MulWark 6pc Magnetic Mini Flathead and Phillips Micro Precision Head Small Screwdriver Set CRV Eyeglasses Watches Electronics Computer Tools Repair Kit

 MulWark 6pc Magnetic Mini Flathead and Phillips Micro Precision Head Small Screwdriver Set CRV Eyeglasses Watches Electronics Computer Tools Repair Kit Brand MulWark

FEATURES and BENEFITS: The MulWark Micro Precision Screwdriver Set is a high quality pocket tool kit, which features of the most popular micro flat and Phillips screwdrivers to satisfy a wide range of taking apart/ fastening needs, to fix something or for installation. • These tools are built with ergonomic, tri-lobular, slip-resistant handles to prevent blisters, provide positive torque, and make a comfortable grip. • The heat treated, alloy steel blades with corrosion-resistant nickel-plated bar hold up to repeated use. The slotted blade tips provide excellent screw holding, while the Phillips blade tips provide tight tolerance and a snug fit. • The hardened tips give a non-slip fit, avoiding scratch or damage to the object; these screwdrivers will unstick even the most hopelessly stripped screws. • They are color-coded so you always grab the right one. • Tough organizer case with secure-close keeps them easy to find for the next job and fits easily in drawer or hang over workbench.WHO IS IT DESIGNED FOR: • Mr. DIY • Professionals or amateurs as jeweler, craftsman, carpenter, etc.WHAT IS IN THE BOX: 1. 1 pc. 2.0 mm Flathead Screwdriver 2. 1 pc. 2.4 mm Flathead Screwdriver 3. 1 pc. 3.0 mm Flathead Screwdriver 4. 1 pc. #00 Phillips Head Screwdriver 5. 1 pc. #0 Phillips Head Screwdriver 6. 1 pc. #1 Phillips Head Screwdriver 7. 1 pc. Storage caseWORRY FREE! Your risk is completely eliminated with the following inclusions: – Lifetime Warranty – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with this item, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund or replacement

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  • High quality pocket tool kit specifically designed for eyeglass repair, watches, jewelry, accessory, computers, cell phone, tablet & other electronic with sturdy clear-view case
  • High-strength, heat treated chrome vanadium steel alloy shafts and Swivel end cap allows constant finger pressure while driving
  • Magnetic tips to help grip and hold screws, especially the small ones
  • Lightweight, color-coded & easy to hold aircraft aluminum handles with spinner tops; 4″ to 5″ length

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  • I would rate it higher if it was described properly, I didn’t pay enough attention and thought all these would be quite small, but in reality it’s just standard smaller sizes like most people would already have if you own other tools for electronics..I will probably keep it because the quality is actually pretty good…it just didn’t go down small enough to tighten down a pair of Oakleys which is why I bought the kit.
  • I bought this set specifically because it said it was magnetized – “Magnetic tips to help grip and hold screws, especially the small ones”. As near as I can tell the tips are NOT magnetized. I have tried them with screws and other pieces metal and they have no magnetic properties at all. I should have read the other 1 star ratings, which say they same thing. Why does Amazon continue to advertise these as Magnetic, when the clearly are NOT.
  • WARNING DO NOT BUY THIS , IS NOT MAGNETIC AT ALL!! What a steal and unfair seller. I hoped the terminals were MAGNETIC to hold the little screws or small prices in general for fix a watch but i realized that it doesnt work and even the case says that!!! AVOID BUY THIS !!!! Again another DESHONEST AND UNFAIR CHINESE COMPANY!
  • Watch the video. This is a simple small computer case screw. There is ZERO detectable magnetism on these screwdrivers. It’s not the screw material either as you can see another screw driver does pick up the screw w/o issue.False advertising.Here’s the one I bought that actually is magnetic:″Showpin 12 in 1 Color Ring Magnetic Screwdriver Set”
  • i like the actually screw drivers, nice casing, colorful, very solid, and work nicely in the hand. but i got them up thinking they were much smaller….as in eye glass and watch repair small. they’re actually much larger than that. there is only 1 driver to use with eye glass screws and i quickly learned these won’t help replace arms on my Peepers readers b/c the hinges are spring loaded which you cannot engage to reattach the arms. boo. but they’re also too big for most of my watch screws.SO, if you already know what sizes you need. they function nicely, but I didn’t notice the magnetic ability as they didn’t collect a single screw when i used them. could the screws be aluminum? perhaps, but it’s awfully odd to make them magnetic and they not actually pick up the screws. the magnetic capability was not noticed really anywhere as nothing stuck to them. with such tiny screws, i got them to help have the needed precision aligning to such tiny holes. no such luck.for this reason, i would pass and buy a single of the size you actually need. i will have no use for them now.
  • Wow. Just got this in the mail two days ago and they looked great!! Today, I was cleaning my glasses from LensCrafters and the lens came off, along with the screw. Hey, no problem, I have my set of Mulwark Screwdriver set with magnetic tips. I tried to put the screw in, but to my surprise, the magnetic did not work. The screw feel to the floor. Can’t find it!! Good thing I bought these lens at LensCrafters. They will fix them for me, but now I have to go into the mall on a Sunday.I am VERY UPSET with Muwak. I have ordered over 200 items from Amazon, and this is the FIRST!!!! time I have given a negative review. SAY AWAY.
  • I love this mini screwdriver set!!! I originally got this set to screw in my sunglasses screws a little tigheter, but I find myself using them for all kinds of jobs. For my baby’s toys that have smaller screws, these are great! I love how the handle butt spins (separate of the entire screwdriver) so it makes it easy to apply pressure to the end of the screwdriver and still twist it successfully. It comes in a handy little case that snaps shut and keeps everything nicely together. It has really turned into a staple product in my house! Would highly recommend!!!!
  • The screwdrivers I received are definitely not magnetic! Very Poor quality steel for screwdriver tips. They did arrive promptly and the case is nice

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