Crescent 10″ Heavy-Duty Solid Joint Fence Tool Pliers – Carded – 193610CVSMN

 Crescent 10

Product Description This item is Crescent 193610CVSMN 10-7/16″ Heavy-duty fence tool solid joint pliers, cushion grip. Used for Handtools & tool organizers, pliers & cutters. The product is manufactured in Taiwan. From the Manufacturer Heavy-duty fence tool measures 10 7/16 inches, and is made of forged alloy tool steel . Corrugated hammer head with two electronically induction-hardened durable wire cutters and heavy prong to easily reach and pull rusty staples. A special opening in the head allows both wire and staples to be gripped and a wire grip between the handles allows for stretching wire.

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  • This item is Crescent 193610CVSMN 10-7/16″ Heavy-duty fence tool solid joint Pliers, cushion grip
  • Used for Handtools & tool Organizers, pliers & cutters
  • The product is manufactured in Taiwan
  • Corrugated hammer head with two electronically induction-hardened durable wire Cutters

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  • Picture is wrong, but model number and description are right (fence pliers).Well made tool, but if you’re going to be hammering more than one or two staples at a time you’ll want to use a real hammer. The claw is INDISPENSABLE for removing staples. One of the reasons I went with Crescent is because the claw is sharper and thinner than many other reasonably priced brands, which got bad reviews for being too thick to work for staple removal. While I waited for these to ship I used a hammer, 2 pound sledge, finishing nail driver, and Klein lineman pliers to remove staples. It took me (literally) 50x as long to pull each one, and I was really tearing up my posts as I went. These pliers take about one second per staple, maybe three seconds if the staple is in really deep. They also cut the 10 gauge wire much easier than the Kleins. As I said, I definitely prefer a hammer for hammering, and I also like the Kleins better for bending and wrapping wire, but these are an essential part of the kit. I thought they would be US made, but the pliers I got are made in Taiwan. Taiwan has been the leader in high tech manufacturing in Asia for a long time, and the quality of the tool is beyond reproach, but if you want American made you’ll have to go with Channelock.
  • When fence staples are buried you have to hammer the beak in, and the flat hammerhead mushrooms out. It sharpens the beak as well, but that just means it’s going to bend or snap off and be worthless before long. That and one of the handle sleeves slipped off after first use. For the price I expected it to be much better; even the DeWalt pliers are cheaper than these things.”Heavy duty” is a misnomer for sure.
  • I chose this tool because I had old barb wire fence to tear out. The description of the tapered pick side of the tool head sounded like the design feature needed to start the old fence staple removal process. I used a separate hammer to tap the point under the old staple, pry it loose and then use the plier feature to grip/pull the staple out of the old post. Worked great and didn’t lose any old staples to the ground. Thinking back, think I’ll try to make it a five star review!
  • This plier is great for removing carpet staples and nails. The curved head acts like a fulcrum to help you leverage those stubborn staples and nails out. No more blistered hand from pulling, just grip and lever. No need to pull, just use the fulcrum. I know I’m not using this for a fence, but I’m so happy how well it worked for my application.
  • The best fencing pliers I have used. Crescent is the only brand I have found with this design. They should last many years of hard work. My pictures show the difference from other brands on the gripping end that make these unique. This design allows me to easily tie fence clips faster than any other tool I have used.
  • Great tool! Worth the money. I have used many brands of fence tools and I like these the best. One of the privileges of having a ranch for generations is lots of falling down fences that need replacement. I wish my ancestors had a quality pair of these fencing pliers, maybe they could have started fixing up the place instead of leaving it for someone else (yeah right)! By the way, keep these handy for Christmas morning, they are great for getting stuff out of that annoying plastic packaging.
  • These will work – just not quite the quality of Crescent tools that I purchased 30 years ago. Wish I had done more looking and from now on I will – will only purchase tools made in USA.
  • great tool for heavy duty air brake springs.

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