Bondhus 10632 Set of 8 Balldriver Screwdrivers, ProGuard Finish, sizes .050-5/32-Inch

 Bondhus 10632 Set of 8 Balldriver Screwdrivers, ProGuard Finish, sizes .050-5/32-Inch Brand Bondhus

Color:Original Version Product Description Ball End screwdriver with ProGuard finish. Inserts into screw at a 20 degree angle. Ergonomic handle design with a non-slip grip. Bondhus professional quality tools provide superior value and offer a lifetime warranty. From the Manufacturer Balldriver® Screwdrivers feature ergonomically designed ComfortGrip handles. This handle includes a hard thermoplastic core for strength and split resistance, and a soft rubber outer coating to ensure maximum comfort and grip. Only available from Bondhus, Protanium(R) steel blades mean these are the strongest ballpoints available. These screwdrivers provide the greatest time savings for maintenance, assembly, and adjustment of hexagonal socket screws. The handles are proportioned to provide maximum torque without breakage.

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Angle entry up to 25 degrees on sizes .050, 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, and 5/32″
  • ComfortGrip handles are designed for maximum torque with ultimate comfort and grip
  • Tools are Made in the USA with Bondhus proprietary Protanium® steel and are up to 20% stronger than competitor tools
  • ProGuard Finish is 5 times more effective than the next leading brand in preventing rust, protecting your investment over time

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  • I was most anxious to receive this set and use them on a rifle build. Specifically, I ordered this set because it has a 1/16″ ball-end driver. I needed the convenience of a screw driver for two 4-40 x 1/2″ screws that are very laborious to tighten with a small L-shaped Allen wrench. To my dissappointment the 1/16″ driver would not fully tighten these screws, fitting so loosely that it spun Forcing me to revert to my 46 year old 1/16″ L-shaped Allen wrench. I then began to check others in the set. Those below 5/32 showed more “slop” in fit than the larger sizes. Each was compared to my old Allen wrench set. I will check each with my micrometer and let you know the size differences on my next update.
  • I’ve used Bondhus drivers for assembling various things I’ve designed using 80/20 extruded aluminum. The distributor I use for extruded parts actually sells the bondhus allen wrench sets on their site (in both Metric and Imperial/Standard). I was rather impressed with their quality (especially for the price), so I decided to get these drivers to add into my RC Car tool kit.You can get these with multiple types of ends, but I really like the balldrivers the best due to the ease at which I can get access to screws which would otherwise be difficult to access using traditional flat end drivers.
  • I bought this set because it was one of the only hex driver sets I could find online or in store and I needed something like this for work. From the description I was under the impression all the drivers were 12 inches but they aren’t (reference picture attached). The smallest sizes are about 6 inches and seem very flimsy, which are the sizes I need.I decided to return these and went with the Excelite 99PS40 hex driver set. They are more expensive but a guy I work with has this set and they are very high quality and worth it for tools that will last.
  • Excellent balldriver screwdriver set of all the sizes you might expect to encounter, except for large screws. I wish they had included the next one or two sizes up and dropped the smallest ones if they were limited to only 8 screwdrivers. I’ve never seen a need for the tiny screwdrivers in this set. But I have definitely seen a need for bigger sizes that are not included in this set. So keep that in mind when buying this set.
  • Very useful product. I’m a handyman and use a few of these often. I do wish they came in a hard case as it’s hard to keep them together in my tool box but I absolutely love having them. Much easy to use than your standard Allen wrench Swiss army type tooll
  • These drivers are good and have saved me a lot of hair pulling with a bunch of #4 screws. I docked them one star because the 3/32 driver is not square in the handle. It’s still usable but a bit irritating. It would also be nice if they were color coded.
  • the tips just dont last on the smaller ones. bought the standard and metric sets for building my Axial SCX10 and the smallest one barely made it to the end of the build. And the handles are really small. so its very hard to get any torque on them. i couldn’t work on my build for very long at a time simply due to the pain in my hands from using these. i would recommend spending the extra money and get an RC specific kit with replaceable tips. the handles are bigger and allow for more torque. i have already dismissed using these and got an RC specific set. I am sure these would work well if all the fasteners you were using are machined threaded and metal. but screwing into plastic requires more torque than these can provide.
  • These are a very handy driver set for areas where space is restricted. The ends are holding up very well, Next order will be the metric set. I highly recommend this set and the seller shipped in two days even though I do not have Prime.

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