TEKTON 3/8″ Drive by 7″ Quick-Release Composite Offset Ratchet, 72-Tooth Oval Head | 1457


Size:3/8-inch  |  Style:Ratchet For a ratchet that won’t freeze your hand in cold weather and won’t scratch fine finishes, choose the TEKTON 3/8 in. Drive Composite Ratchet. At its core is a tough chrome vanadium steel handle and head, hardened and strengthened through a precise heat treating process. The high-impact poly shell is softer than metal parts so it is safe to use near chrome, aluminum and painted surfaces. Great in tight spaces, the 72-tooth oval head ratchet needs only a 5-degree swing arc. Large dual pawls grip without slipping, delivering more torque. Drive direction is easily changed with the thumb-operated reverse switch. Sockets lock onto the quick-release drive tang so you don’t have to worry about dropping them. The offset handle provides extra finger clearance, preventing scraped knuckles. The ratchet meets or exceeds ANSI performance and dimensional standards.

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  • 72-Tooth oval head ratchet needs only 5-degree swing arc
  • Lock-on, push-button, quick-release drive tang prevents dropped sockets

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  • I purchase this 3/8-Inch drive ratchet and other Tekton tools (sockets and adapters) with the feeling it would be a good affordable tool. Two thirds of my order was that. The ratchet was some what of a let down. Don’t get me wrong, it has great potential, it’s just I received mine, and it was broke or faulty. The switch mechanism on the back of the ratchet wouldn’t stay engaged , also occasionally locking up the ratchet. Upon further inspection I found the torx head screw that holds the lever in place spun freely, almost like it was broken off inside. Curiosity got the better of me, so after I emailed Tekton Support on how they want to handle this “warranty claim”, I took apart the ratchet. I found the mechanism that the torx screw goes into, was broken. Which explains why it would lock up and randomly dis-engage. The piece of the switch inside would float around and bind up the gears. (see pictures)Now, I work in the automotive business, So I know nobody is perfect and mistake happen. That’s why I know Tekton will make this right, and if not, I will just get a new ratchet, being the price of these are pretty affordable. I am 90% satisfied with Tekton as a company, I thing I was just the lucky one who got the lemon out of the batch.I will update if the status of my ratchet warranty claim changes. Just something you should check out if you buy one of these ratchets. Gave it 4 out of 5 stars just for the fact it was broken, but the majority of the other tekton tools i received where flawless and work amazingly well.
  • My ratchet snapped after 11 months of use. I emailed Tekton and a response was received the same day. The customer service representative sent me a free replacement. I am a very satisfied Tekton customer.
  • Looks and feels very sturdy. Oddly enough mine came with the branding “Ronix” an israeli tool company. The two other 1/4th, and 3/4 wrenches I bought came with Tekton branding. Slightly annoying, but I’m sure it’s the exact same product. Couldn’t find anything online about this occurring anywhere else so I’m slightly perplexed. I could barely find out who Ronix was. Lol.
  • I have tools from all different manufacturers, mostly Snap On and Mac. If I have a 1/2 drive socket, it is usually on the end of an impact gun or long handled flex head ratchet instead of a standard ratchet. So when it came time to buy a standard 1/2 drive ratchet, I did not want to spend a ton of money since I rarely would use it, but being spoiled by my Snap On 80 tooth ratchets, I still would love to have a fine tooth ratchet. I started my search and found this composite ratchet, 72 tooth. For the price, it was worth trying. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS RATCHET!!! It is awesome, feels great in your hand and the composite covered body is a great idea. I had a job this weekend and used this ratchet exclusively while my snap on and Mac ratchets rested in the box. It might be the novelty of a new ratchet, it may be the 72 fine tooth mechanism, or the composite body, but I just dig it. The quick release feature is great, though that is the only “cheap” feeling thing about this since the button is just plastic. The red handle does pick up grease and dirt pretty easy and is not as easy to clean as chrome, but I also don’t freak out putting it in the shop floor while working. Plus, lifetime warranty. I have not put this ratchet under extreme stress, nor have I had it a long time yet, so long term durability is still unknown, but it is great. Highly recommend.
  • Seems to be well made, fit & finish, gears are tight & smooth, has some weight, super nice handle, the jury will be out on these for how long they will last. there is a steel handle in there & a reel nice short click, so will work nice in tight spots. I had good luck with my ACE brand 1/4 drive set. ( composite handle ) have not broke it yet in 6 yrs. your not paying for a polished handle. Still have my craftsman of many years, time to try something new & so far so good. I bought all 3 and if you can not break it loose why skin knuckles , that’s why they make breaker bars, impact wrenches and the torch set.
  • Tekton provided me with a 3/8 inch drive ratchet just like this wrench for a comment I posted several months ago. I was so impressed with that 3/8 inch drive ratchet, that I bought the 1/4 inch and the 1/2 inch drive ratchets as well. These are good quality ratchets and should last a very long time. The thing that impressed me the most was you can use them in a winter environment and they don’t freeze or freeze to your hand and fingers while using them (I don’t work well with gloves). The 72 tooth ratcheting mechanism is smooth and makes working in tight spaces tolerable. The only downside I see to these ratchets is they are harder to keep clean than their all-metal counterparts are. My philosophy is this; a tool without some grease, oil or dirt on it is either a well cared for tool or one that is never or rarely ever used!
  • I’m kinda a tool snob. I had to buy and extra set of tools for my race car trailer. I did not want to keep moving tools back and forth from the trailer on race weekends. I grabbed this ratchet along with the 1/2″ version. I would buy them again in a heartbeat. The only thing I did not like, but its easy to overcome, is that the direction lever on the ratchet is backwards to my other ratchets. Minor complaint, but the tool is still great.
  • This was purchased to use on the disconnect clamps for my pool backwash hose. I like having one outside in the pool cabinet instead of having to go to the garage every time. It serves its purpose well. It’s way lighter than my Craftsman and S•K ratchets. The handle is a bit thicker than most, but that’s great for my big hands. It still travels easily in my pocket while I’m walking around the yard. So far I am satisfied and would purchase again.

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