Crescent 4-1/2″ Mini Tongue and Groove Pliers – RT24CVS

 Crescent 4-1/2

Size:Оne Расk Single-dip handle for easy cleaning and secure gripPocket-sized for increased access and portability Black oxide finish for corrosion resistance.

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  • Single-dipped handle for easy cleaning and secure grip
  • Pocket-sized for increased access and portability
  • Black oxide finish for corrosion resistance

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  • The ones shipped to me were a piece of $#!*, almost totally useless because bad casting. Really bad, I won’t elaborate. I’ve found typical Chinese quality control is … well, left to the customer. It must of been an off day at the factory. I sent them back.Bought another pair, and they are fine. Perhaps a little sharp or unpolished on the grooves, but, for $7, fine.They are great when your fingers aren’t strong enough, or when your fingers are too fat. If you’re not a mechanic, these may be the only pliers you need. They’re certainly a good starter pair. Handy to have in the kitchen drawer.They are small, but not really 4 1/2 inch. The longest plier, the one with the slot, is 1/16 short of 5 inches. (Is “plier” the singular of “pliers,” things that always comes in pairs?) I find that when I use them it’s my thumb and first two fingers only, and my third finger is on the long plier to open them.They are made in China. It’s says “Made in China” on the packaging, but don’t be concerned. The quality may be hit or miss, but it’s getting to be more hits all the time — and the price is always low.I’m old enough to have eight pairs of Channellock-type pliers in various sizes. After my experience with these I got them out and looked at their ‘quality.’ To my surprise, my favorite two and the finest finished where Chinese made. Sometimes they do get it very right. And at a big box store I just ran across 6 inch locking pliers, a whole bin full of them, for only $2 each. They were perfect; it must have been a very good day at the factory.Best to buy Chinese in a store where you can handle them. Second best is Amazon where, if you get a miss, you have a month to send them back.
  • A friend carries these instead of a Leatherman-type multi-tool since pliers tend to be the most useful part of a Leatherman and these inexpensive, compact, lightweight and purpose-designed pliers are better than any fold-up substitute. I decided he was right, and doubly for me since I already carry an old-school Swiss Army knife anyway. Between the two I have almost everything that most multi-tools offer in a more useful form at a fraction of the price.My friend is a genius!
  • These are not so great. Love the size, but the quality is lacking. Check out Knipex Cobra pliers if you want something high quality in this size and are willing to spend more.
  • I use these things everyday for something.I keep them in my back pocket all day.They are strong and well built.These ARE NOT peaces of $#!*!!!
  • Ideal for small tasks where larger pliers aren’t a good fit. In spite of their small size, they’re strong enough grips to really grip rounded/damaged fasteners without slipping. They’re beyond comparable to the Craftsmen locking pliers (Sometimes referred to as “ignition pliers”), at a fifth the price. Every toolbox needs a set!
  • Very well made. These pliers are of the large jaw size for 4.5 inch tongue and groove products. I was please to see this as they open larger and allow more grip and pressure. Perfect for the tool box. If you want smaller lighter pliers, get the channel lock 4.5 inch. It’s jaws are about 2/3 the size, lighter and smaller.
  • All Crescent pliers with this black coating are well built and jaws match wonderfully. Steel used is high quality. Better than the CHANNELLOCK brand!
  • Great size for pocket carry. I have a mustache case, that had a comb and scissors in it, that the pliers fit perfectly in. A daily pocket carry for me. Nice pliers!

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