EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (25-250 ft.-lb. / 33.9-338.9 Nm)

 EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (25-250 ft.-lb. / 33.9-338.9 Nm) Brand EPAuto

Size:1/2″ Drive 25~250 ft./lb. Made in Taiwan Specification: Reversible ratchet head drives in both directions and measures torque in clockwise direction Ratchet: Cr-V, 24-tooth gear Drive: 1/2″ Length: 25″ Accuracy: ± 4% Increment: 1 ft./lb. 1.35 N/m Dual Scale: 25 ~ 250 ft./lb. 33.9 ~ 338.9 N/m Package includes: 1 × 1/2″ Drive Torque Wrench 1 × Storage Case 1 × User Manual

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  • Durable Ratchet Head: Made from Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)
  • Easy Storage: A sturdy plastic storage case is included. Non-Slip Grip: Knurled handle
  • Easy to Read: High Contrast & Dual Range Scale. Accurate: Pre-Calibrated to ± 4%
  • Corrosion-Retardant: Satin Finish. Made in Taiwan

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  • I bought this for two reasons. First, the 1/2 torque wrench I had only maxed out at 150 ft lbs. An axle nut on my Navigator needs 226 ft lbs.Since I was doing a repair that required removal of the axle nut, I needed a better torque wrench.The second reason? It had to be cheap.I bought it and was pleasantly surprised. It is much longer than my other ($10 Harbor Frieght) torque wrench, and seems mucb more “finished” as a tool. What I really like is that the extra leverage makes it easy to torque bolts to 150 or 225 ft lbs with little trouble. I had to stand on my other wrench to get it click at 150. I got this to click at 225 by leaning into it. This torque wrench really works well, and for $40, sure, just buy it. Worried about whether it is somewhat off? Just use blue loctite.
  • I got this to tighten the hitch side bolts on my travel trailer hitch. It works really well and seems fairly accurate up to about 225 ft-lbs. I noticed though that when I try to put it to the max (250 ft lbs), I can never get it to click indicating full torque. I know I’m putting way more than 250 ft lbs on it at that point, but it still won’t click. So I’d recommend this for any application up to 225 ft lbs. If you need more, you’d probably have to set it to 225, then guess your way up to 250 by putting a little extra force on the end. Otherwise I’m happy with it.
  • I used this wrench to torque axle nuts after a wheel bearing change. Also used this wrench to tighten the lug nuts to factory specs. That is the extent of my experience with this wrench, but I did find that my lugs on the rear wheels were already tightened to approximately factory specs with my impact gun when I checked them with this wrench. So, I probably won’t be needing the torque wrench for the wheel lugs.I took off one star because, like others have mentioned, the torque markings on the handle do not line up properly with the adjuster. Pay attention to the number of turns each time you twist past zero and you should be able to get real close to the value you are looking for.
  • Worked OK, however the lines on the adjusting scale don’t line up properly. I was able to determine correct setting by counting turns from a 25 lb setting which I determined by comparing to my 100 lb torque wrench. Compared 25, 50, 75, and 100 lb and results with both wrenches were identical, so I believe the measure is accurate. Deducted 3 stars because of the lines on the scale being unusable.
  • Great wrench for the do-it-yourselfer backyard mechanic that needs a torque wrench of this size only occasionally. The “clicks” on the vernier scale, the markings on the tool indicating the torque you set tool to, may not line up exactly with the lubber line. IE if you set the torque to 150 ft-lbs, the wrench vernier scale may indicate 145 or 155. However, setting wrench to zero (0) and then counting the number of turns you turn the adjustment handle will place you right on. I had no trouble doing this and the wrench was accurate enough for me I would recommend this wrench to anyone looking for a tool used only occasionally. I would buy it again.
  • EPAuto tools have always been extremely well made, yet are underrated. This torque wrench has great length, and very good, clear, and readable markings. If you are looking for a great 250ft torque wrench. Then this is one of the best, and at an awesome price.
  • i was installing a trailer hitch on my f150. i was worried that this “unknown name brand” may not have the right torque. i had a torque wrench that goes up to 150lbs, i needed one for 210lbs thats why i bought this. i was tightening it crazy hard, and was not sure… really? its not 210lbs yet!!?, i tested with the 150lb torque wrench and it clicked. i pulled harder and eventually got the click for 210lb. good buy. definitely worth it!
  • Quality product great price, and fast shipping. Thank you!!Updated 3/12/17: Had to return due to micrometer calibration being off. At first use, the 0 did not line up with the incremented ft.lb. markings on the handle. I stand by my remark that it the product is of good quality and feels solid. The micrometer being off by 15 is not a minor issue though…removed 2 stars.

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