XtremepowerUS 3CFM 1/4HP Air Vacuum Pump HVAC R134a R12 R22 R410a A/C Refrigeration Kit AC Manifold Gauge Carrying Tote

 XtremepowerUS 3CFM 1/4HP Air Vacuum Pump HVAC R134a R12 R22 R410a A/C Refrigeration Kit AC Manifold Gauge Carrying Tote Brand XtremepowerUS

Size:Manifold Gauge + 3CFM 1/4HP Vacuum Pump A convenient kit use to diagnose and service a vehicle’s A/C system. This A/C Manifold Gauge Set can be used to test, evacuate and fill automotive or household air conditioning systems. With a carrying tote convenient storage and easy transportation.Manifold Gauge Features:Heavy duty hook for hanging the manifold gauge in placeNo-flutter gauge designSolid Brass connections36″ Color coded charging hoseDesigned to meet 1/4″ Standard SAE requirement for refrigerant permutationIdeal for R12, R22, R134a, R410aQuick disconnect couplers for high/low fittings includedTechnical Specifications:Operating Pressure: 600 PSIBurst Pressure: 3000 PSIManifold Blue Gauge (low): 0-150 PSIGauge Reading: R12, R22, R134a, R410aHose Length: 6 FeetVacuum Pump Features:Easy To See Oil Level Window – Oil viewing windows allows you to monitor oil quality and levelsEasy To Maintain – Oil drain plug located at bottom of oil reservoirEasy To Operate – On/off switchTurn On & Go – Easy start & maintenance freeEfficient Cooling – Built-in high volume cooling fan for extended usePortability – Non slip contoured carrying handleSafety – Exhaust port with capTechnical Specifications:Free Air Displacement: 3 CFMMicrons Rating: 75 microns (10pa)Power: 1/4HPVoltage 110V/60hzRPM: 1400Ultimate Vacuum: 5paOil Capacity: 220mLInlet Port: 1/4″ FlarePackage Content:Manifold Gauge KitVacuum PumpCarrying Tote

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  • ★ SIMPLE BUT POWERFUL – XtremepowerUS 1/4 HP 3 CFM 1-Stage Rotary Air Vacuum Pump is designed to have high efficiency and low noise output with internal high volume cooling fan for extended use
  • ★ HEAVY DUTY VACUUM PUMP – Die-cast Aluminum Alloy Casing enables the vacuum pump be light and durable at the same time. Equipped with brass fitting tethered safety caps to prevent oil leaks during transportation and handling.
  • ★ HVAC GAUGE READING – The XtremepowerUS HVAC service gauge set is great for diagnosing and repairing AC systems. Ideal use for R12, R22, R134a and R410a
  • ★ EASY OIL CHANGE – The vacuum pump features a simple Oil Fill Port for a clean pour and Oil Drain Plug positioned beneath the oil reservoir to quickly drain when needed. Checking the spillage meter will help to ensure the proper level of oil.

