TEKTON WRN92002 Telescoping Basin Wrench, 3/8-Inch to 1-3/8-Inch Capacity, Long Reach 10-Inch to 17-Inch

 TEKTON WRN92002 Telescoping Basin Wrench, 3/8-Inch to 1-3/8-Inch Capacity, Long Reach 10-Inch to 17-Inch Brand TEKTON

Size:3/8 – 1-3/8 inch Uniquely designed for easy, one-handed operation in confined areas, the TEKTON Telescoping Basin Wrench takes the frustration out of under-sink work. The spring-loaded jaw automatically adjusts to the right size as it slides onto the nut, so there’s no trial-and-error hassle. Once in place, it creates a continuous ratcheting action that stays engaged with the nut, eliminating the need to re-fit after each turn. Pivoting smoothly through 180 degrees, the wrench head has a friction stop that holds it at any angle, allowing you to navigate around obstructions and access hard-to-reach nuts. The four-position telescoping shaft adapts to any situation with the push of a button, locking in place at 10, 12-1/4, 14-1/2 and 17-inch lengths. This extra reach is especially helpful under deep bowl sinks. With a removable 6-inch, high-leverage handle, the wrench easily stores in a toolbox or drawer.

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  • Fits 3/8 to 1-3/8 in. diameter nuts on faucets, supply lines, valves and drains
  • Long-reach telescoping shaft extends from 10 to 17 inches, adapting to any situation
  • 180-degree pivoting head holds its position at any angle to access hard-to-reach nuts
  • Spring-loaded jaw automatically adjusts to size and creates a continuous ratcheting action that stays engaged with the nut after each turn

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  • It’s amazing how many people do not read about the product, choose the wrong tool, then try to blame the tool. I have Kholer wide spread faucets, and they have large nuts to hold on the control valves. I needed to loosen these to break the handle stands loose so I could tighten the handle screws. This tool did the job. It had the jaw spread that fit the larger nuts for my controls. The tool is well made and looks heavy duty. My only complaint would be that the handle kept sliding out and falling when I was trying to maneuver the tool under the sink and into position. This required me to wiggle back out from under the sink to look for the handle to replace it in the tool. I suggest getting a small neoprene nipple to press onto the end of the handle before you start working.
  • This tool is awesome! The nut holding my faucet became loose which allowed the faucet to move quite a bit. We tightened by hand and tried using tools, but nothing would fit to turn the nut. This tool has a handle that can be lengthened and the grip helps to keep it on the nut. Using the “T” in the bottom of the handle gives you the extra leverage needed to adequately secure the nut and keep the faucet in place. Beware of one thing. Do not place the T in the handle until you have the wrench in place. Tilting the handle will allow it to fall out and it will hurt your face if it hits it! Lesson learned, but worth getting the faucet fixed.
  • I’m sure this would probably work better if the “plumber” using it had a clue what he was doing, but I struggled with this thing.I ended up buying a different tool to do what this was supposed to do (which worked only slightly better), but again, I’m not certain that’s an inherent problem with the tool.The only thing is that stopped me from giving it 5 stars is the “t” handle – a little better engineering is needed there – maybe a spring-loaded ball-bearing stop (like what’s in socket wrench extensions) or something – it falls out at awkward times and when you’re stuffed up under a sink, it’s really a PITA to back out and try to find it).
  • This tool saved my butt installing my washing machine in my new apartment. This tool is sturdy and gets the job done in hard to reach areas. This tool will be useful for a long time and i am glad that i made this purchase. The only issue i have is that the handle part falls out too easily and can get lost.
  • Both original and replacement Jaws were far too loose to grip anything. Local hardware store had same type of basin wrench and it worked.
  • good quality and the extension would have been helpful, if I was installing the older style sink. my new sink and faucet was easy to get to and tighten without this wrench. I looked at the old sink and was like boy I should buy the wrench without looking at my new sink, when I removed the old sink I just disconnected the water and drain lines and pulled it right out the top. the new sink went in easy and the new faucet had a nut that I hand tightened and then had screws that you tightened up against the sink most of this I did before placing the sink in
  • Worked in my small undersink vanity for the nuts that cinch the handles down to the counter top. I literally could not get any other wrench into that space. This was one of a select few basin wrenches that the jaws opened wide enough to handle the large nuts that hold the faucet units to the counter top.
  • Installed a kitchen faucet before I bought this tool. I couldn’t tighten the connections enough to keep from leaking water under the sink. Asked a plumber friend the easiest way to tighten the hoses and he suggested this tool. It is the BEST!!

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