GEARWRENCH 44 Pc. 3/8″ Drive 6 Point Standard & Deep Impact SAE/Metric Socket Set – 84916N

 GEARWRENCH 44 Pc. 3/8

Size:3/8″  |  Style:44-piece kit  |  Configuration:SAE/Metric The GEARWRENCH 44 Piece 3/8” Drive Impact Socket set is for the professional who needs heavy duty sockets for their demanding work environment. We engineered these sockets with innovations for ease of use and durable strength, including a Chrome Molybdenum Alloy Steel construction, off corner loading technology to reduce fastener rounding, chamfered openings to guide the sockets onto fasteners, and deep profiles to reach fasteners in low access areas. We build our sockets with proven strength, for the automotive or industrial technician, aircraft mechanic, construction worker, technician, or other trades worker who wants tools that work as hard as they do.

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  • Impact Sockets built from chrome molybdenum alloy steel (CR MO) for exceptional strength and durability
  • Off corner loading design reduces fastener rounding
  • Black phosphate corrosion resistant coating laser etched with high visibility markings and hard stamped with size labels
  • Deep 6 point sockets with chamfered openings and an attachment port compatible with traditional ratchets

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  • So are nearly every other major brand toolmaker’s now unless you are buying tools as a pro: Snap-On and SK Professional Tools (note my distinction) are for the pros, and these are suited for the advanced DIYer and diehard hobbiest… As I have said in other tool review, I’m an old grey-haired engineer that fixes EVERYTHING myself… I purchased this Gearwrench set to help round out a set I’m putting together at our other property so I don’t have to keep bringing tools with me. I received the set complete with all appropriate sizes, rust-free, and wet-coated with oil for corrosion protection. Many people do not understand black oxide coating, and you must keep it oiled or waxed to resist formation of iron oxide in humid storage! Glad to see the set was shipped wet like this, and I have stripped and coated with my favorite choice of protection (White Lightning Chain lube). Anyway, I check the sizing for each with a go/no-go set and all were true.Here’s the punchline and most important, I chose this set over Craftsman Set 35037! Craftsman mechanics tools have been made in China for many years now, but since acquisition by Stanley Black & Decker they turned this once-prominant brand to absolute junk! I purchased 35037 after my nephew praised his set! He bought his back in 2012, and I bought a set 3 weeks ago. What I received bearing the Craftsman named was utterly disappointing (understand I have 3 generations of REAL Craftsman tools in my boxes)! Out of 37 pieces, 27 had iron oxide already on them; 13 had illegible size labels, the short extension retainer ball had no spring, and I received two 1/2″ sockets and no 13mm!!! Upon comparing the set with my nephews, the difference in quality of the black oxide coating stood out from 5 feet! The wall thickness of the sockets was also clearly less now too! The Craftsman 37-piece set cost me a little more than double of the Gearwrench 44-piece set that came with a decent blow-molded case! The Gearwrench are simply the better investment at the price point and for the purpose.
  • This is the best set of sockets I have found. The sockets are great. Feel great and even with a torque gun of 500 foot lbs of torque haven’t been able to break them. You can’t go wrong with this set especially because they have a lifetime warranty. I’m so happy with these and the price is what makes then unbelievable
  • Great sockets so far – I use them with a DeWalt impact driver and have worked well getting stubborn lug nuts off a wheel (thanks local garage for over tightening them AGAIN). Also worked well driving concrete screws into a wall. Generally thumbs up. Nice selection of sizes and nice case, too.
  • I’m just a “hobby” mechanic, but I’ve beat on a few of these with a compact Astro pneumatic compact gun, as well as an adaptor on a half inch Snap-On magnesium impact. In particular, the 15mm deep socket eventually got a really tight, rusty catalytic conveyor nut off, and the 1/2-3/8 impact adaptor (not part of this kit) ended up twisted up. The socket, including the square drive hole, still looks brand new. And the nut came off. :)No one makes a 3/8 impact that makes anywhere near the torque of that half inch impact, so they should easily last a good long time with what they’re designed for.The case is also nicely made, with a real hinge and metal latches. So it shouldn’t just break from fatigue like a cheaper “bending plastic” hinge. And it has a complete selection of sizes anyone’s likely to use with a 3/8 impact gun. Overall, I’m really happy with this purchase, as with most gear wrench tools.
  • Like: having all my 3/8″dr impact sockets, SAE & metric, deep & std, all in one sturdy, formed box with 2 HD clamps for secure closure. Also like the fact each socket is stamped AND printed with size.Dislike: the lead-in bevel for many of the hex sockets have a sharp edge which may damage the fasteners, especially when used with an impact gun.I’d like to buy more Gearwrench 1/2″ dr impact socket sets, but they aren’t as conveniently packaged. I would like to have deep and shallow 1/2″dr SAE impacts in one sturdy form-fitted box, and deep & shallow 1/2″Dr metric impacts in another sturdy, form-fitted box, as well. But for some reason they don’t package them that way.
  • Note: If you get the 84916N set, it is NOT the set in this picture. Go to to see the actual set, the small deep well sockets are tapered down much farther.Great sockets! I got these to replace an old Kobalt/Williams USA set that I had lost and broken a few of. They are a little thicker than chrome sockets, but not by much (MUCH thinner than my cheap impact sockets), and I haven’t run into a situation yet where the slight difference has made a difference, so I use them as both impact and hand sockets.For any more of a review… ask me in 15 years 🙂
  • I got this kit to go along with my 3/8″ impact wrench. The case it came in is super nice and pretty sturdy. It’s got foam on one side and 4 “locks” on the outside to make sure it stays closed in the event that you drop it. (2 on the sides and 2 in the front handle area) Each socket spot is clearly marked in the case and I’d like to point out that these do not snap in the spots they are loose so you can just grab and go so you don’t have to pry the sockets out. The sockets themselves are very clearly marked with silver on the black finish so it stands out. If the markings ever wear off each one is also stamped with its size. The finish on the sockets is subpar but maybe thats from just left over oily residue. (They’re gonna get dirty anyways) Overall a great starter kit that can complete most of your projects for a great price. I’ve attached some pictures of everything hop this helps!
  • Nice to have a well organized set of sockets. I am a new loyal user of Gearwrench. I have already invested a good sum on the products and have no issues getting more. Only downside is it is a mix of SAE and metric, wish they sold the set separately. However, the mix is a good thing if you don’t want to many different cases to be choosing from. Overall, I am more than just pleased, I am very satisfied with the set.

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