GEARWRENCH 15 Pc. Brake Service Set – 41520

 GEARWRENCH 15 Pc. Brake Service Set - 41520 Brand GearWrench

Product Description Kit works on both disc and drum brake systems. Use to adjust clearance between drum brakes and shoe, remove and install shoe return springs and brake pads. From the Manufacturer KD Tools 41520 15-Piece Brake Service Kit – Other tools included are: Disc Brake Piston Tool – Use on most domestic and import vehicles to rotate the parking brake activated piston back into the caliper cylinder. GM-Ford Disc Brake Piston Tool – Rotates the piston back on GM and Ford vehicles with rear wheel disc brakes. Fits GM vehicles with 2-1/8 in. and 1-7/8 in. pistons and Ford vehicles 1987 to current with rear disc brakes. Ford Applications: 1987- current T-Bird, 1988-current Continental, Mark VII, 1990-current Probe, Taurus/Sable, 1991-current Town Car, 1992-current Crown Victoria, Cougar, Grand Marquis. Disc Brake Pad Spreader – Pushes the caliper piston back on disc brakes that do not have the parking brake mechanism as part of the disc brake caliper. Heavy Duty Truck Brake Spring Tool – Provides access around emergency brake lever without removal to remove and install brake retaining spring on medium duty trucks. 1988-97 Ford 450, 1967-97 Ford F250, F350, E200, E250, E350, 1981-93 Dodge D300, D350, 1975-93 Dodge W300 and W350, 1970-93 Dodge B300 and B350, 1974-84 Dodge 400 and 500 Series. 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 1/4 in. and 3/8 in. hex sockets. T40, T45 and T50 Torx® Sockets. Packaged in a blow molded case with laminated instruction cards or sticker integrated into case design for handy reference of application information; individual part numbers molded into case for easy reference and removable hinge style lid allows for convenient storage in tool box drawers.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Brake service kit for both disc and drum systems
  • Use for adjustment, installation and removal
  • Includes drum brake adjuster, brake spring pliers, universal brake shoe and more
  • Blow-molded case with easy-use reference card

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  • This is an excellent kit.It provides everything you need to do drum brakes with ease and effectiveness. The tools are high quality, as is the molded plastic case.When learning to do drum brakes one ought to have a good tool kit like this, watch on-line videos that will give you general knowledge, and then read the service manual (I like Chiltons or Haynes) for vehicle specific directions. When you combine those knowledge tools with these physical tools you ought to be all set.The sales literature also markets this for disk brakes. I do not see why one would need the specialized tools in the this kit for most disk brake applications (a good C clamp and a good ratchet set ought to be all one needs for disks). However, having all these specialized tools (and the color coded tester for seeing if your disc brakes need to be replaced) really does help.In my opinion if one services their own drum brakes once with this excellent kit, one will save the money necessary to justify the purchase, and be equipped to do it again and again.One tip: hard experience has taught me that it is great to have second car when doing a brake job. Lets say you get the drum brakes off and you see they need to go to the store to be resurfaced. It helps to have a vehicle that can then take the drums down for resurfacing. I have always taken my spouses car (or my car if I am working on my spouses car) down to the auto-parts store once when doing a project like this. If you don’t have a spouse, consider inviting a buddy over to help you (or watch you) do the brakes just in case you need his ride.Excellent tools. Good buy.
  • Kit is well made. Nice plastic case. Spring removal tools work fine and are well made. However I did not lioke the universal brake shoee retaining tool as the tool on the other side dug into my hand installing brake shoe retaining springs. Alot of pressure must be used on new spring to compress them enough for pin to catch and hold. I ordered a KD tool 285 11/16 to 7/8 to use on my Dodge Dakota R/T next time. The 285 has a handle you can push on and put some force behind instead of the smaller tool size on the other end to push into your hand. For the $$$ you should of got two separate brake shoe retaining tools as it isn’t a cheap set!
  • Everything needed for brake jobs.
  • Good Brake ToolSet, has what you need to do a brake job.
  • This set is a must have when it comes to brake work, I have a Ford Explorer and Scion Tc and, It works on both of my cars front front and rear brakes. I totally recommend this set.
  • great
  • Great brake tool kit. Have used it numerous times already without issue.
  • Great kit, everything I needed.

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