Crescent AC28VS Home Hand Tools Wrenches Adjustable

 Crescent AC28VS Home Hand Tools Wrenches Adjustable Brand Crescent

Size:8 Inch Product Description Crescent AC28VSAdjustable Wrench Plated Finish 8 Inch From the Manufacturer World famous Crescent brand adjustable wrenches are made of fine alloy steel to give extra strength and wear. Used by professional mechanics, industrial tradesmen and home mechanics. A tension spring under knurl helps prevent jaw opening from changing adjustment. An open handle design permits easier knurl adjustment.

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  • Wider Knurl for Easier Adjustment

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  • Bought this to replace my old cresent wrench. My last one died after i used it as a hammer in a pinchits a 1 star hammerbut a 5 star wrenchEdit: I reviewed this based off my old crescent wrench. (The one i used as a hammer.. yeah)But my new one has problems. and the new one i got from amazon has problems too.I received the first one. unwrapped it and chucked the old one.I realized two days later (Yeah im surprised i didnt need it for 2 days) that the adjustable jaw had what look like cutting wheel marks. I guess while they were smoothing the bottom jaw they accidenty change the angle or maybe the machine got stuck or a chunk fell off. either way there were deep gashes. these were working like teeth on w.e. fitting i was working with. I found out on a $1500 toto shower head. left a nice brass scratch. So i e-mailed crescent and relegated the wrench to rough plumbing. I never got a response from crescent. So i decided ill just get a replacement from amazon. It was probably just a one off. Well the replacement came and i was not impressed. i took the two wrenches and i compared them.First the not so important stuff: i can tell these were molded using the same exact mold. Infact the replacement was produced afther the original one. i can tell because the little deformation in the casting on the top of the circular cut out was alittle worse than the first one. Also the pin that holds the worm screw was pushed in much deeper in the original than in the replacement. Both of these things wont have any bearing on the performance of the wrench but it is a indicator on how tight quality control might be.Second the real problems: i already discussed the machine marks from the orginal wrench. Well this new on has another problem. On the worm screw they didn’t file / grind the threads on the top deep enough. So what happens is when the jaw is approching full extension the worse screw will come in contact with the non slotted part of the adjustable jaw meaning it will get stuck. i then have to wiggle it just enough so it will pass. I am very disappointed. in the past ive never had problem with these wrenches. other guys in my company have em and they love them too. it could be that i was just unlucky enough to get two bad wrenches. but something tells me that maybe Apex tools is cutting corners. Two bad wrenches in a row is a sign that quality control maybe lax. The lack of a response from customer service suggest they don’t have enough people to help with all inquiries.Im probably going to take a dremel and just finish griding the threads off the top of the wormwheel my self. I need a working tool now not two days from now (Sorry amazon prime still isnt quick enough for me!). Next time ill consider another brand.
  • Made in China, Arrived with rust spots, loose and coarse feeling worm gear adjustment. Horrible product, Crescent should be ashamed of what they are putting their name on.
  • I own the 10″ and 12″ wrench and both are comfortable in my hand and quality made. I wouldn’t hesitate to put a pipe on the handle for stubborn bolts. Every back yard mechanic should have both these quality adjustable wrenches in their tool box. They work on both metric and standard bolts and fill in as a second wrench of any size, all you need is one set of wrenches with these. A lot cheaper than buying a second full set of wrenches. I think the 10″ is just the right size for auto work. I like the Crescent brand and wouldn’t buy any other. I am my family’s go to back yard mechanic and keep all the jalopies running, even the lawnmowers so I highly recommend this adjustable wrench.
  • They aren’t terrible, I don’t think crescent’s design has changed much at all. And they’re perfectly usable for pretty much everything. They have quite a bit of slop in them, and adjustments aren’t super smooth.I use mine daily, and find myself avoiding using the crescent branded adjustable wrenches if I don’t need a 2nd adjustable wrench. Its pretty thick and can actually get in the way as often as not when using as a backer with limited space for the jaws. Probably has its place for many people, I just can’t be bothered with it getting any the way.It would probably last a while, but after a year I’m replacing it with a 12inch Channellock Adjustable Wrench to pair with my 10inch one that I bought at the same time as this crescent.
  • Good wrench that get the job done. Doesn’t have same smooth finish as my older adjustable wrenches, and it’s sad to see it’s made in China rather than made by American labor,
  • An adjustable wrench is a must have in everybody’s tool box and this one is a classic by “Crescent which the name most often associated with adjustable wrenches, just like Zerox is associated with copiers. I own many different Crescent adjustable wrenches and they all work great, good quality steel, long lasting classic must have
  • As I said in my review of the Crescent 24 inch wrench, I’m a little miffed that these wrenches are made in China now, but the quality still seems to be on par with their U.S. made wrenches. Used it at work to tighten some pipe fittings, no issues at all.
  • Item was great. Came in perfectly packaged up. Useful and helps me do a lot of the work. Hurts my hand from time to time, it’s a little rough. Probably because my hands are small so it can get tense, and make my hand hurt. Otherwise, it’s really great and useful.

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