Bondhus 13189 Set of 8 Balldriver and Hex T-handles with Stand, sizes 2-10mm

 Bondhus 13189 Set of 8 Balldriver and Hex T-handles with Stand, sizes 2-10mm Brand Bondhus

Color:Original Version Product Description Protanium Steel With Proguard Corrosion Resistant Finish. T-Handle Hex Balldriveræ Tool Set. Get Into Tight Places With Good Torqueing Power, Thanks To Plastic-Dipped T-Handle. Ball driver Tips Work Even At A 25° Angle. U.S.A., Ball Driver Ends Are Great For Tough To Reach Fasteners , Metric Set Includes 2Mm, 2.5Mm, 3Mm, 4Mm, 5Mm, 6Mm, 8Mm And 10Mm , Comes With Stand , Lifetime Warranty From Bondhus , Made In The Usa. From the Manufacturer Balldriver® T-handles feature welded steel handles with cushion grips sized for maximum torque while protecting the ballpoint tip and screw from rounding or stripping. The cushion grip handle is ergonomically shaped eliminating pressure points. The heavy duty handle generates flywheel effect for fast insertion and extraction of screws. Comes with a molded stand that mounts on the wall or work bench. Only available from Bondhus, Protanium® steel means these are the strongest tools available.

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  • Sizes: 2mm hex, 2.5mm hex, 3mm hex, 4mm ballpoint, 5mm ballpoint, 6mm ballpoint, 8mm ballpoint, and 10mm ballpoint with a stand
  • Cushion grip T-handle is ergonomically shaped to reduce pressure points during continuous use
  • Tools are Made in the USA with Bondhus proprietary Protanium® steel and are up to 20% stronger than competitor tools
  • ProGuard Finish is 5 times more effective than the next leading brand in preventing rust, protecting your investment over time

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  • Bought this set because they were ball-end then I get them and the two sizes I use the most aren’t ball-end. Sure, the small sizes will break easily if they are ball-end but I wish they had let me decide how to use them instead of deciding for me. Sure, it kind of notes that the small sizes aren’t ballend in the bullet points but the title says “8 Balldriver and Hex” while perhaps it should say “5 Balldriver and 3 Hex”. Basically a waste of money for me since I already had hex t-handles in those sizes. I bought this set to get ball-end.
  • These are nice well made tools. The plastic base is cheap, but I wasn’t planning on keeping it anyway. I will likely make some wooden holder to accept and store these on pegboard. I like that even with the smallest drivers, the T-handle is still quite substantial, allowing for a flywheel effect when you use it. You just kind of flick it and you can let it spin, turning out a screw with very little trouble.My one criticism is (my own fault for now reading the description more carefully) the three smallest drivers are NOT BALLEND. It makes sense since they will strip or break easily being so small. The listing mentions this when they list the 8 sizes, the smallest three are called “hex” instead of “ballend”, but its still a slight disappointment. Doesn’t detract from the quality of the tool, in fact its probably an improvement since it would prevent any accidental breaking.
  • These are a great set! The Welded handles are perfectly balanced and make using these wrenches a dream. They are super high quality and the best set I have ever owned. I have three sets (SAE, Metric, and Torx) and I recommend them all! Also, these are made in the USA and have a LIFETIME, no questions asked guarantee. You get more sizes in a set than you would with a comparably priced craftsman set, and the handles are solid steel so the will not break under pressure like a craftmans set.
  • I used to use any hex that was lying around and sometimes they worked and other times they would slip and strip the screw or some of the hex’s would strip. I even have twisted a few that now look like a spiral.I don’t have to worry damaging these because when you hold them and after using them you can tell the difference in quality, and for a great price. Why would you buy cheap tools made from inferior metal when you can buy American made for under 30 dollars?
  • These are very high in quality. The tips are well machined, grips very good, handles are integrated so they won’t slip. The stand is worthless & will break easily, but I doubt anyone is buying this set for the stand.Expensive. Only recommended if you use daily. Similar sets from big box stores are much cheaper. I use these often, & they are much more resistant to wear,deforming,etc. You’ll have to decide for yourself if they are worth the premium.
  • I have Bondhus metric and english allen keys that I’ve had for over 20 years and they have been fantastic. Recently I needed longer reach and ordered the T-handle metric set. The wrenches are substanial and very well made. They ship in a cheap clear vinyl divided pouch and with the black plastic stand shown in the photo. The stand is riveted to the clear vinyl pouch where you are supposed to use screws to screw the stand to a bench or shelf. When I tried to remove it, one of the posts on the black plastic stand broke so I can only mount the stand with one screw. I could blame myself for that breakage, but the posts are pretty flimsy, and the rivets used were crazy strong.The stand itself is not in the same class as the wrenches. Pretty thin plastic. Also, the stand is pretty large, I’d estimate 6 inches wide and 10 inches deep. Certainly larger than I expected.Overall love the wrenches, hate the stand. But I didn’t buy it for the stand so hence the 4 stars.
  • Wrenches best I have found. Rack not so much. The wrenches insert into a round hole in the plastic base so they spin once in place. Whatever – no big deal. I tossed the stand and made a better wood one by drilling out holes undersized and tapping an older hex key that I had cut off and files a sharp edge on the end into the holes. Pulled out with vice grips and I now have a better snug fit. Bingo!
  • These are the best quality ball end hex sets on the market. They are strong sturdy and reliable. These are precise and built with low tolerances for error, I have yet to break one and instead tend to lose them before breaking one. I have used these to break free seized hex bolts that hold the y pipe for my snowmobile exhaust with ease. The T handle allows you to put incredible torque on the wrench to remove or tighten tough bolts. The ball end allows you access to the bolt from any angle.

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