MASTERCOOL 98234 Socket


Features and Benefits: Holds one 15″W x 50’L PIG Mat Roll for easy one-hand dispensing. Durable, powder-coated steel resists chips, rust and corrosion. Powerful magnets keep Roll Holder firmly in place during dispensing; can be removed and relocated in seconds. Ideal for attaching to tool boxes, car lifts, support beams or other metal surfaces. Made in U.S.A. This magnetic holder is ideal for use with the Pig Matt rolls to keep them organized and in arms reach. Just attach to your Tool box, work bench or any other area that is magnetic and it attaches right there for ease of use.

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  • 98234: R134a High Side Octagon Socket
  • Air Conditioning Tools
  • Valve Core Service Repair Tools

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  • Unlike other reviewers, I didn’t feel like the Mastercool socket deserved a 5 star rating due to the expensive price tag and received product did not exceed my expectations. The description says  ” Made of the highest quality available” but the socket originates from China. HmmAa expensive as this no name, made in China sockets cost, it should have been dipped in red colored chrome or identifying marks painted on or etched in the socket to distinguish it from other sockets should it become mixed amongst end users toolbox. I’m teaching my teenage son a/c, so I painted a red ring around the socket with a paint marker so he can easily identify  the socket to the high side fitting (red/big). I figure he will be able to identify the larger socket size to the high side fitting before the paint wears off. Colored duct tape would have worked also.The chrome plating on the Mastercool does have a highly polished look and appears to be built solid. The socket is 3/8″  drive and does fit properly over the high side schrader valve fittings. Regardless of origin, these sockets should last a lifetime as shrader valve fittings aren’t  tightened much past snug otherwise damage may occur to the o-ring
  • A must have special socket for replacing the A/C High pressure Freon service port on most GM Vehicles!This socket is special because it is octagon and has 8-points to remove and replace the A/C High Pressure service port on most GM vehicles, …As eventually that port will start leaking because some cleverly stupid engineer at GM decided to use a rubber ball inside the port to seal it instead of a real Schrader valve like GM did on the Low Pressure side port.The socket seems nice made although made in China but what isn’t and to me a little overpriced!….But if you need it…You need it! ….Plus I’m a tool freak!It has a 3/8″ drive and a nice Chrome like plated shiny finish and fits the port perfectly! ….Of course this socket don’t have to be extra heavy duty because the port itself isn’t something you really have to crank down on to tighten or loosen so it will do the job many times! ….I just wish Mastercool at least made it a different color or put some kind of writing on it (as it is just blank) so you could identify it from other sockets you own as again it is special and you wouldn’t want to try to use it on something its not made for as failure to the socket or whatever may occur!NOTE: If your going to replace the High Pressure service port valve on your GM vehicle and want a good quality replacement one that actually uses a real Schrader Valve I also highly recommend you buy the “Dorman 800-955 Air Conditioning Schrader Valve” which Amazon also has at a great price and also this special socket will fit also!The link to the Dorman valve is: wont be sorry on either one of these items if you are in need of them! …I am very happy!Thanx Mastercool for the tool I needed! ….And Thanx Amazon for having it!
  • Probably made this job alot easier using this socket than trying to use vice grips or something. I’ll never know since I order this.HIGH side port, 134a, Grand AM – 2000 model leaking refrigerant. This socket sat on the port and took it off.Please make sure you have no more refrigerant in your system prior to taking this off, you don’t want it to come off under pressure.
  • I replaced my compressor accumulator orifice tube high pressure sensor low pressure sensor and a new sensor for the back of the compressor new GM Schrader valve and service port/ high side fitting you will need a special socket to change the high side service port. Emptied out the old accumulator into a measuring cup I used my two cycle mixing cup as it gives fluid ounces, added what came out of the old accumulator to the new accumulator. With new peg 150 ACDelco refrigerant oil, Dumped out the refrigerant oil in the new compressor it measured 4 oz replaced refrigerant oil with ACDelco pag 150 oil I did this twice with my 97 Chevy Dually and my 99 Chevy Tahoe both systems work perfectly Ice Cold Air again !!
  • I have a 2000 astro van. AC good for 4 months ,then compressor stops turning on. Add 2 cans r134a- good for 4 months. Start 4 month cycle again.Decided it was time to find leak. Soapy water confirmed leak on outside of high side port. Thought the port was cracked, ordered new port. Hemmed and hawed about this socket, but bought it. Upon receiving valve and socket i realized the existing port (service valve) was not cracked and the leak (bubbles) were coming from the o-ring on port. Used the socket to slightly tighten the the high side port , Like 5 o’clock to 6 o’clock. Leak is gone. No bubbles. Took much less time than writing this review. Was too easy. Can’t help but laugh.
  • This socket fits high side service valve on GM 134a systems. The OEM valve has a junky rubber ball in it that fails. Dorman makes a replacement valve 800-955 that has a shrader valve core in it.
  • Opted to get this tool as recommended by another reviewer to install Dorman 800-955 AC Schrader Valve. The job made removal and install super easy. Higher priced than I planned given the valve was a good price but worth the price to save the aggravation. Good quality.
  • used this tool on my chevy high side port, worked great, didn’t have to worry about scarring up the new port when tightening it.

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