Knipex 8702250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers – Comfort Grip

 Knipex 8702250 10-Inch Cobra Pliers - Comfort Grip Brand KNIPEX Tools

Style:10-Inch Comfort Grip Product description Box joint construction. Press button action for fast and firm adjustment directly on the work piece. Selected jaw opening is positively ensured. The guard prevents operators fingers from bring pinched. Self-gripping on pipes and nuts. Single hand adjustment. Hardness of gripping teeth approx, 60 HRC From the Manufacturer Fast adjustment directly on the work piece eliminates time-consuming test adjusting of the correct opening size. Just position the upper jaw to the work piece, push button on pliers and move close the lower jaw. Once adjusted the pliers self-lock on pipes and nuts with no slipping. Optimized shape jaw will grip round, square and hex shaped material. The box joint design provides high stability because of the double guide.

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  • Comfort Grip Two-Color Dual Component Handles
  • Box-Joint Design is Highly Stable Because of a Double Guide
  • Fast Adjustment Directly on the Work Piece, Just Position the Upper Jaw to the Work Piece , Push Button and Move Close the Lower Jaw
  • Guard Prevents Fingers Being Pinched

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  • I got the 12″, 10″ and 7″ and they are all great pliers. Do 5 minutes of research on youtube of watching these pliers in action and you will want the whole set as well.The 7″ is good for smaller items, the 10 is the one I would get if i were only getting one. The 12″ is quite a lot bigger than the 10″.The red/blue comfort grip versions are much more comfortable to use… get that version.
  • I’m in the HVAC trade, at first glance it seamed like it would be too small but I threw in my Veto TP4 anyway. These little pliers ended up being the right size and can accomplish most tasks that I need them to. If I’m doing an install they’re perfect for working inside disconnects and the condenser. I find that I grab them at least once or twice a day, I love the comfort grip handles, they feel right in my hands. I also love the bright colors, because it’s easy to spot if you set them down. They don’t take up much room in my bag, they’re light weight and just fantastic pliers. The design and size of the pliers allows it to operate in small areas. I love these little guys and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another pair.
  • I recently decided to start upgrading my tool set from consumer quality Lowe Depot tools to something that will last, and ultimately settled on Knipex. After switching over a handful of tools already, I am extremely happy with the quality and workmanship put into their tools. The teeth are tight when closed and there is no side play in the two sides. I also like the comfort grip handles over the regular rubber coated, as it better fits my hands and makes them more comfortable to use. I also love the fact that the adjusted length doesn’t slip back up when using them, it gets locked in at the opening you need. Previous adjustable pliers I used, even ones that “locked”, only prevented them from getting larger while using, but they would slip back to a smaller opening while using without fail. These get locked in and prevent movement both up and down. All of that, coupled with the tool steel used in the pliers themselves, and I can see using these for years to come.
  • This review is based on all the Knipex pliers for all sizes. Knipex pliers are by far the best ive used. I’m a Plumber and have used a few name brands over the years. These far exceed all the others but at a price. But when your in a profession that requires durability and quality from your tools, these make the grade. I’m actually proud of these tools and want to show them off to the other trades men. I have the regular grip pliers which I first bought and the moved to the comfort grip. The comfort grip is much more comfortable and you get more squeezing power, which with these pliers, you don’t need to squeeze much. They don’t slip on the teeth or in the locking gear. They are thin enough to get into tight spaces or wrench on thinner fasteners. These truly take the frustration out of banged up knuckles and slipping plier joints. I have 3 different pliers now and will be buying the needle nose pliers next. They are smooth opening and closing, super grip teeth and just engineered wonderfully. My only concern is losing them as they are pricey. I don’t usually break tools, I leave them behind on jobs, or my helper leaves them behind. The red and blue handles stand out which is good for visual conformation in my tool bag. I surely wont be lending these out to anyone either. I truly treasure all my Knipex pliers. If your looking for some general pliers as a home owner, these are great but are double to triple the price of competitive brands. If your tradesman looking for high quality, functionality and durability, These will help make you money
  • These sure are pricey…and I keep buying more Knipex. I am refitting an old sailboat, and there is a lot of stubborn hardware. Everything is also at odd angles, difficult to reach and corroded. BUT…not everything needs to be destroyed. The grips allow good control, and the machining on the business end is designed to supplement the squeeze. For example, nothing beats vice grips for a death grip on metal, but what is gripped is generally dented, crushed or rounded off.These tools are actually fun to use…
  • Most durable channel lock wrench on the market. I’ve wrenched on Stainless pipe for two years daily, and the teeth are still in great shape. Worth every dollar. Yes better than Snap-On, Mac, Matco, Channel Lock, you name it, it beats it. It’s second to nothing
  • I’ve purchased both 10inch comfortable grip and regular grips. I prefer the regular grip ones because I can apply more pressure. Either one you buy will convince to continue adding Knipex pliers to your tool box.
  • Knipex brand. What else needs to be said? These pliers should last the remainder of my life, as I have quite a few decades in my rear view mirror already. I intend that these pliers are passed to my grandson as he already expresses an aptitude for working with hand tools. His father is a professional automotive technician and knows the value of quality tools. When it comes to hand tools, buy the highest quality tool you can afford without busting your budget. They generally provide great performance for their intended use and rarely need to be replaced if properly cared for.

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