Pozi #2 Screwdriver, Chrome Shaft (Orange Handle)

 Pozi #2 Screwdriver, Chrome Shaft (Orange Handle) Brand Rok

Excellent quality pozidrive screwdriver with magnetic tip, chrome finish, and sleek orange handle.

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  • Magnetic tip screw driver with handle grip
  • 4″ shaft length (orange / black)
  • Works for Pozidrive Screws
  • Chrome finish

-#43,499 in Tools & Home Improvement (See Top 100 in Tools & Home Improvement) #154 in Screwdrivers
-3.2 ounces (View shipping rates and policies)


  • Did you know that none of the screws used by IKEA are Phillips head? They’re all Pozidriv. That’s why your screwdriver probably has a difficult time with high-torque applications. And get this, the IKEA toolkit doesn’t even include the proper style of screwdriver. So, get this one—it’s cheap and it works great. There is an immediately noticeable benefit to using this, the correct tool.
  • We use all Blum hardware at our cabinetry shop which is machined to European specs meaning our normal USA Phillips screwdrivers slip out and wreck either the screwdriver or the screw heads very fast. This is just slightly different and works great in any Blum brand or Grass brand hardware and any other screws machined to euro specs.
  • I’ve been putting together a LOT of IKEA furniture for the past few months, and randomly I read an article that even though you should be able to put together IKEA furniture with a regular Phillips head screwdriver, actually the screws aren’t made for that and this product was recommended as the right tool. I just put together a desk this weekend and it definitely worked better than my other screwdrivers. It’s pretty cheap so highly recommended for people who buy a lot from IKEA.
  • First use was on a cabinet screw and immediately after saw that black “finish” on tip of screwdriver degraded (flaked off” at friction contact points with a screw. Huh. So I think the “jury is still out” on this item.
  • We purchased this screw driver specifically to assemble an IKEA purchase. While I was initially very skeptical that it would make any appreciable difference, the first use completely changed my mind. This little tool is a gem. It is well constructed, nicely weighted, and perfect for the job. The Pozi Screwdriver certainly proves the axiom: “Right tool for the job.”
  • Working as advertised. Just fixed a leak in a facet by tightening screws on the knobs using this gem.
  • For some reason (at least in the USA) IKEA doesn’t tell you that their screws aren’t phillips head – they’re pozidiv heads. Use this instead of a phillips head and you won’t have the screwdriver camming out constantly.
  • Got to have this for the tru-lock screws

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