Xuron 450S Ultra-Precise Tweezer-Nose Pliers with Serrated Jaws

 Xuron 450S Ultra-Precise Tweezer-Nose Pliers with Serrated Jaws Brand XURON

Size:1.92 inches x 5 inches The Xuron 450S Ultra-Precise Tweezer-Nose Pliers have a 1.5mm thick tip that can grasp wire less than 1mil thick for intricate work and handling delicate parts, and have the strength for forming and bending wire. The jaws have fine, perpendicular serrations for extra holding power and rounded edges to help protect lead wires. A return spring facilitates repetitive operations and rubber grips on the handle provide a cushioned hold. The pliers are 5″ (127mm) long with a 0.78″ (20mm) long jaw. These pliers are commonly used for electronics, jewelry making, and crafting applications. Xuron Corp. manufactures precision hand tools such as wire cutters and strippers, scissors, and pliers for electronics, aerospace, plastic molding, wire processing, hobby, craft, jewelry, and fishing industries. The company, headquartered in Saco, Maine, was founded in 1971.

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  • Tweezer-nose pliers with the precision for intricate work and the strength for forming and bending wire
  • 1.5mm thick tip can grasp wire less than 1mil thick
  • Jaws have fine, perpendicular serrations for extra holding power and rounded edges to help protect lead wires
  • A return spring facilitates repetitive operations and rubber grips on the handle provide a cushioned hold

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  • These are very small and I’ve found them to be incredibly useful, and even though I bought the Hakko CHP PN-20-M Steel Super Specialty Pointed Nose Micro Pliers with Smooth Jaws, 1.0mm Nose at the same time, I’ve used these whenever I’ve needed a small pair of pliers, due to the serrations. The build quality is good, but the machining is only average. The jaws line up great side to side, but they don’t sit against each other very well, leaving a pretty decent-sized gap between them. This is partly due to being serrated, but I’ve seen much bigger serrated pliers match up better. And since you’re going to be using these with very small things, you want the jaws to be as flush to each other as possible. Which brings me to my other issue with them: the serrations are just side-to-side, so between that and the gap between the jaws, stuff slips through them quite easily if gripping from the side (i.e. if you grip a wire so it runs in the same direction as the jaws, you’ll be fine, but if you grip it so it’s perpendicular to them, good luck). If the serrations were cross-hatched, or even diagonal with one jaw going one way and the other going the other way, they would work much better. Also, the two jaws are quite a bit different in thickness, as noted below.Here’s measurements for anyone that needs them (taken with a digital caliper):Jaw width: ~1.21mm at the tip, 2.63mm at the inner end of the gripping section (inner portion of jaws; this is a very arbitrary measurement)Jaw height: 1.70mm/6.55mm together, 0.99mm & 0.76mm at the tips separately (quite a bit different for each one), 3.04/3.32mm for each individually at the inner endJaw length: ~18.7mm to the point they curve outAnd here are the measurements for the previously mentioned Hakko pliers for comparison:Jaw width: ~1.15mm at the tip, 1.99mm at the inner end of the gripping section (inner portion of jaws)Jaw height: 1.26mm/4.21mm together, 0.53mm & 0.62mm at the tips separately (slightly different for each one), 2.27mm for both individually at the inner endJaw length: 12mm to the point they curve out
  • These are a new addition to my jewelry took kit. The pointy tips are the reason I purchased them AND they have serrated jaws – so important when trying to hold a tiny piece of something. They spring back gently and feel good in the hand; just the right size. And the color is unique for my tool kit so I always know where they are in my jumble of tools when I am working hard. Very precise and well made. I do recommend them.
  • I needed to remove a broken headphone plug from the headphone jack of an iPad. I didn’t have a pliers small enough and I didn’t see one small enough at Menards so I ordered this one and it worked perfectly. So, this pliers is small enough to remove a broken Mini RCA plug from a Mini RCA jack.
  • My young son broke the end of his headphones off in a 1-piece HP computer and we could then not get any sound on the computer. I tried every conceivable thing to get that out of the very small hole but nothing worked until I bought these needle nose pliers. (One YouTube solution is take the inside of a Bic pen and put superglue in it and slide it over the broken piece, leave it sit for a day and pull it out…that didn’t work) I unpackaged the pliers then went to the computer and pulled out the broken piece in a matter of seconds…and my little boy was very happy to see he now can play his games and school lessons on his computer again. Great tool!
  • Amazing amazing amazing tool! I am so happy I found this company. I bought a few more pliers and things from xuron and I will be ordering more now that I see how amazing they are. Extremely light-weight, fantastic spring action, and thin precision tips. I’m a jewelry designer and I use this for very fine jewelry pieces. Xuron is my new go to company!!
  • These pliers are very good for electronics work and feel nice in the hand. They have thin ends, only 1.4 mm (0.055 in), which is excellent for bending hookup wire. Actually, if you squeeze a 22 AWG wire too hard, its isolation will tear. The pliers have great grip so it’s convenient to pick components from a breadboard. They can open wide, up to 40 mm (16.7 in).If you’re looking for “sharp-nosed pliers” for the Make: Electronics: Learning Through Discovery book, this is a very good choice.
  • The jaws didn’t quite align with each other. I emailed Xuron a pic the night I received them, and the next morning they had already replied. They sent me a replacement same day. I have received the new pliers and they are flawless, and of very high quality. Can’t say enough good, this is outstanding customer service. They stand strong behind the quality of their product. And it’s made right here in the USA. Can’t go wrong.
  • My wife makes jewelry out of beads, wires, and’stuff’. I bought these for her as a gift. She has very small hands (almost child-size),these work flawlessly for her.I have purchased 4 different pairs (each pair has a different job) for her and do not claim to understand what does what, but I can tell you that I really scored this year, and I plans to search for more items made by this fine company.In today’s world, I did something really dumb, I called the company (got a real human) who explained to me the value of having two different tools, one with “serrated” jaws, and one without. (My lovely wife knew this already), and complimented me on my smart choices.Anyhow…A great product made by real people that make some great quality tools.I *will* buy more of these fine tools~!

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