24pc IN/MM TIGHTSPOT Ratchet Wrench MASTER SET – Inch & Metric With Quick Access Wrench Organizer – Our standard in combination wrench sets from gear to tip

 24pc IN/MM TIGHTSPOT Ratchet Wrench MASTER SET - Inch & Metric With Quick Access Wrench Organizer - Our standard in combination wrench sets from gear to tip Brand Jaeger

Size:24pc Inch + Metric Is It Possible For A Wrench Built For Tight Spaces To Be Agile And Fast In Any Situation? Faster In Tight Spaces Than Our Standard Wrench Our extra precise ratcheting wrench is faster to use in tight spaces than a standard wrench, because it allows you to have continuous engaged with the bolt while you tighten it. Reseating bolts in tight, dark spaces kills your productivity. In our tests, we have seen huge speed improvements in tight spaces over our standard wrench. We couldn’t be happier! Prevent Stripping Bolts! Another downside of reseating bolts over and over, is it can round out and destroy the bolt head. Once the bolt head has been rounded and you aren’t finished, your project goes on hold until you can fix or replace the bolt. This can take hours! Additionally, our contact points are designed to quickly grip critical areas of the fastener to support maximum force transfer while preventing rounding. Our Strongest Steel Ever! To make our drop forged tool even stronger, we added the best strengthening agent for steel: vanadium! And if you want numbers, our hardened steel is 67% percent stronger than other steels. Our TightSpot Wrench is Perfect For: – Electricians – Technicians – Home Projects – Lawn Care Equipment Dare To Compare! Go ahead and compare the Jaeger Tools ratcheting wrench to any other on the market. Once their wrench bruises your knuckles or wear out quickly, feel free to come back and use the Jaeger Tools ratcheting wrench. However, your knuckles would prefer it if you’d be kind and order a safe, durable and comfortable ratcheting wrench now.

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  • 24 PIECE MASTER SET SIZES: 1/4″, 9/32″, 5/16″, 11/32″, 3/8″, 7/16″, 1/2″, 9/16″, 5/8″, 11/16″, 3/4″, 7/8″ & 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm,16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm
  • QUICK ACCESS WRENCH ORGANIZER: Avoid messy rollup bags just to get 1 wrench out! Not to mention the painstaking time it takes to organize, and perfectly roll up. Our wrench organizer almost magically cuts this time down to seconds.
  • OUR ULTIMATE TIGHTSPOT WRENCH TO WORK FASTER IN SMALL SPACES: Our incredibly priced, 5 degree ratcheting movement is designed to access spots where standard ratchets will not have enough swing. The 72 teeth inside the 100% steel ratcheting box end will speeds you through jobs quickly with no need to lift. And without lifting, you stay glued to the fastener until the turning is done, even if you’re reaching deep into a compartment or appliance.
  • POWERFUL 7 STAGE CONSTRUCTION FOR LIFELONG RELIABILITY: Our secret is drop forging AND heat treating our amazing steel alloy. Aerospace Grade Vanadium hardens our steel alloy even more, while chromium helps to prevent corrosion.

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  • I got these ratchet wrenches because of the reviews. Perfect 5 stars, and a decent price. I liked the weightiness to the wrenches and they had decent angle of rotation for the ratchet.However…I was installing an exhaust manifold on a Chevy big block. I got all the bolts to where they just started to snug up, then I tightened two bolts just fine with the ratchet ends. Stopping and using the box end when the bolts were resisting. On the third bolt…POP! There went the ratchet end. I put the wrench back on, and it starts popping with any pressure. Not clicking, but popping about a quarter the way around.So by now, I’m thinking “Well, this is the first time Amazon’s reviews have lied to me. Maybe its a fluke and it just so happened that my 9/16” was bad. I go to grab the half inch wrench and spin the ratchet side so I know which way to orient the wrench…It doesn’t budge. I look it over real quick and I see a retainer clip/spring sticking half way out of the ratchet. I took a small screw driver and popped it in and pressed the ratchet part in on the bearings and it works like normal.That being said, the first two wrenches I pulled out of this set, broke in two minutes or wasn’t even put together properly.If your a mechanic, or are hard on your tools, these are NOT for you. Spend the extra dollars and get Gear Wrench. I use Gear Wrench at work and beat the hell out of them and they have never broken.
  • UPDATE: While the company wasn’t responding to their website’s contact form, Lee responded immediately to my Amazon review. Email them at waranty@ for an issue.ORIGINAL REVIEW:The company came on very strong with their introductory emails when I bought their product. They stood behind their product and their warranty. One of my wrenches came faulty and they have yet to reach back to me about the issue. I hope I don’t have to give them a bad review just to hear back.
  • I ordered this 24 piece set of ratchet wrenches for my husband. He needed to work in some tight spots to install 2 different fans to our Rialta van. They came in record time and he used them the second they arrived and he was able to complete his project. He was pleased with how well they got into the tight area and would ratchet back and forth allowing him to tighten the bolts that hold the fans in place. They were a life saver! These are quality wrenches in both inches and metric and they came in a handy holder. He will use them whenever he has to work on our van.
  • Product arrived as described. I ordered this for work. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the company provided wrench so, I bought this for myself. I have a full set, different manufacturer, at home, but have no intention of bringing them to work. So far the ratchet works well. I haven’t seriously stressed it but, I am in the habit of taking care of my tools. The main spar of the wrench has a slight bow to it. This is not detrimental to the operation of the wrench and I have seen the same on other brands. The price was exceptional for a ratcheting wrench. I appreciate that it is polished alloy steel and not chrome plated. I will try to remember to update my review after I have “seriously stressed” it. I have already encourage several co-workers to check out these wrenches. I also bought a 24mm.After almost a year, my 19mm wrench still performs flawlessly, and still looks new.
  • These are very heavy wrenches. You grab that 19mm out of the package and you definitely know there’s a wrench in your hand. The wrenches are made of a very reliable and durable high quality craftsmanship. The warranty that was provided exclusively from the seller/manufacturer is by far one of the best in the industry. Very pleased with my purchase and I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great quality set of wrenches with a lifetime warranty on each wrench on a low-budget cost of ownership.
  • I am an ASE Certified Automobile Technician. I usually buy Snap-On and Matco tools. My tool distributors did not have a 17mm ratcheting wrench available. So I took a chance with this company and I opted to purchase this wrench. I have to say, I was very impressed with the quality and for the money it was a steal! Thank you for exceeding my expectations. I will be a repeat customer for sure! A+++
  • I am no professional mechanic, but I needed a few “ratcheting wrenches” to remove and reattach rigging on some boats. I took a chance on this no-name brand (well it is no-name to me). This was a sound investment. The box end is standard (it works—whatever), but the ratcheting box-end is new to me. It is AWESOME! It fits the proper sized nut or bolt head (naturally), and you simply flip the wrench to tighten/untighten as needed. Pretty simple and durable. I wish they had more sizes. I don’t think you can go wrong with this, unless you are a race car mechanic or something and need crazy high-end wrenches. Hope this helps.
  • These wrenches are so cool. When your sockets can’t reach your work, these hand wrenches that work like your sockets and connecting wrench. Your able to reach your work with “No Problems” finding that nuts or bolts is easier now with these open in wrenches and socket wrench in one is really nice if your a working man as a mechanic in a auto shop like me. Easy clean up and takes up less space in your tool chest too!I usually use Snap-On tools.These wrenches are time savers when your on the clock.Thanks again.Steven D. Pruitt

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