Grip 9 pc Thin Wrench Set MM

 Grip 9 pc Thin Wrench Set MM Brand Grip

Thin, but extra strong design, to reach confined working areas where traditional wrenches cannot reach. Drop forged, heat treated, chrome plated steel. Sizes: 8 x 9mm, 10 x 11mm, 12 x 13mm, 14 x 15mm, 16x17mm, 18 x 19mm, 20 x 21mm, 24 x 27mm, 30 x 32mm. Includes roll-up storage pouch.

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  • Thin, but strong design, to reach confined working areas where traditional wrenches cant reach.
  • Drop forged, heat treated, chrome plated steel.
  • Sizes: 8 x 9, 10 x 11, 12 x 13, 14 x 15, 16×17, 18 x 19, 20 x 21, 24 x 27, 30 x 32.
  • Includes roll-up storage pouch.

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  • This set of thin wrenches seems well suited to their intended use. These are light weight wrenches intended to hold threaded objects that have only a small space for access (examples – the sliding parts that brake calipers are bolted to (my main use) or holding the cone nuts on a bicycle axle while tightening the axle nut). Not intended as a light weight, easy to carry, replacement for regular wrenches where there is plenty of room to get a thick, strong wrench on the nut or bolt. Since one review complained about the opening size being off from the marked size, I used a digital caliper to compare a few of these wrenches against the same size quality made regular thick open end wrenches, they were both about the same one or two tenths of a mm larger than the marked size – not an expert on wrenches, but this is probably to allow ease of getting the wrench on the nut. The wrenches are stamped out of thick steel sheet stock, 3 mm thick for the smaller sizes (8 to 17 mm) and 4 mm for the larger. They are nicely plated and the roll up holder seems made of quality material carefully stitched. I am sure that they will last a lifetime if used for work where only a thin wrench will fit.
  • These thin wrenches seem to be of adequate quality for occasional use — such as a shade-tree mechanic needing to hold the flats on a sway bar link — but are not a substitute for good, forged “tappet” wrenches (that sell for a much higher price). They’re stamped steel, made in India, and the edges are not ground — meaning the sides are somewhat sharp and the openings are not ground to give smooth, flat working surfaces. Aside from a slight waviness, the openings are all about 0.2mm larger than their nominal size. That’s a typical clearance for the mid-size wrenches, but a high-quality 8mm wrench has half that. Excessive clearance makes it easier to damage both the fitting and the wrench, of course.The surfaces are reasonably flat and smooth. In my set, the 8-17mm wrenches were 0.118+/-0.002″ (3.0mm or ~1/8″) thick, while the 18-32mm wrenches were 0.158+/-0.002″ (4.0mm or ~5/32″) thick. While that’s half as thick as a forged wrench and fine for many automotive uses, it’s much more than the typical 2mm-thick bicycle-hub cone wrench. I.e., while these wrenches could have some uses in bicycle repair, they’re not a substitute for the specialized tools from Park, etc.Lengths increase from 4.8″ for the 8/9mm to 7.0″ for the 18/19mm to 9.9″ for the 30/32mm wrench. The ends are angled by 15 degrees.So… if you occasionally need a thinner than normal wrench, especially in the mid-to-larger sizes, these may be the right, cost-effective choice. Otherwise, spend several times the money and buy a set of good-quality, forged wrenches. Or buy specialty tools if you’re working on bicycles, etc.
  • I was skeptical when I first saw these advertised for such a low price. I figured they were cheap and would not last. These things are legit. Very strong and don’t spread apart when you are using them on high torque applications. (60 to 90 ft lbs.) The little pouch is awesome as it keeps the wrenches secured nicely and in order! I work on a lot of hydraulic applications that have confined spaces and tight fittings. These wrenches make my life so much easier! I use these things more than my regular wrenches now! They are double sided and I was impressed that no size is skipped!! I bought both metric and SAE. It is hard to find specialty wrenches at this price. These are made in India. They are doing a great job over there!! Tawain ain’t got nothing on you!! A+ A must have.
  • the 13mm was definitely much bigger than 13mm and it was too loose on the nut, i thought i was wrong about the size of the nut and i tried to use the 12mm which was too small to go around the nut….and hey i was working on a german equipment which is definitely metric.this set is crab i will waste in the garbage.
  • I got these to use as cone wrenches, so they need a fairly precise fit. Well, out of the box they are just barely acceptable (imprecise dimensions), but the metal is so soft that after a few uses, they are scrap. When the metal deforms, the chrome flakes off to reveal a soft copper-colored metal underneath, between the chrome and the steel. Not sure what this is for, but I have a hunch it is to make the chrome plating process faster/cheaper. Not acceptable. It is better to just spend extra and get good tools.
  • I thought I was purchasing a new tool set, this was not new. As you can see in the pictures, the box had been opened roughly and sealed with packing tape. The cloth case has dirt on it and the tools have greasy finger prints. I gave three stars because all the wenches are there and looks like they will do what I need.
  • Obviously I am not a mechanic. I just needed a thin wrench of the right size for my Electrolux washing machine feet. The 30 mm size is perfect. Also perfectly thin so it can fit under the machine without having to lever it up. I was able to level it myself without help. I just used windex under the feet to make them turn easier and slide across the floor and voila. Fixed!
  • Bought these to do a brake job on my 2014 mazda 6. I needed a really thin 17mm wrench and all of mine were to big (that is what she said!)..anyway, this set of wrenches are thin but more importantly they are tough…they have real weight and strength to them.

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