Olympia Tool 01-015 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench,Hardened And Tempered Drop Forged, Chrome Plated And Fully Polished To Resist Corrosion

 Olympia Tool 01-015 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench,Hardened And Tempered Drop Forged, Chrome Plated And Fully Polished To Resist Corrosion Brand Olympia Tools

Size:15-Inch Product Description Olympia Tools 01-015 15-Inch Adjustable Wrench 1-3/4″ Opening, Hardened & Tempered Drop Forged Alloy Steel, Chrome Plated Corrosion Resist From the Manufacturer Olympia Tools International engineers, develops, markets, and distributes high quality hand tools at an affordable price. Olympia adjustable wrenches are hardened and tempered with precision machined jaws and a knurled adjusting worm.

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  • Hardened And Tempered Drop Forged Alloy Steel
  • Chrome Plated And Fully Polished To Resist Corrosion
  • Precision Machined Jaws And Knurled Adjustment Worm
  • 1-3/4″/45mm Jaw Opening

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  • Its actually 23 3/8 long, and its jaws open to exactly 2 1/2 inches. If you have ever been to the tractor supply store, they have this exact same adjustable, except it is labeled JobSmart. I’m very impressed with the fit and finish of this adjustable. Little slop of the jaw, yet has not locked up or flexed open under heavy loads including blows to the handle with a 6lb hammer. The thumb screw still works with one thumb, no bumping of the jaw required. No mushrooming or chipping to mention after hammering the handle repeatedly with moderate force. Upon further investigation of the metal I took a file to the head, and it’s relatively hard to file, which tells me the steel and temper is of respectable quality. In comparison to the Crescent brand extra large adjustable wrench, the fitment is quite similar, same amount of play in the jaw and thumb wheel, steel is of almost same quality. The Olympia wrenches finish is very tough and even, with no chipping even after pounding, but the Crescent brand wrenches finish and thumb screw finish is a bit better. The Olympia wrenches handle is very thick, and I do not foresee it ever bending as it seems to have a good temper too, but the more pronounced I beam style handle of the crescent brand is stronger and slightly lighter.In conclusion, if you’re going to put the fear of god in this wrench every day, it will hold its own, but the handle may become uncomfortable in the hand as it is a bit thinner than the flats of the Crescent brands I beam handle. If you’re going to do the same, but in salt water every day, the Crescent brand may be the better choice. I have no idea how this can possibly be sold for $39 shipped, this is also the same price tractor supply sells their adjustable for.
  • The auger screw that tightens and loosens the jaw still has casting marks and causes a lot of friction. Once you adjust the jaw and tighten a nut, there’s no way to get the Jaws back open again so you can get the wrench off the nut. The screw just will not move. The bad surface finish causes too much friction. I have to beat it with a hammer to get it to loosen the jaw. The 15-inch version at Harbor Freight is much better made, that should tell you something.
  • It’s a big wrench and I wanted a big wrench, but I am a bit disappointed in that what I received is not what is pictured. In stead of having the name “Olympia” forged into the handle the I got has it engraved/etched into the head of the wrench which is a pretty clear indicator that Olympia is sourcing these from whomever. Would have given it 5 stars had I received a wrench as depicted in the photo. Does it open to the 2.5″ as claimed – yes. Is it heavy – yes. Will it perform the job I purchased it for – more than likely. Does it seem to be of decent quality – yes. This is clearly a lower end tool, but that’s OK because I might only use it once every couple of years or so. If looking for a 24″ adjustable wrench that I would be using on a regular basis, say in a work situation, I would look elsewhere and clearing I would expect to pay a much higher price. But, for a once-in-awhile situation for the non-professional this wrench is pretty good bang for the buck.**Quick Update: Having had the wrench for a while now and having used it a few times, more than I expected now that I have it, I find it to be a decent tool. Could it be of higher quality? You bet, but one would also expect to pay a much higher price. Again, if not using this in an everyday work situation but rather for ocassional use this wrench gets the job done.
  • After doing some research, I chose this wrench because it’s drop forged so is stronger and more durable .Bought it in case of an emergency whereby I’d need to shut off the main gas line to my house so I haven’t use it yet it for that yet. Handle is substantial so turning should be easier.Update: 2/19/18Have used it to untighten a coupler on my electric pressure washer that my channel lock and towel couldn’t do. There are no teeth on the jaw which is very good as it won’t mar up anything it’s (un) tightening. Coupler came off easily.
  • There are a couple other wrenches on Amazon that are close to this price but after selecting this one, I find it to have been a good choice. Other reviews state the adjustment mechanism is a little loose and if you compare it to a $100 tool that is correct. It has a little play, meaning you can rotate the knurled knob about 1/8 inch (guessing here…) in that loose zone. Hardly enough for me to worry given that we’re talking about a wrench that is made to connect to 2″ nuts. A little play just doesn’t figure into the equation. I used it to remove power line hardware from poles that had been taken down after 25yrs in service and in the weather. The extra leverage of the 18″ made a huge difference. I couldn’t move those square nuts with my existing 10″ adjustable at all. BTW – those nuts were ‘rough’ zinc coated and I observe they are ‘less square’ than the wrench jaws; again the play doesn’t matter much.So, you get what you pay for right? You demand perfection in the movement and perfect metal? Buy the $100 wrench. If you use this once in a while and are cost conscious this is a good choice. I did find a wrench at the local Menards in this same price range, but it was of noticeably lower quality.
  • I own a Bogen Tripod approximately 35 years old. Still a good usable platform after all these years. The problem is, the levers that lock the legs are VERY stiff. As a man in my sixties with arthritis creeping into my fingers, I needed the kind of leverage I found in this compact little tool. The Olympia not only worked well for that application, but also for many other jobs that always seem to pop up around the house.This is a nice buget friendly tool. At four inches in length, it’s small enough to fit easily in a pocket or purse. I highly recommend it.
  • Arrived in good time, it was listed as very good/used. Had original sticker it looks like from original purchase and no scratches.I haven’t test loaded the heck out of it yet but adjustable wrenches this size you about have to be a special type of dumb to break it.I painted mine blue to match all my other gear.

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