Bit Adapter – 1/4″ to 1/4″ – Turn Any Ratchet Into a Driver! Now with Quick-Change By Pro Tools

 Bit Adapter - 1/4

Color:Original version You might have hundreds of driver bits on your workbench – flat-head, Phillips, Torx, tamper-proof, Pozi, hex – but what do you do when you need to use those drivers with an air ratchet/wrench or your regular socket ratchet handles? Some common bits are available as socket drivers but many of the more exotic versions are not – plus you usually need to buy an entire set to get the one bit you need. This great little adapter is worth it’s weight in gold (even at current gold prices!) because it pays for itself many-times over; now any 1/4″ quick-change bit on your bench can be used with any air, power or hand tool with 1/4″ anvil or reducer. So handy and useful you’ll want extras for work and home. Excellent quality – made in Taiwan.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Ingenious adapter lets you turn any hand or power tool with 1/4″ anvil into a quick-change driver
  • Use with ANY 1/4″-shank quick-change bit – screwdriver, TORX, security, tamper-proof, hex
  • Get high-productivity fastener driving without expensive driver socket
  • Works with hand ratchets & driver handles, power tools and air tools; also available for 3/8″-drive

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  • I can’t get over the quality of this product, one that costs less than the shipping and handling to get it to you. It locks solidly on insert and power bits. Put it on the end of a locking 1/4″ extension, like Craftsman makes, and you’ll never have to worry about the bit you’re using staying behind in the fastener. I’ve had that happen so many times to me, especially when using hex bits on socket head screws. This set up will allow you to reach way into whatever you’re working on and not have to worry about the bit coming off and falling into oblivion.Time will tell how this bit adapter will hold up to sustained use, but it looks very well made.
  • Item came as described and did what I needed it to do, holding and locking screwdriver bits onto a 1/4in drive ratchet and 1/4in socket extension.I wanted it for a green and black 1/4in drive swivel head ratchet from Harbor Freight so, I could use it as a ratcheting screwdriver at any angle.This adapter locks bits into place so they don’t pull out of the driver and stay on the fasteners or fall off. Ratchets are heavier duty and more versatile so, I can have fewer tools in my tool bag and save money too.I’ve only used it for light-duty use a couple times. As with all my reviews, I will update it as I get more use out of it so, if it falls short I will lower my rating accordingly.
  • There must be a certain number of these that are defective. In the one I received, it’s almost impossible to get a bit into the locking mechanism as it pulls back way too hard – then once it’s in, the ratcheting mechanism stops working, and then it’s almost impossible again to get the bit back out. I had to use channel lock pliers on the lip of the adapter, squeezing down as hard as possible gives just *barely* enough pull back to release the locking mechanism and get the bit back out. To top it off, if you purchase from Alazco – their stated return policy just redirects to Amazon’s policy – but in practice, they don’t allow returns. When I pointed this out to an Amazon rep via chat, they were nice enough to issue me a refund. Now i’m off to go find the part I need.
  • I borrowed one of these while installing mudflaps. What a great tool. Turns any bit with a ratchet into an angle driver. Think of anytime where a stubby screwdriver was required. Now use it with any screwdriver bit or nut driver from your drill accessory box. Five stairs for having a tool which makes it easier to work in a tight space.
  • Great product. I’m actually using this adapter in the opposite direction. I have a cut off Allen wrench (1/4″ in size) that fits into the adapter and my drill motor. Then, I attach a Tap into the other side of the adapter, see attached picture. Now, I don’t have to tap a thousand holes by hand!
  • Quick release & bit retention are great for the small driver bits with 1/4″ driver. They are a reliable addition to my small screw toolkit. I’m sure you’ve had that frustrating issue of the bits falling out of the driver while you’re trying to loosen / tighten those darn small screws and bolts with a small ratchet.
  • Good piece of kit. I keep this with my trail bike emergency tool kit. This adapter allows me to mount Japanese industrial standard, or any, screwdriver bits on my tee handle socket wrench. This saves the space required for multiple screwdriver handles and allows me to use the wrench handle which I have to carry anyway. I would highly recommend this to any motorcyclist as it allows versatility and saves space. If you ride a japanese bike, get some JIS screw driver bits, relieves Japanese fastener syndrome.
  • Mine fell apart after the second use. Whatever held the black ring in place was gone, and without that, the bit fell out whenever I pointed the tool a little bit down. Was far from home and spent the afternoon picking the dropped bit off the ground, looking for the bit, etc. no fun…

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