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  • Used it to vacuum and recharge my F150. It pulled around 28 inches in less than 2 minutes. Sealing it off, the gauges didn’t leak. The only negative is that these are multi-pressure gauges for different applications, so the amount of space on the gauge from “0” to “30” inches of vacuum is incredibly small so you cannot get a really solid reading. However, it was good enough. Pulled to 30 inches within 3 or 4 minutes and held it there for 45 minutes.The pump came empty and with a bottle of oil, which you only needed about 75% of the bottle to fill it. Read instructions carefully.The R134a connections worked and sealed perfectly. In order to attach this to a can adapter – you need to buy those separately. I purchased FJC 6030 can tap, with FJC 6015 adapter for the ACME to hose adapter.https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002EQQ5ZWhttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B0002JMF9IThis kit paid for itself on the first use. Even if the pump dies down the road because these chinese no-name pumps are cheap…. it will be worth it. Neither the gauge/manifold kit nor the pump is “heavy use” and likely would not hold up in a real shop environment, but you are paying a third the price.Since this won’t be a very commonly used item, I like that storage bag to keep it clean and dust-free.
  • Great pump for the price. I hesitated buying this because I didn’t think I would use it enough for it to pay for itself; HOWEVER, four systems later, it has done exactly that… and more. I know some folks who prefer hose connectors that automatically depress the Schrader valves when you snap them in place; however, this increases the chance of leaking refrigerant and introducing air into the lines, as well as the possibility of injury. It can be a pain remembering to open and close valves at both ends of the hose, but it is probably the best way. The ONLY reason I gave this a 4-star rating instead of 5-star is pretty minor — I wish they would have gone ahead and included an R134a can tap valve that attaches to the hose. You have to buy one anyway to use the system properly, so why not include it?
  • The gauges and pump got me through a novice mechanic re-installation of an A/C compressor and condenser for an r134a system without issue. All adapters to connect to the car’s high and low and pump are included. Fitment to the car’s A/C lines were great – no leaks. You will need to purchase an r123a can tap and valve separately (for the yellow service line) when refilling a system as this kit does not include one. I took my car to a mechanic to empty the r134a prior to working on the system myself. I was able to learn how the gauges work and the importance of the vacuum pump by watching YouTube videos and asking questions from experienced DIYers and mechanics. I had no knowledge of auto A/C’s prior to buying this set, but found that it did what I needed for a compressor and condenser replacement and r134a refill in a 2007 Volkswagen.
  • This is a great buy. If anyone has priced a set of “professional gauges” they are pricey. I have used this set twice and they worked flawlessly. In my opinion for the person working on their vehicle’s A/C every once and a while this is a good set of tools. I does not include the 12 oz. can adapter so you will need the Interdynamics DV-134 R-134a Brass Air Conditioning Dispensing Valve – Pack of 1 for $6.99.
  • I used this today to purge and fill the AC on a 2000 camaro after installing a new AC compressor kit. I first pumped the system down to a -30 vacuum on the gauges, shut the valves and let it sit for 45 minutes to leak test it. Since there were no leaks, I then pumped it for another hour to remove any moisture and contaminates from the system. Once that was complete I added the right amount of refrigerant and the ac works great. Ice cold air. This kit is well worth the money. Besided this kit, all you need to buy is the refrigerant can tap Kozyvacu R134a Refrigerant Self-Piercing Can Tap Valve with 1/4 Flare port for AUTO AC recharging, Easily connecting with Quick Coupler and some refrigerant.
  • This kit is a 95% complete a/c repair-recharge setup! Excellent pricing and all together great quality. There are a couple of items that you really need to concider adding. First to add would be a can tap. The yellow “charge/vacuum” hose has 1/4″ flare fittings on each end, therefore it will not connect to most can taps without a adapter. Second would be the 1/4″ male flare to 1/2″ female acme ( FJC 6015) adapter fitting for using R134a.Other than that, it’s still a bargain.Thanks
  • Wouldn’t pull a full vacuum, had to go to local auto parts store to rent the proper tools to finish the job. I am pretty sure it was the manifold set connections that were leaking. Maybe I just had bad luck on my unit as it seems others are happy. Will be returning…
  • This product was demonstrated by the YouTube channel “ChrisFix.” This kit comes with everything you need (minus an AC refrigerant can tap and, of course, a refrigerant recovery machine) to vacuum your auto AC system and add new refrigerant. The gauges are amazingly accurate, and the vacuum pump delivers excellent performance. I replaced the AC compressor, condenser/drier assembly, O-rings, and expansion valve in my 2011 Scion xB, and this product worked perfectly. When you’re done, you can store this kit in the included nylon bag, which is super convenient. Make sure you read the user manuals/guides to make sure you don’t miss anything, especially the requirement to fill the vacuum pump with oil. Note that if you buy the 12 oz refrigerant cans from an auto parts store, you will need to buy a can tap, but unless your can tap comes with a built-in Schrader valve, you will not be able to hook the yellow hose directly to the can tap (the threads don’t match). To solve this problem, this kit comes with 2 Schrader valve adapters that have the correct threads for both the yellow hose, and for the can tap. Attach one of the kit’s adapters to the can tap, then attach the can tap to the yellow hose, and you’re good to go. Overall, this is a must-buy for DIY AC work.

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