GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2″ Drive 6 Point Deep Impact Metric Socket Set – 84935N

 GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2

Size:1/2″  |  Style:29-piece kit  |  Configuration:Metric We designed this GEARWRENCH 29-Piece Impact Socket set for the professional user who needs heavy-duty sockets for their demanding work environment. These sockets are engineered with innovations for ease of use and durable strength, including a Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel construction, off-corner loading technology to reduce fastener rounding, chamfered openings to guide the sockets onto fasteners, and deep profiles to reach fasteners in low-access areas. We build our sockets with proven strength, for the automotive or industrial technician, construction worker, technician, or other trades worker.

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  • Made from chrome molybdenum alloy steel (Cr-Mo) for exceptional strength and durability
  • Off-corner loading technology to reduce fastener rounding, even after repeated use
  • Black phosphate corrosion-resistant coating, laser etched with high-visibility markings and hard stamped labels
  • Parallel neck down design on 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, and 14mm sockets allow improved access around restricted fasteners

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  • Once you get all the duplicate and triplicate sockets replaced through GW’s nightmare customer service, they seems to be a decent and complete set of sockets. First set had three of the same sockets in it, the second set I was sent had two of the same sized sockets in it. Finally the third set was correct. Hope you never have to call their CS tho. Rude, unhelpful employees who make you jump through ridiculous hoops just to fix a QC problem on their end. Over on the metric side there were a few sockets with the side holes double drilled or drilled in the wrong location. So inspect them well upon opening them.
  • This is a very nice heavy duty socket set. You’ll know that’s true the first time you try to lift the case as it is 27 lbs. That’s more than 3 gallons of milk in one hand so very heavy for 28 sockets. There are only two minor things that kept me from giving 5 stars. Number one is the sockets do not lock into their position in the case, they just sit here making it easy for them to be jostled around. Secondly, there is also no foam insert inside the case which also allows the sockets to move in the case and generally get marred. When the product arrived to my house there were several sockets banging around inside the case instead of being where they should be. Not a huge deal for sure, but to me something gearwrench should not be overlooking on a set of this price.I saw a couple reviews from guys whining about the price of the item at near 140 bucks. Well I personally don’t think 5 bucks a socket is a bad deal at all for CrMo impact sockets when you are getting every size from 8 to a whopping 36mm. Just shut up and buy it already you’ll be pleased you did.
  • Excellent and very complete set! Great that they’re chromoly instead of the vandium (which tend to be weaker/likely to shatter, and thicker to compensate) The size is laser etched on the side for easy reference, but also stamped into the lower side around the socket deeply, so no matter what it will always stay identifiable! Plus the GearWrench known quality and customer service help make this an even better deal!************* I found that my 1-1/2in socket was replaced by another 1-7/16in socket, package was sent to me new, plastic wrapped, with the paper packaging labels around it all. likely done at the factory. trying to figure out the best way to handle this issue.
  • I have the equivalent set of SAE 1/2″ impact sockets from Gearwrench. They were made in Taiwan. The sockets are much more durable than these metric sockets made in China. I haven’t torn any of either set up yet and have done some pretty serious impacting with them on truck lugs and blowout preventer bolts. These are fairly large nuts with plenty of applied torque on them, so you have to beat and bang on them to get them loose. The 36mm socket has some indications on the drive side from impacting after using them to change out some tractor trailer tires. It still has plenty of life in it, but I was a little disappointed in seeing that in the first few hours of use. My Taiwan SAE Gearwrench impact sockets are all little beasts! Hundreds of hours on some of these sockets and they are all as good as new. The impact guns I use are primarily the high torque 1/2″ Milwaukee Fuel (2nd gen.) and 3/8″ Milwaukee Fuel (3rd gen.), and various Ingersol Rand pneumatic impact guns when I just have to drag out a stinking air hose.To me, the case is just as important as the tools. This case (and the SAE tool case) is very well made. They have molded in latches on the sides, and 2 steel mechanical hasps on the front. I haven’t had them come open accidentally one time in hundreds of in and out maneuvers from my crossbed toolbox. That’s a hard life in my toolbox with a bunch of other big heavy stuff in it. These cases are holding up beautifully. And I instantly know if anything is missing from the case. My best guess is that the cases in the metric and SAE sets are made at the same place, but for some reason the sockets were made in different countries. The cases are easily worth $75 to me to help me keep up with all of those sockets. Even if I have to replace a socket here or there, I have a good case to keep the new socket in.
  • I have used this many times in the short time I have owned it. The 6 point design has not let me down yet. I use this in combination with a Milwaukee 1/2″ impact driver with 1400 ft lb of breaking force and these hold up beautifully. It is nice that there is such a large range of continuous sizes included. This is the most complete set I have seen at a very reasonable price. The case could be a little better, but overall this is a solid must have for the weekend warrior mechanic.
  • I bought these sockets roughly a year ago and have used them quite often in a shop setting. The value of these sockets compared to other brands is insane! You can literally go get a Snap-On set and it cost you more money (roughly $500-$600) and you would get less variety of sockets and in my opinion realistically the same quality. I’m not going to bash the quality of snap on impact sockets as I’ve used them and they are well made but with the price of the snap on, its unjustifiable to go that route. Now obviously the sockets are getting abused especially since I use my Milwaukee impact or my air cat. I use the sockets on axle nuts, Rusty suspension bolts, have used them on bolts that were seized, rusted and pretty much anything that I’ve had to heat up and PB blast. I’ve seen minor damage to the sockets even after all the abuse and heat transfer over the course of the year. I personally feel that they will hold up for a way longer time and I really don’t think I’ll ever need to buy another socket to replace them. My suggestion is buy this set or buy the Grey Pneumatic set you’ll be happier that you did.

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