LASCO 39-9041 Insinkerator Wrench Used To Un-Jam /Free Disposal

 LASCO 39-9041 Insinkerator Wrench Used To Un-Jam /Free Disposal Brand LASCO

Product Description LASCO 39-9041 Insinkerator Wrench, Used To Un-Jam /Free Disposal. Made of metal. Offset Allen wrench. Fits on bottom, center of disposal. Fits Insinkerator brand. Un-jamming tool. From the Manufacturer LASCO 39-9041 Insinkerator Wrench, Used To Un-Jam /Free Disposal. Made of metal. Offset Allen wrench. Fits on bottom, center of disposal. Fits Insinkerator brand. Un-jamming tool.

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  • Insinkerator Disposal Wrench
  • Can Be Used To Unjam Garbage Disposal
  • Works Effectively
  • Brand Name: Lasco

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  • My garbage disposal had stopped working and was only making a humming noise. After much research I discovered something must be stuck in the disposal, even though the blades seem to rotate fine when I rotated them by hand. I held off on calling the plumber and bought this little tool first. I figured, even if it doesn’t work it would be good to have it on hand.Once the tool came in the metal is pretty heavy duty; did not feel cheap at all. I read other reviews that recommended a rocking back and forth motion, not just trying to force it into one direction. That seemed to work like a charm, because after a few tried I felt the blades rotate and heard this horrible crunching noise (which I later found out was from a broken glass that had made its way down the drain). I rotated the blades a few times to make sure the obstruction was out of the way, reset the disposal and presto all fixed!!!I definitely recommend buying one of these, even to have tucked away in case you ever need it. Saved me over $75+ since I didn’t have to call a plumber!!
  • Had the usual locked-up disposal unit. I read several other reviews stating this to be an effective tool, but initially it id not appear to be working for me. After I read several reviews – – one of which recommended alternating the direction in which force was applied to the wrench “rocking it back-and-forth,” the problem was solved. Use it to go back-and-forth in both directions if there is not an immediate release of tension when it is first used. Works great
  • never thought I’d be the one to write a product review for something like this, but wowmy garbage disposal was completely clogged, water wouldn’t drain and was stinking up the entire kitchen. Before buying this I thought, “no way this silly allen wrench is going to fix my sink” (mind you, I tried every other one I already owned but none of them seemed to fit) and boom, after inserting it and twisting it around for less than 10 seconds, I turned on my disposal and it solved all my problems.If you have a disposal that only hums when turned on, won’t drain water, and the reset button won’t work, i’d recommend buying this every time.
  • A handy thing to have around.Works with many different garbage disposals that have a hole for the wrench in their bottom.Much smaller than it appears..this measures about 4″ long!
  • The reviews here are spot on. Our sink disposal stopped working and just made a humming noise. We used this wrench on the bottom of the unit, twisted it left and right several times, and sure enough the disposal works like new. Thanks to all the other reviewers for giving us confidence before buying!
  • I bought this for my son, who had a clogged kitchen sink. He didn’t have the insinkeraror wrench, so I bought him and myself one because I couldn’t find mine to let him borrow. Worked like a charm. Just put it in the hole on the bottom of the garbage disposal, turn it back and forth a few times and walla, no more clog. The sink is no longer clogged and we each have one for a great price.
  • My garbage disposal was stuck and wouldn’t work but I couldn’t afford a couple of hundred $ plumbing bill. Ordered this wrench based on amazing reviews. After watching a few DIY Youtube videos, I used this wrench to get my garbage disposal to work again! Saved me lots of $!
  • Lifesaver….this item quickly and easily unclogged my Kenmore 1/2 hp disposal!! Don’t have to replace it….just yet, ha! Highly recommend.

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