TEKTON 10 mm Combination Wrench | 18279

 TEKTON 10 mm Combination Wrench | 18279 Brand TEKTON

Style:Metric  |  Size:10 mm Classically lean and quietly refined, TEKTON Combination Wrenches provide a sure fit on fasteners and multiple options for working around obstructions or in tight spaces. To reduce the working swing arc, the open end is angled 15 degrees so the wrench can be flipped over with each rotation to engage the fastener twice as often. The 12-point box end doubles the access angles of a 6-point. It’s offset 15 degrees, creating clearance for your fingers and extra space to slide past whatever might be in the way. To prevent round-off, it contacts and applies force to the flat sides of fastener heads rather than the corners.Get organized with the TEKTON Store and Go Wrench Keepers.

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  • Open end is angled 15 degrees so the wrench can be flipped over to engage fasteners twice as often in tight spaces
  • 12-point box end doubles the access angles of a 6-point and is offset 15 degrees to create clearance for fingers
  • Box end opening is designed to grip flat sides of fastener heads, not corners, to prevent round-off
  • Made of premium chrome vanadium steel with a mirror chrome finish

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  • A combination wrench 1 1/4″ only there is no box end just a nice chrome plated round hole.Update: Spoke with Russ at Tekton customer support and He Warranted the bad wrench it arrived today 1/12/2017. The replacement is just what it is supposed to be. So hats off and Kudos to Tekton for standing behind there products and offering great customer support. Changed my rating to FIVE STARS. I have other tools from Tekton and they are all top notch tools. All of my friends had a good laugh with this wrench. I’m sure it just slipped past the QC some how. I will continue to purchase tools from Tekton and recommend them to friends and co-workers without hesitation
  • I used to depend on my tools professionally. When you make a living with your tools you want dependable tools. I would only stock my box with Snap On and other high end manufacturers. After my career as a mechanic ended I put all of my tools in storage, only pulling them out for occasional work on my personal car. I realized I was sitting on so many high end tools that I didn’t really use that often. I sold a lot of my tools but kept some core pieces. I decided to replace what I sold with decent value options.There were a lot of gaps to fill and there was no way I was going to spend the same type of money as before. I looked at all the consumer grade brands and Tekton ended up being one of the brands that surprised me. I probably wouldn’t have given Tekton a chance on my own but I read a lot of good reviews so I gave them a shot.These wrenches are really nothing special but I mean that in a good way. They are just simple decent tools. With most high end manufacturers you are paying for the service and warranty. Tool trucks and local dealers mean fast service for replacements and repairs. However, most “consumer grade” companies offer lifetime or extended warranties but you might be required to visit a store or mail in your tools for service. This minor inconvenience can be a deal breaker for a trade mechanic but for your average joe it might not be a big deal to wait a few days to get a replacement.With all that said, I own many Tekton tools and have been very satisfied with them. Thankfully I have not had to use their warranty service yet, which I hear is really great and easy to use. They perform just as well as any high quality tool I’ve used or owned. The finish on the wrenches look and feel great. Also the tolerances have been good in my experience.I have no doubts Tekton tools are up to the task for any job they are intended for. They look right at home next to my Snap On and Wiha tools.
  • This is the third TEKTON wrench I’ve bought and I’m very satisfied with their form, fit, function, finish and price.I HAVE a couple of sets of box-end wrenches, Sears craftsman make in SAE and metric (I once owned a complete set of Whitworth tools, but that was many motorcycles and decades ago) but I’m forever “borrowing” one wrench from the toolbox to:- have one on hand in the shed to pull the mower blade for sharpening (5/8″), then complaining later ’cause I left it there after mowing the lawn and have to go out with a flashlight, in the rain, to get the darned thing at some ungodly time of night setting off the neighbor’s dogs and…- keep one on the mill for the 11/16″ clamp nuts (that’s this one)- keep one by the Dillon reloading press (off the top of my head I can’t recall which nut this adjusts… powder checker rod, i think),and so on.Sure, I could’ve bought a whole set, but for the price, availability, not having to go back through the house to the garage for the wrench for the mower and back again, then remember to put the wrench back afterward, $5 is a low price to pay for convenience.
  • Good packaging. It’s a wrench. It’s big. 1 1/16″ pictured. A tiny piece of the chrome came off and stuck into my finger right out of the package ouch! I’m sure if I raised a stink tekton would replace it but I’m not worried. I have a lot of their tools and they all are a great value for the money. There’s not really any way quality control could have caught this rogue chrome splinter unless they were running their fingers down the edge. Nice wrench for the money
  • I needed an 8mm wrench to bleed my clutch after doing a fluid change. When I went to my tool box, there was no 8mm to be found. Having completed this job in the past I know I had one. Luckily I hadn’t started the job yet and had time to wait. I had been looking at updating my old Craftsman wrenches that work well but are shorter than I would like so I took a chance and purchased this wrench. The 8mm is longer than my old 10mm version and feels better in my hand. The box end held tight and the chrome appears to be of good quality. I think I am going to buy the full set of Tekton wrenches when I finally pull the trigger on a new wrench set. Not quite professional quality, but excellent quality for the price point. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy these again.
  • The wrench is fine but I ordered a 9/32 inch and what I got was a 5/16 inch so I returned it for a replacement and once again I received a 5/16 inch wrench although in both cases the package was clearly labeled as a 9/32 inch. When I tried to return it the second time the only option available was “refund” and since it was a replacement for the first one I hadn’t been charged anything so my refund amount would be zero. At this point I just gave up and kept the wrench even though I already have at least four 5/16 inch wrenches. I ordered a different brand in 9/32 inch size – wish me luck.EDIT: changed rating to 5 stars due to vendor response
  • I was nervous about purchasing this since I’ve been a long time C***tsman buyer, but I have to say, these fit in the hand incredibly well. The quality is far beyond anything else I have in my tool box. They do have a polished finished, which looks great in the beginning, but hey, they’re tools and they do clean up very nicely. Truly, I could not be more satisfied with this toolset.

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