Bessel (Vessel) Ball Grip Difference and Screwdrivers Set No.220w-3 (Basic)

 Bessel (Vessel) Ball Grip Difference and Screwdrivers Set No.220w-3 (Basic) Brand Vessel

Size:Basic Package size / length: 153 mm, width: 93 mm, height: 41 mm. Package weight: 144 g. Producing country: Japan. Uses: Electrical construction, furniture pairs, maintenance, on-board etc. Set contents / ball grip bit. Replacement grip x 1, replacement bit x 3 [1 x + 3 x 110 mm, -6 x + 2 x 110 mm, 1 PZ 2 x PZ 3 x 110 mm each]. Because the minus blade side has a special shape, please do not use electric screwdriver. Grip size: length 100 mm x diameter 41 mm. Hexagonal axis: 6.35 mm. VESSEL CO., INC. is a leading company in fastening tools. VESSEL is producing and distributing VESSEL branded screwdrivers, driving bits, industrial tools, pneumatic tools and ESD-related products. VESSEL was founded in 1916 as Japan’s first volume manufacturer of screwdrivers. With most ironworks at the time producing agricultural implements such as spades and hoes, the young company put in place a mass production system specialized for the manufacture of screwdrivers for industrial applications and began supplying its products to the market. In 1933, the company began emblazoning its products with the brand “VESSEL,” meaning a large ship in English, as a signifier of their superior quality. VESSEL products have consistently met strict quality requirements as professional tools. Over more than 100 years of history, this rock-solid commitment to quality has anchored our operations. In terms of design, we strive to create products that all customers will find pleasant and comfortable from first-time users to professionals who make a living with our tools every day. VESSEL designs products to ensure the health and safety of users and those around them.

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  • Package size / length: 153 mm, width: 93 mm, height: 41 mm
  • Set contents / ball grip bit. Replacement grip x 1, replacement bit x 3 [1 x + 3 x 110 mm, -6 x + 2 x 110 mm, 1 PZ 2 x PZ 3 x 110 mm each].
  • Grip size: length 100 mm x diameter 41 mm.
  • Japan Import

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  • This is a JIS (Japan Industry Standard) Screwdriver multibit set. It is imperative that only JIS tools be used on Japanese vehicles, because they do NOT use Phillips head screws. A Phillips screwdriver will strip and ruin a JIS screw head, whereas it is safe to use a JIS screwdriver on Phillips screw heads. Vessel a renowned for the fine quality of their tools, and this is an excellent product to give you the full range of JIS cross head screw drivers. The bit driver has a very comfortable rubber handle, and the bits themselves are well made and of good hardened steel alloy. There will be no regrets buying this fine product.
  • Nice Little tool Set, Appears to be genuine JIS. I repair LED signs for a living and there are a couple brands that always gave me issues of stripping screws. No matter what bit I tried it never seemed a perfect fit. One job I loaded up my tools for, I mistakenly grabbed a screwdriver that I bought years ago for working on older Mikuni carbs. It was disappointing to say the least, as I have OCD when it comes to my “special” tools and making sure I only use them for what I purchased them for. Anyways, Im glad I did cause come to find out them couple of brands use JIS screws apparently, because it fit the heads perfectly and securely. I have no more issues. I also checked these with and older Mikuni carb and fits as well as my “special” screwdriver I had been using! I haven’t used the #3 yet, but 1 and 2 are the real deal.
  • The correct tool for the job get’s it done everytime!! JIS screwdriver for JIS screws…. Pretty simple concept that works great! If you have a Japanese Motorcycle your toolbox is not complete without a JIS screwdriver. I like this setup because is breaks down so I can take them with me while riding. Factory tools are VERY lacking and this tools fill the gap nicely.
  • I purchased this since I regularly wrench on my two Suzuki LTZ400’s. It is amazing the difference this makes over using a Phillips driver. No more stripping screws ever. I used to dread taking apart carburetors because the JIS screw heads would always strip out when using a Phillips, but with this driver it just bites into the screw head and makes removal easy as can be, without any worry of stripping the head. I never knew about JIS until a buddy of mine told me about them, and that if I’m working on Japanese bikes/atvs I should definitely have one, and now that I do I would never touch a bike without this driver.
  • This has the most common JIS sizes integrated into one tool with nicely magnetized bits so you wont have to look for dropped screws (a real bad thing around electronics). I dont need to carry separate drivers. Fits JIS perfectly. No stripping screw heads. The rubber ball grip is great for easy grip and torquing but still fits easily into my soft carry tool bag holder. I really like that they included a #3 tip. I mostly reach for the #2, but when you need it, you wont have to run out and look for another driver. I have no need for the Pz drive, and wish they had included different slotted tips instead, but otherwise its great. I love Vessel tools. They last long and are made well. One of my co workers saw mine and ordered one so not just my opinion.
  • I bought 2 sets one for the house and one for the car. Found out about the JIS Japan Industrial Standard cross head (similar to Phillips) a few years ago while replacing rotors on my Honda. I wish I would have know about this earlier and not stripped/damages as many JIS screw heads because they where mistaken for Phillips.Anyway this has JIS size 1, 2, 3 cross heads which will cover 95% of what you’ll need. Beside the one slotted blade they threw in a Pozi 1 and 2 – which is also commonly mistaken for Phillips heads. Very nice combination!!!The bits and handle are solid and good quality. Almost no slop between bits and handle. I also previously purchased 3 other Vessel screw drives for impact work and they do not disappoint. I own a set of Wera Laser tip screw drivers and I think I like the Vessel almost as much.
  • These are Japanese crosspoint screwdrivers, not Phillips! If you don’t know already, Phillips screwdrivers are designed to “cam out” when “overtorqued”. These will not do that. They are designed for Japanese crosspoint screws. You know, the ones on your motorcycle or ATV.
  • Wish I’d known about these JIS type screwdrivers a long time ago, didn’t know most crosspoints are this type, not actually phillips. Fits much better. Vessel quality is excellent, bought several, my favorite screwdrivers now. This particular model with the interchangeable tips and ball handle is the one I use most, wasn’t sure about that handle when I got it, but after using it, I really like it.

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