OTC 6613 Variable Pin Spanner Wrench

 OTC 6613 Variable Pin Spanner Wrench Brand OTC

The OTC variable pin spanner wrench is universal in design and fits many different types of pulleys having slots or holes, including camshaft pulleys and crankshaft pulleys. The wrench is adjustable from 1-1/4 inch to 5 inches and will work with a 1/2 inch drive ratchet or breaker bar.

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  • Universal in design and fits many different types of pulleys having slots or holes
  • Including camshaft pulleys and crankshaft pulleys
  • Wrench is adjustable from 1-1/4 inch to 5 inches
  • Works with a 1/2 inch drive ratchet or breaker bar

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  • I was nervous that this tool wouldn’t do my job. I have a good sized hydraulic that needed to come apart. I tried a few other nick nacky spammer wrenches first with no success so I broke down and bought this one. I try to avoid buying specialized or specific tools since I am not doing this for a living but I had no choice. I am actually glad I bought it though. It has several different pins to fit a variations of pinholes and the tool is stout.My cap was really hard to remove. The square hole in the handle fits a 1/2″ drive so you can use a socket wrench or breaker bar in combination with this tool for leverage. I used my 1/2″ drive AND had to hit my drive with a hammer to get my hydraulic cap to budge. That is a LOT of force being put on this tool. Like I said- it’s stout. No bending or breaking at all. I highly recommend it.
  • This is a strong high quality tool. I used it to remove a broken jet from my spa. The info shown is incomplete as it does not include the sizes of the pins. They are: 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 10mm.
  • In trying to change my timing belt, I had been stymied by the crankshaft pulley bolt, which was last put on by someone wielding the air wrench of Zeus. Nothing would budge it, including liberal applications of penetrating oil, heat, and a 350 ft-pound impact wrench (spec for the bolt was 134 ft-pounds). This well-constructed tool, combined with an absurd amount of leverage, finally helped me crack the bolt loose. I now consider this a critical part of my tool set for future work.Although this tool is labeled as a “Toyota” tool, I purchased it over OTC’s universal spanner wrench, as reviews suggested that the steel of this tool might be better quality. I also made use of the breaker bar anchor point to extend the length of the tool. All in all, it worked perfectly for my Honda application and held up well to an extreme application of force.
  • I really wanted it to work. It is a great idea and potential, but the tool broke on my first attempt to use it for holding my camshaft pulley to loosen the bolts. Not only did the wrench flex extensively, but the pins tore out of their holding threads as well. Perhaps it works in an ultra light application, but not for holding anything with any amount of torque. To their credit, the seller gave a full refund with no problems.
  • I’m impressed with this tool. It has 10mm holes at the end of the “fork.” That means it can be used to hold the 8 and 6 mm bolts on the crankshaft pulleys on Mazda, Mitsubishi, and certain Volvo engines, while you’re removing and tightening the cranckshaft center bolt. That’s a plus making it more versatile than its original design purpose, which it can also do.The only thing that I would do to improve it is to use a “prevailing torque” lock nut or at the very least, a nylon lock nut on the center joint rather than just a serrated flange “whiz” nut. I used red thread locking compound on the nut to keep it from being lost, tightening it enough and locking it in place just tight enough to hold it in place, but still allowing the moveable to be swung with a light force.Overall, I am satisfied with this tool. The factory authorized specialty tool would be more expensive.
  • Excellent! Used this on my Yamaha 225hp Outboard Trim/Tilt rods. With the help of a 1/2″ drive nut cracker, the caps loosened easily. I’m not a mechanic but watched enough youtube videos to know what I needed to do and with the right tools, I was able to do it. I highly recommend this!
  • I used this generic tool during a timing belt replacement on a Toyota Sienna 3.0 liter engine, and it worked as advertised. Adding a 1/2-inch ratchet to lengthen this tool to hold the cam gear more or less still, I loosened the cam-gear bolt with a 1/2-inch breaker bar plus a pipe extension (the removable top half of my jack handle served that purpose) plus significant effort. During reassembly, to tighten the bolts to the specified 94 ft-lbs, I substituted a 1/2-inch torque wrench (plus the pipe / jack-handle again) for the breaker bar. In both cases, to get an adequate grip on the cam pulleys, I used the tool’s longest set of screw-in “holders.” There was no damage to them or to the arms of the tool; his tool is made of tough stuff. The illustrated tool case is provided, and it’s a good one, with compartments for each of the illustrated parts.
  • I am a self admitted tool freak, I buy one, hopefully a good one, when I find a need for it.I broke the variator fins on a honda scooter clutch assembly, trying to not buy this tool, and was hoping to get by with a “Presidential Solution” of my own making, and I shoulda, oughta just bought this to begin with.Basically, it has multiple pin sizes to fit any size spanner hole, all thread in, all are well machined, and well made, the handle assembly is built very heavy, not harbor freight junk, and it comes in a usable hard plastic case, that hold everything tight, and free from falling out when moving it.I think this is sold as wrench for cam shafts, but its a perfect one time buy for any pin type spanner situation.A GOOD PRODUCT, I am 200 percent happy.

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