Park Tool AWS-3 3-Way Hex Wrench

 Park Tool AWS-3 3-Way Hex Wrench Brand Park Tool

Stronger and more comfortable than ever, the Park Tool AWS-3 3-Way Hex Wrench fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for excellent leverage on smaller hex bolts.Features: 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm hex set Chamfered tips fit perfectly Ergonomic design provides comfort and tremendous leverage Industrial steel is heat-treated for long life

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  • – 2mm, 2.5mm, and 3mm hex set
  • – Wrenches made from industrial tool steel, through hardened and tempered for long life
  • – Chamfered tips for a perfect fit

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  • Years ago I got my first tattoos, drank the hoppiest of beers, and complained to anyone who would listen. I’d ride my ’73 Eddy Merckx fixie to the coffee shop in the bad part of town, and lounge for hours on the crumbling bench seats satisfied in the knowledge that I had truly found my calling in life. It wasn’t until I found the AWS-1, however, that I realized that my life had been incomplete. I now shudder at the thought of having to switch between the #4 and #5 allen keys, how could I have come so far without this tool. Now it seems plain as day, I was such a fool before, I can’t thank you enough Park Tools – for changing my life.
  • I really dont understand why everyone loves these things.As far as construction theyre fine but for $10-$13 each they should but much clearer labeling of the size of each tool. yea you usually look at the head and can tell, but they put crappy small stickers to label the hex one I got, and super faint embossing on the torx one that you can barely see. Park probly paid china 50 cents each for them and sells for $13. still sturdy and functional tho – dont feel too cheaptheyre awkward to put in a bag or bag pocket or really store anywhere except a tool wallMost importantly, it seems like at least half the time I go to use these, the bolt I’m working on is in a place where I’m hitting the 2 unused ends of the tool on some other part of my bike. I have to keep taking 1/8 turns then pulling the head out and back in, or just grab another tool. So frequently that I stopped ever grabbing this tool out of frustration. Looks like im in the minority here though.I got the park hex set of 10 longer hexes and now these triangle things just sit in the shed as backup if I happen to be there needing one on a bolt they’ll work on
  • Before this product I relied on my Husky metric allen wrench set. While those things did their job, and helped me out for the past 9 years of bike commuting, I should have acquired this set from the onset.The 4, 5, 6mm heads are perhaps the most used sizes, and this set makes regular services on the bike a lot more expedient. The best 10-dollar investment I made on bike related tools.
  • Although I’m a home mechanic when it comes to bikes, I also work on Assault Air Bikes at a local gym. After seeing so many bike repair mechanics using this on Youtube I thought this would allow me to lighten my toolbox by taking out my other hex wrenches and only carrying this and the Park AWS-3. First off I knew that if so many professional bike mechanics were using this then this must be a decent tool. Upon receiving it and using it I was right. I could see and feel that this thing was made with quality in mind. The weight is perfect in the hand, not too light and not too heavy. This thing makes life so much easier being able to hold 3 different sizes in your hand all at once. It alleviates me having to reach for a different size hex each time. This along with the AWS-3 allows me to have pretty much all the sizes needed when working on bikes and on the exercise bikes. What’s nice is this tool is perfect with all the stuff you buy that needs to be assembled that needs hex wrenches instead of using the cheap, small throw away hex wrench that many manufactures include with the item you bought.The number one reason I love this tool is being able to use the whole tool as leverage when removing very tight fasteners or when tightening. You simply cannot get the same leverage when using those regular allen key sets.The number 2 reason I like this is being able to only carry around 1 tool.I have no cons with this tool.
  • Built a bike for my daughter and found this to be a useful tool and much easier than a regular hex key. I used it to make preliminary tightening of bolts before torquing and it was very handy when I was swapping one size for another; as I was fitting Shimano brakes and Sram shifters. I have a Lezyne version of this tool which is more expensive, heavier and a little more uncomfortable to use. The coating of the wrench part wears off quickly but it is a durable tool.
  • Much better than carrying an entire wrench set around. The three sizes on this ttool cover everything on my bike. Only things it doesnt work on are the small set screws on my handlebar grips (no big deal) and my crank bolts – something I need a dedicated serious long-handle wrench for. You can get good leverage with this design. Not quite as good as a T-handle, but way better than a standard L type hex wrench.Perfect for the carry-alomng toolbag.
  • This is a very useful tool for when you are doing general maintenance on your bike. It’s not going to fit everything, but it definitely goes a long way and it’s nice having three common hex wrenches melded into a single tool.I have to agree with another reviewer, this tool is definitely not very good for tighter spots. This is best for adjusting brakes, derailleurs, seat collars, etc. I use mine all the time!
  • I would recommend getting this first – BEFORE a complete set. These are by far the most commonly used sizes on a contemporary bikes, and the shape of the tool makes it very handy for holding the tool firmly in bolt heads. I.e. you won’t strip them with this tool. IMHO this tool lets you work more effortlessly and mindfully on a bike – I think more about what I’m trying to accomplish and less about tools.

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