Neiko 03324A 3/8″ and 1/2-Inch Drive Crowfoot Flare Nut Wrench Set, Metric, 8mm to 24mm | 15-Piece Set, Cr-Mo Steel

 Neiko 03324A 3/8

Extend The Reach of Your Wrenches The Neiko 15-piece Metric Crowfoot Wrench Set is designed for reaching metric fasteners in inaccessible spaces. Sometimes known as crowfoot adapters or flare nut wrenches, these specialty wrenches are open-ended discs, slipping easily over hex sided fasteners. Once in place, your existing ratchet, extender or torque wrench is attached to the crowfoot drive hole to drive fasteners. Wrenches in the set are made from extremely durable Chromium Molybdenum alloy steel, appear in common metric sizes from 8 mm to 24 mm, and are universally compatible with either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch drive head tools. The Set Includes: 15 metric wrenches 3/8-inch drive: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 mm 1/2-inch drive: 21, 22, 24 mm 1 hard blow mold case

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  • Includes 15 large sized metric crowfoot flare nut wrenches for use with 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive ratchet, extension, or torque wrench
  • Made of industrial grade, heat-treated, drop forged chrome molybdenum steel that won’t break
  • Fits into restricted and hard-to-reach spots where a regular wrench or socket won’t reach
  • Blow mold case for convenient storage, with all sizes clearly marked on each wrench

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  • This crowsfoot metric flared wrench set is an excellent value for your money. The range of sizes here including 24,22,21,&19 mm are VERY useful for power steering fittings as well as transmission/oil cooler fittings! The access these give you over standard flared wrench sets is extremely helpful for areas with limited clearance. What’s just as important is the these will save you time & help you get work done faster when an open end wrench is necessary, as well as allowing you to use a torque wrench to properly torque power steering as well as transmission/oil cooler fittings! Another great use for these is for brake line fittings,since this set goes down to 8 mm!! I would HIGHLY recommend this metric crowsfoot flared wrench set overall, an EXCELLENT value for your money!
  • I have no regrets of purchasing this Neiko set of Crowsfoot wrenches, they are indispensable when working in hard to access areas such as around power steering lines, brake lines and other hydraulic systems. They are durable and solid and I’m only accustomed to using Snap on, SK and professional grade tools and I highly recommend these especially for the price you won’t find anything out there even close. I’d rather buy the right tool once than have a cheaper quality product fail when I need it the most and lose time and money in the interim. Set provides great size coverage and the case is nice too but kind of bulky. May have to ditch the plastic case when I start running out of room in my tool locker. My first purchase of a Neiko tool product and it won’t be my last as they’ve shown they can make decent tools for a reasonable price.
  • This set of clawfoot wrenches is rather nice. I like that they are more of a flare nut style of wrench, since they will not round off the sides of a nut or bolt like ordinary clawfoot wrenches will do. My only regret is that I don’t have an immediate need for them. They appear to be very well made, like the other Neiko tools I have purchased recently.I do like that the set came with a carrying case, but unfortunately I have to store that away since I keep my tools in a set of tool drawers for easier access. Wish there were a way to order it without the case, or better yet, was available with some sort of “organizer” to store them neatly in a tool drawer. But that’s a minor issue. Main thing is, the clawfoot wrenches will work in the rare instances I need them. Being impact grade, they should be able to handle whatever I throw at them with a ratchet.
  • These are a really good value. The chrome vanadium material with black oxide finish feels durable. I used the 18mm to torque swaybar endlinks at 85 ft-lb and I didn’t see it try to spread apart or crack. The flare nute provides maximum grip on the fastener to prevent it from sliding off like a regular crow foot. That said, a regular crow foot wrench still comes in handy when you need to slip the wrench directly onto the flats of a fastener, where a flare nute crow foot has to slide over it. The only drawback is the lack of a detent, because these will fall off ratchets or extension bars or universal joints at the right angle.Overall: 5/5 stars, pricier lesser sets but the material seems to be plenty durable. The chrome vanadium material has a black oxide finish, kind of like impact sockets/extension bars.
  • These are good qualIty extensions. There is a good range of sizes. The carrying case is okay.I have put a lot of torque in the 17mms and 19mm, and they stood up well without deforming.I do have to agree with other reviewers though: they fall off a ratchet or extension too easily. This is because these extensions do not have holes or dimples that capture the ball bearing from a ratchet or extension.
  • This is a terrific array of metric sizes including the difficult to find large ones, at a great price. A crowfoot wrench is sometimes the only practical generic tool to turn certain hex heads because of their location. Some, like these, have return tabs at the jaws to contact with all points of a hex nut or bolt, but these require an access in order to slip the tool over then slide onto the hex head. Others don’t have the returns — have open jaws — so can slide right onto the hex (or older square head). I would have preferred open jaws for my application but could not find a cost effective set with the larger sizes. This one worked, but with more awkwardness getting the tool on the hex head for each small turn I could get. Return tab jaws provide better leverage or less chance of slipping off or rounding edges where hex head access is not an issue.As others have commented, the drawback of this set is that its grip on the ratchet drive or extension is tentative. In my case I immediately deployed the 24mm crowfoot with 1/2″ drive to a very tight spot with limited space for the swing of the crowfoot, and the crowfoot promptly fell into the engine (and didn’t hit ground). This resulted in a 40 minute find and retrieval process. The crowfoot and ratchet drive then had to be held two handed to avoid a repeat of the problem yet allow repeated repositioning of the crowfoot — using a wobble head extension improved the grip, but it was still dicey.
  • I had been struggling to tighten a couple of brake lines on a 1968 Cougar I’m restoring. I upgraded the brakes from manual drum brakes to power disc brakes and needed to tighten the new brake lines into the distribution block that is now only accessible through a small space between the power booster and the firewall. These flare crow foot wrenches did the trick in just a couple of seconds. The range of sizes and the quality of the metal is very good. The wrenches had no give to them, unlike some other flare wrench produces I’ve tried. The case is a vacuum formed plastic case which feels quite sturdy. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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