DEWALT Combination Wrench Set, Metric, 8 Pieces (DWMT73810)

 DEWALT Combination Wrench Set, Metric, 8 Pieces (DWMT73810) Brand DEWALT

Style:Metric wrench set The 8 Piece Full Polish Metric Combination Wrench set offers a variety of metric combination wrenches for any user need. These wrenches have a long panel design to provide more reach during use and the ability to apply more torque to a fastener. These wrenches also have DirectTorque technology to help prevent the rounding of fasteners.

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  • Stamped hashmark pattern on wrench handle provides added grip points.
  • Longer panel design gives more torque during use.
  • Full Polish Chrome
  • 13 degree offset box end for knuckle clearance

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  • First, these are long pattern wrenches for those that may not know, which means they are in fact longer than your average wrenches by a fair amount. If you’re used to Craftsman wrenches, these are perhaps 20-30% longer. I’ve owned a set of long pattern Stanley wrenches for years and have always considered them the best wrenches I’ve owned, but some of them have been misplaced or simply grown legs and left through the last 15 years or so. These are a dead ringer for the same wrenches with the exception being that the Stanleys were satin finish and these are bright polished chrome. Every detail of these wrenches is pretty much true to the old high quality Stanleys, with one notable change. The open end of the Dewalt updates them to have the ASD (Anti-Slip Design) which is kindred to the Proto wrenches ASD (see photo comparing Proto to Dewalt). Not surprising as they are both Stanley companies. The broaching on these wrenches is above average for a home enthusiast quality wrench, or at least the set that I have shows to have very smoothly cut open end jaws, few flaws to the broaching and well defined closed end.The sizing is nearly identical to the Proto, which is not loose, but not tight either (some high end wrenches are a little on the snug side, but Proto seems to be an exception there in my experience). The way the ASD works, you don’t really need the jaws tight on the bolt, and in fact that may reduce the effectiveness of the wrench. As you turn the wrench, it tightens the grip on the bolt with the rounded middle portion of the jaw contacting the bolt in more of the middle of the face instead of on a corner. The box end is not loose, but not necessarily tight either and fits onto bolts that might have a little corner damage without much trouble. Truly, the only significant difference I can find between my Protos and the Dewalts (other than surface finish; matte vs. polished), is that the Protos have much less of an offset bend to the open end, maybe half as much and the beam is thicker on the Protos. The offset angle of the Dewalts is identical to the Stanleys though, as is the thickness of the beam (at least to the extent of how they feel).The case is nice, even if it has a lot of dead space in it. I can see it being a very nice way for the average home owner to store tools that are needed around the house once in a while and the dead space is just a function of making a universal sized box to work with a lot of different tool kits. The lid is a little hard to open, but maybe that will wear in with time.I gave these 5 stars because they are simply one of the best sets of wrenches you can find from 10-17mm at this price point. I have a variety of other wrenches, including some Proto wrenches with the ASD (in SAE rather than metric). The Dewalts are nearly indistinguishable from Proto in terms of the anti-slip. The beam of the wrench is a little thinner and wider than Proto, but the length is also identical to Proto’s long pattern. The only thing that I don’t like about these wrenches is that you can’t fill out a set with singles since Dewalt only sells them in this kit with case, or as a kit with a holder that has 2 more (18 and 19mm). My original Stanley set went all the way down to 8mm and I find that I use the 8mm quite often. Fortunately, the 8 and 9mm from my Stanley set have not disappeared and compliment these Dewalts nicely until they figure out that they need to take more of my money by offering a larger range of sizes. So I give the set 5 stars, but I give Dewalt’s management 3 stars for not providing a better range of sizes. If they made an add-on case to expand this set in another box by including a 6, 7, 8, 9mm along with an 18 and 19mm, I’d be first in line to pay another $30. The beauty of these boxes is that you can make add-ons, so why not?!UPDATE: I’ve found that you can purchase the other sizes individually, but they are very hard to get your hands on. They are available in 7,8,9,18,19,20,21,and 22mm sizes on an individual basis, as well as all the sizes that are included in the kit in case one ever lost a wrench and needed a replacement. It’s too bad they just aren’t easily accessible. You really have to hunt for them.
  • Admittedly, most of us know that Dewalt has its act together. This metric set clearly carries the Dewalt name for a reason: They work and they work well. Additionally, they give you the confidence by their “feel” that they will get the job done efficiently for you the first time, every time. Their length gives you that reach and torque you need at certain times. I’m happy I also ordered the SAE set because they too, have the dynamite case that locks them together and keeps them together. If I could give these sets 6 stars, I would. You really don’t need to think about these any more. Just hit the “buy now” button and treat yourself right. You deserve it!
  • I bought these as a gift. He loved them. Nice compact case to hold everything in.
  • High quality set for a fraction of the price of others! + a lifetime warranty! …Made in Taiwan, NOT China.
  • Very solid and comfortable set of wrenches. The latches on the plastic carrying case are pretty difficult to open, but the tools inside are solid. You can tell they’re made of super high-quality steel (not like some wrenches).
  • sturdy wrench
  • Got them and within an hour was using them to install steps on my Jeep. Very sturdy and great tools….worth the money.
  • Great set of tools and love the custom caring case they are also stackable if you have more than one set

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