Neiko 30223A Impact Adapter and Reducer Set, 8 Piece | Cr-V | SAE

 Neiko 30223A Impact Adapter and Reducer Set, 8 Piece | Cr-V | SAE Brand Neiko

Durable 8-piece impact socket adapter and reducer set. These tools adapt to the situation on the fly to get it done. They create replacements for lost or broken sockets, expand incomplete socket sets, and Allows greater flexibility for all sockets and drive tools. Ball detent securely holds sockets on the coupler. Made of the highest quality chrome vanadium steel, each piece undergoes a precise heat treating process, hardening and strengthening it for use with impact wrenches and drivers. Set Includes: 4-pc. Reducers: 3/4 in. (M) x 1 in. (F), 1/2 in. (M) x 3/4 in. (F), 3/8 in. (M) x 1/2 in. (F), 1/4 in. (M) x 3/8 in. (F); 4-pc. Adapters: 1 in. (M) x 3/4 in. (F), 3/4 in. (M) x 1/2 in. (F), 1/2 in. (M) x 3/8 in. (F), 3/8 in. (M) x 1/4 in. (F)

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  • A complete drive impact socket adapter and reducer set with hard-to-find conversions; eliminates the need for multiple impact wrenches
  • Allows greater flexibility for sockets and drive tools and maximizes the versatility of ratchets and sockets
  • Made from high-strength, heat-treated, shock-resistant chrome vanadium steel with corrosion-resistant black oxide finish
  • Professional quality reducers and adapters lock onto sockets with spring loaded ball detents and drive tangs for a sure and tight fit

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  • Worst day ever used the 3/4 to 1/2 adaptor and it broke so Easley I would say 50ft lb these are junk and the company expects me to do all the work to return and deal with there terrible product I need this adaptor today this company expects me to wait weeks
  • I hate that people are bashing these because they’re breaking the reducers. This set is extremely inexpensive. I don’t care what brand reducers you buy they are going to break! I’ve broke plenty of snap on reducers. This set is worth every penny just for the step up adapters. You can’t buy them individually anywhere for the price this set costs and they just plain work and hold up. Even Snap-on doesn’t like to warranty the reducers when they break if there’s signs of impact use so everybody just get over that. It’s a good set at a good price
  • DON’T buy cheap inpact tools. This set is incredibly brittle! I can’t believe they made something for large inpact guns so brittle. My first and last use was the 1″ drive to 3/4″ drive adapter witch shattered “more like exploded” after a few seconds of use.
  • Add me to the list of customers who torqed off the 3/4 to 1/2 adapter. I won’t bother to post a photo. I was using an 18″ handle, not even an impact wrench. Disappointed. I have a number off Neiko sockets and they’re all good. This is the first problem with any of their products.
  • I bought this set because I needed a 1 inch to half-inch drive adapter. I had no anticipation of needing it today, but lo and behold, I had to use a 2 foot breaker bar with a half-inch drive socket and used an adapter. I have no idea how much pressure they can take but I know it certainly more than I can apply. I do despise the clamshell packaging. The person who invented that packaging should be cut a million times with the plastic of his package design. On the most important thing about the entire set for about the cost of one adapter. Now I never have to worry about combination of sockets and ratchets or breaker bars.
  • I’ve purchased two of these sets over the years. For the price, they are quite good. Unfortunately, they are not chrome molybdenum (except for one large adapter), they are chrome vanadium. Despite this, I have not broken any of them despite impact wrench use. I’ve even adapted my 1″ impact to 1/2″ and the adapters have handled the torque.Also, the adapters can be used with the retaining ball or pin retaining systems (on the larger pieces)
  • Finally a complete ratchet adapter kit at an affordable price. A must own for tool fanatics. Ordered a “complete” set of returned adapters initially and received a package with one adapter in it initially. Will not use that supplier again.
  • all adapters you can need. well except 1 1/2 inch, but anything that big is somewhat specialized.i’ve used them with a 1″ impact gun, and with a torque wrench 600ft lbs. didn’t have any more slop than expected. stayed on fine as long as you line up the ball and socket. also the flat black finish is less slippery than chrome, which is nice for pulling the adapters off a torque wrench or non “quick release” ratchets/extensions. for $8, if/when you eventually break one, (10 foot cheater bar, or stepping a 1″ gun down to 1/2″) or whatever people do when they have rust bolts, just buy a new set. you can get three sets for the price of one snap on or mac adapter (the 3/4-1/2 is probably what you will break). If you break the same adapter 3 times, buy a cutting torch…I have a Proto 3/4 – 1/2 adapter, it alone was $20, and its good, but they stamp right on it, “NOT GUARANTEED” for what its worth…

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