KNIPEX Tools 00 20 06 US2, Pliers Wrench 3-Piece Set

 KNIPEX Tools 00 20 06 US2, Pliers Wrench 3-Piece Set Brand KNIPEX Tools

3 piece Pliers wrench set (7, 10, and 12). Will not round off nuts and bolts and won’t damage chrome and other soft finishes Reliable catching of the hinge bolt – no unintentional shifting

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  • Pliers wrench 3-Piece set (7, 10, and 12-inch)
  • Contains Part #’s: 86 03 180, 86 03 250 and 86 03 300
  • Replaces a full set of inch and metric open end wrenches
  • Smooth parallel jaws for damage free installation of plated fittings

-3.5 pounds
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  • I had this set in my wish list for over a year. I didn’t want to spend that kind of money but I was fascinated by the high rating. I love tools and really appreciate when a company thinks outside the box for a clever design and then follows it up with high quality materials and manufacturing.I finally pulled the trigger on the set and then purchased their VERY small one days after when the price dropped by $10. I cleaned out my tool box, removing most of my pliers, channel locks and adjustable wrenches because these tools do all three jobs – better. The biggest difference with this design is that when it “locks” into place with that cam mechanism the handles don’t want to separate like they do with channel locks under load. It’s a really good design. Also, the jaws remain parallel at all times, which is sweet. Finally, there are no teeth to damage the hardware.I was hesitant to blow more than half of my tool budget for that pay period on four pliers but I’m really glad that I did. The few times that I’ve used these so far I was very pleased with them. Would you ever use channel locks on gas plumbing? Of course not, but these work fantastic, with no marring.UPDATE: After several months, I find myself using these for everything during my kitchen renovation. The various sizes means I always have the appropriate size that can get into the location. I’ve since bought some other Knipex tools based on my experience with these.
  • WOW! Those Germans really know how to engineer stuff and these pliers are no exception. I love the fact that I don’t constantly have to keep adjusting these pliers during use like an adjustable (crescent) wrench. Set the jaws with the push button and it acts basically like a ratchet. Just keep opening and closing the jaws with the plier handles. Not having to constantly reset the jaw opening with the screw adjustment like a crescent wrench saves time and a whole lot of frustration. Absolutely fantastic when you can’t really see the whole nut or bolt. Build quality and materials are top flight. Yes, they are very expensive but they are worth it if you do much mechanic type work.
  • Yes they’re expensive. Yes they have a small learning curve. If you give them a chance, you will forget you even have those old adjustable wrenchs. I use these all day for plumbing work and so far they have done nothing but impressed me. They bite hard without marring the fittings. In fact, I’ve even used them to assemble black pipe (round pip and fittings with very little to grip onto) in a pinch.Definitely worth the price for professionals, and a home gamer who has the extra scratch laying around for premium tools.
  • those on a tight budget or don’t use tools much. For a professional, this would be a solid investment in your trade. For a hobbyist, you’ll love them. I found out about them while watching someone on youtube build an AR and recommended these instead of a punch tool to insert a pin. One day the patent will expire on these, and then I imagine it will become a common tool as the price drops. Until that happens, this is a premium product that will make people envy you. You can certainly live without paying over a hundred dollars for 3 wrenches, but if you can afford it, just do it and you won’t regret it. Because they are so expensive, and I don’t use them all the time, I keep them in the package, unlike most other tools which are in toolboxes. The only thing that would make this better is if they came with a storage pouch.
  • Every serious man that uses wrenches or pliers needs a set of Nipex! If I didn’t love everyone of my tools I would have thrown away every size crescent wrench I have. Since I got these I NEVER use my crescent wrenches, hardly ever use open end- box end wrenches and seldom use channel-locks. Seriously! Use these once and you’re sold! The best grip, tightest tightening power, never slips, doesn’t mar up anything. Those dang Germans and their alien technology.. I swear.
  • Takes a while to get used to the push button slide adjustment. Small pliers are great for disconnecting battery terminals and especially handy with installed MC4 connectors. Grabs the connector and squashes the tangs, letting you pull the connector apart without dropping the cables. Bigger pliers are great for heavy equipment attachment bolts, plumbing with plastic, and anything where you don’t want to ding everything up with toothed pliers. Lag bolts, eye bolts, hooks, plastic coated whatevers with a screw end, you get the idea. Big deal is the pliers will HOLD the thing as you attempt to install. Without marring it up.
  • Love these things. I’ll never use a Crescent wrench again. The 10″ is the real gem here. The 7″ is good also. The 12″ works every bit as well, but I don’t find it nearly as useful. If I had it to do all over again, I might buy a couple 10s in place of this multipack.
  • I saw all the rave reviews etc. and the concept seemed good, so I sprung for this very expensive set of pliers wrenches. I got them a few days ago, and as the reviews say the build and finish is excellent. Interestingly, I have only used them as wrenches once or twice in the four days I have had them… but they have come in handy for SO MANY OTHER THINGS. I never realized how useful it was to have a pair of pliers that had smooth, parallel jaws and could exert a lot of pressure. I have pressed nuts into recessed receptacles, pushed in blind nuts, applied pressure to a glue joint… the list goes on and on.In all honesty, you could probably get by with the 7 1/2 and the 12 only, but with the frequency I have used these in the last few days I’m glad I have all three, to have the right size for the job and so I don’t wear them out too fast.Oh, I bought these because I had bought some of their cobra pliers and those were great too… I think I need every single tool these guys make.

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