Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Plier

 Xuron 450 Tweezer Nose Plier Brand XURON

Size:Standard The 450Tweezer Nose is an ultra precise needle nose plier capable of grasping and holding wire less than 1 mil thick with the strength for wire forming. Leads “popping” free, tip misalignment and blade crossover will be a memory once you switch to the 450 Tweezer Nose pliers. Radiused edges protect lead wires. Light weight and our patented, non-protruding, Light Touch return spring help ensure operator comfort.

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  • Capable of grasping and holding wire less than 1 mil thick with the strength for wire forming
  • Project type: Wire Harness Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Jewelry Manufacturing, Electronics, Electrical
  • Packaged In A Retail Blister Pack

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  • Wow, they took a great product and blew it by putting a new style (garbage) soft return spring in. Xuron, please, PLEASE ditch this new style thin spring and go back to that thicker, stronger one. They spring is so soft, holding them in my hand partially compressed, they tend to fall out. Even worse, the compression is non-linear, it actually goes from soft, to even softer when squeezed. This is poor tactile feedback. For a tweezer-based tool, you need it to provide enough force to stay inside your hand. You don’t grip on these like you do with cutters, but tend to balance them inside your palm, because you’re using them for delicate tasks.I took the spring out of an older Xuron needle nose plier set and swapped it into these, instantly became my favorite set. They’d be 5 stars if that’s how they came. Unfortunately, other pliers recently purchased from Xuron also have that new style spring. Yuck.
  • These are very delicate pliers meant for small gauge wire work and do their job nicely. The reason they don’t get 5 stars is because the jaws are quite sharp ridges on the sides and very easily mark any metal they grip despite my being very gentle. I have used them with 18g wire a few times for certain things that they work better for, but overall they really shouldn’t be used with any gauge of wire larger than 20g. For 22g and smaller they’re great, although again one must be very careful with the edges of the jaws as they are very sharp.Most likely I will eventually wrap these with a piece of masking tape to soften that sharp jaw edge. Overall though these are great delicate jewelry working pliers.
  • These are handy tweezer pliers. I use them from wire(jewelry) projects to making wire hangers and curly Qs for stained glass panels and frames. The handles are comfortable and the coating makes them easy to grip, while the slender nose helps to get into areas standard needle nose would be just too chunky to fit.
  • Excellent Wire Wrapping tool! Nice spring back, fits in hand perfect. This is a well made product that is strong enough to bend the 20ga Dead Soft wire used on Wrap in picture, but purchased to use on the 30ga Wire. They grip fine wire easily making tasks in tiny areas a breeze. This tool will makes Wire Weaving so much easier I’ll be certain to buy another pair just to have a spare! I was able to bend the 20ga, but have other tools for that size and just wanted to test them. These arrived very quickly and packaged to arrive w/o damage. I’m very happy to have added this to my wire wrapping tools.
  • I tried to buy American.. but the Xuron lineup is a fail for me, here is why;- The blue grips are velvety slick, have no swell or contouring, my hand constantly slides towards the pivot.- The opening spring is straight-cut and its edge digs into the opposing handle, scraps the paint off, and feels gritty.- The jaws open way too far. (annoying and clumbsy)- The pivots all came slathered in oil.I also bought the Italian made Hakko CHP’s..- The red grip material grips you back and has a swell that allows you to pinch or hold it any way you like.- The opening spring is curved, doesn’t dig in, and is butter smooth.- The pivot allows the jaws to open just the right amount.- The pivot is smooth and has no oil mess.The metal quality and tips on both are equally matched, same for alignment, fit, and finish.Buying the Hakko CHP’s is an easy choice.
  • These are excellent pliers, if not the best, for their price range. I am an intermediate artisan jeweler and find that these are more than adequate for my purposes. They are definitely my go-to whenever I need a chain-nose plier: fine enough to get in small places or work on delicate jobs, but sturdy enough to hold up for general use, too. I don’t use them for any heavy-duty chain-mail type designs (I only rarely get up to using them higher than 18 ga jump rings), so I can’t say how well they’d hold up for that.The grip is quite comfortable, and the spring action is smooth and easy. I have two pairs that I’ve been using daily for almost 2 years now, and they are working just as well as when I first bought them!As with any non-rubberized tool, you have to be careful of getting nicks on your wire.
  • I’ve had these for a couple months now. I use them EVERY. DAY. Every day. I bead at night to relax and whether I’m doing wirework or I’m just fiddling with ear wires for beaded earrings or I’m futzing with a clasp for something…doesn’t matter. These are the first pliers I reach for. The two surfaces meet together perfectly, they SEEM like they’d be fragile or you might bend them but they’re quality; they’re not going anywhere, and the little teeny beaks make it so you can reach around and through things you usually struggle with. I love them so much I’m gonna get another pair. Who knew?
  • This is the best tool I have EVER used for jewelry making, beading and especially wire work! It actually grabs onto the smallest amount of wire and is able to make one more turn around a frame that just didn’t even seem possible. It really is worth every cent. I ordered it because I saw an artist using it on You Tube while making a wire wrapped cabachon pendant. She recommended it as the best, and I am SO glad I listened and ordered it. All my friends from my beading club ordered a pair also, and they love it as well!

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