Park Tool Folding Hex Wrench Set

 Park Tool Folding Hex Wrench Set Brand Park Tool

The Park Tool Folding Hex Set eliminates the need for a mess of loose tools and slides neatly into your bike pouch. The lightweight grip-handle resists slippage, and its stronger-than-steel handle won’t break on you when you are really cranking down on it. You’ll be glad to have these Protanium industrial steel hexes when your rusted squadron of bikes puts up a fight.

  • Material: [handle], [bits]
  • Recommended Use: working on road and mountain bikes

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  • Park tools have always been useful for me. This hex wrench set is truly sturdy and compact (so it fits into a toolbox or pocket) for around-the-house or traveling usage. It really does eliminate the need for looking for loose tools aor not having the right-sized wrench in your workshop. The composite handle is slip resistant, lightweight, and comfortable to use.On the first few uses, the smaller wrenches are tight to open. It would be helpful if it said “metric “ on the side of the tool.
  • I purchased this Hex Wrench Set because I don’t have many tools on-hand. I found it to be very compact, easy to carry on outings. It is also easy to use, without having a lot of stress on the pieces as you try and pull them out. It is versatile, having pretty much any size I could need, which works well on family outings when we have several different sizes of bikes.It is heavy-duty, without being bulky and heavy. I like that about the product. It is clean-looking, and having part of the tool on each end, helps give grip when using, vs. having all useful parts on only one end.I will definitely be looking for something similar with screwdriver-type heads in it.Great product for the price – would definitely buy again.
  • I bought this to replace a cheapo set that twisted and contorted every time I tried to adjust something. This one stays solid and gets the job done without drama every time. Nice small size, light weight.
  • I am completely impressed with the quality and ease of use of this wrench. This wrench allows me to have every size I would need while on the job site. The strength of the way its built allows me to get the leverage I need to unscrew even the toughest screws. The size allows me to keep this tool at my size no matter where I am working. This tool is great for anyone from an at home handyman to a professional on the job site. I would recommend this tool for men and woman.
  • This wrench set is perfect – I needed multiple sizes of wrenches and this keeps them completely organized and accessible. The fold-up set is both compact and sturdy, which I was worried about because often low priced wrench sets are flimsy. This one is great. It’s not too heavy and feels very comfortable in your hand when using the individual wrenches. (They also open easily, which has been a pet peeve of mine with sets in the past!) I am now throwing away all my other wrenches which have been cluttering my tool cabinet and are all over the place. I highly recommend this product!
  • I like that the fold up hex wrench is compact and can fit in your pocket. It’s very lightweight and sturdy. I gave it 5 stars because it’s perfect for what I needed it for and its convenient it fits in your pocket just like a pocket knife would. Its the perfect tool for bikes. I would recommend this to anyone looking for sturdy, compact, and cheap wrenches. It gets the job done for a cheap price!
  • This tool is OK. Some of the hex wrenches are kind of loose and fall all over the place when you are trying to use the other hex wrenches. Park tool usually has the best bike tools, but I really don’t see anything special about this tool in particular. If another brand had a cheaper hex wrench set, I would try it out instead.
  • Works as advertised. Reasonably priced. I got this to use as a bike tool, and it’s light and compact enough for me to do so. If you asked me to be picky I would say that the actual wrench heads are a bit loose, but they work well. The wrenches also rotate 270 degrees and stop perpendicular to the wrench body, so they are perpendicular to the tool body.For a general use allen wrench, would recommend.

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