with an oil filter. Did the job fine.I’d give them a 5 star rating, except for a purely subjective “feel” issue–there’s something “light” about them, unlike other Craftsman tools I’ve purchased over the decades. No, they haven’t broken or cracked, but there’s something about their construction that leaves a little doubt in my mind that “old school” Craftsman tools don’t.
  • This set is a lifesaver. I got it because I was trying to remove a Kohler faucet handle and could get nowhere. Even with the strap wrench it was a struggle. Even though, based on size of the handle, the smaller of the two wrench, should have been good enough, I ended up using the larger wrench to free the handle.These are easy to use and there are some directions included. They are advertised as being for up to 4″ in diameter for the smaller wrench, and up to 6 3/8″. The rubber on these is nice and thick, and the handle feel decent enough.I would not hesitate to add these to a tool box, particularly for occasional use.
  • These are great rubber strap wrenches. They grip very well. I got these after trying several that just could not grip a brushed stainless steel shower head. The two sizes really allow for the user to work on many different size projects. The kit is very affordable–better than the single wrench that I priced out at Home Depot. I would recommend this kit highly.

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