Crescent 5 Pc. 5″,7″ & 10″ Curved Jaw and 6″ & 9″ Long Nose Locking Pliers with Wire Cutter – CLP5SETN

 Crescent 5 Pc. 5

Size:5 piece Enjoy high performance at an affordable price with this Crescent 5-piece locking plier set (model CLP5SETN), which 5 piece set includes 5-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch curved jaw locking pliers plus 6-inch and 9-inch long nose locking pliers. They all feature compound action for a powerful non-slip locking grip, patented angled tooth pattern for a better grip, integrated wire cutter and a nickel-plated finish that resists rust and corrosion. The long nose pliers make it easy to get to hard-to-reach spots, while the curved jaw pliers are faster and easier to use than standard clamps. Crescent brand locking pliers are made to an exacting standard that results in improved durability and long-term performance. They meet stringent ASME standards for product specifications, including strength and maximum jaw opening capacity (as applicable by model). Yet, as strong as they are, Crescent’s locking pliers still maintain the narrow profile require for work in tight and confined spaces.

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  • 5 piece set includes 5 inch, 7 inch and 10 inch curved jaw locking pliers plus 6 inch and 9 inch long nose locking pliers
  • Versatile curved jaw design also features integral wire cutter
  • Long nose design features a wire cutter that gets into hard-to-reach spots
  • Compound action for powerful non-slip locking grip

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  • These are some of the better locking pliers you can get anymore, without going to the premium (quality and priced) brands like Grip–On or Knipex. I’d say they are very, very close overall to the original Vise-Grip brand. I would say that I’d put them in between the USA made Peterson Vise-Grips, and the ones they now import from China. Heft and feel are about equal, as is the locking release mechanism. The hardness of the jaws is what I’m going by with my ranking. They seem slightly better than the China Vise-Grips, but not quite what the ones made in Nebraska were. These were a little cheaper than the import Vise-Grip brand, so I’d consider them a decent value.
  • Like others say, they are good, but not as good as the USA made one’s that are no longer made. The set is very well put together. This is really all you will need for most jobs.
  • Others said the same thing, but I was hoping to get lucky…Shame on you, Crescent!You’re supposed to be one of the vanguard tool companies, but this is just more cheap foreign garbage.I’ve used them twice now, and the needle-nose pliers quickly shift off-axis, whereupon they fall right off the object (in my case, the classic ‘drum brake tension spring’).The little red plastic piece on the locking lever split and started walking off the other set small ‘parrot-like’ pliers.Both had rough lock engagements, just like the cheap ones I already had in my tool kit.I bought these because locking pliers are one of those last-ditch tools you’re probably using when things have already hit the fan. At that moment, you want quality gear that will get the job done before things get worse. These pliers won’t be that gear. They’re just more cheap rubbish.
  • I have used these for several months and I am glad I bought them. They are a very good quality, release well and a nice mixture of pliers for just about anything. I still can’t bring myself to throw away the old rusted vise grips I have, probably will never use those again.
  • They seem to look well, but have some side to side play in the jaws which might lead to lessened holding power on nuts or bolt heads. Shouldn’t be an issue when clamped on flat surfaces though.
  • received them yesterday, opened package and seems quality is crap compared to US made crescent tools i have already from years ago when they were actually made in the good ole USA. these are much lighter metal and just feel cheap. Even when you clamp them they feel weak. don’t buy them save your money.
  • I have yet to subject these pliers to brutal treatment but I think they’ll be up to it. Normally I’d not review a simple item with many reviews, but I’m doing so in this case because of their novel Allen wrench socket in the handle, something I’d not seen before. If I set the knurled knob to where it will really clamp down hard, sometimes I’d need another pair of pliers to back off on the adjustment knob to open them. But these only require an Allen wrench, which makes it simple and easy to do. Nice!
  • Cheaply made. Had to clean up the threads to make it work properly. Ok for occasional work, but if you need them at a professional level…. these aren’t good enough. The bigger ones much better than the smaller ones. 3 stars is being gracious.

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