Channellock SD-7CB Magnetic Screwdriver Set (7 Piece) | Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers with Go-Thru Steel Blades |High Torque, 3-sided CODE BLUE grips | Feature Laser Etched Steel Caps for Easy Identification

 Channellock SD-7CB Magnetic Screwdriver Set (7 Piece) | Phillips and Slotted Screwdrivers with Go-Thru Steel Blades |High Torque, 3-sided CODE BLUE grips | Feature Laser Etched Steel Caps for Easy Identification Brand Channellock

Size:1-Pack Product description Channellock SD-7CB 7 Piece Code Blue Screwdriver Set From the Manufacturer Channellock SD-7CB Code Blue Screwdrivers 7 Piece Set includes one each S144CB, S146CB, S364CB, S388CB, P104CB, P204CB and P306CB Code Blue screwdrivers. Screwdriver with magnetic tips. Screwdrivers with Go-Thru steel blades for added strength. High torque, 3-sided Code Blue grips. Laser etched steel caps for easy identification. Screwdrivers made to A.N.S.I. standards in China.

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  • Set Includes: 1/4″x4″, 1/4″x6″, 3/16″x4″, 3/8″x8″ Slotted & #1×4″, #2×4″, #3×6″ Phillips Code Blue Screwdrivers
  • Screwdriver with magnetic tips
  • Screwdrivers with Go-Thru steel blades for added strength
  • High torque, 3-sided Code Blue grips

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  • While I am not a full-time user of my hand tools for work like an auto mechanic, I use them daily, and sometimes for an entire day depending on our current project. As a result I wear out hand tools much faster than your average user. Historically I purchased the pro line of Craftsman hand tools knowing my investment was safe and I could get them replaced when they wore out. Now that Craftsman’s trade in policies have been pared back (and the quality has gone down) following the end of Sears as I grew up knowing it and the line’s purchase by Lowes, I was looking for a new source of hand tools that would hold up and, hopefully, have a reasonable replacement policy.I understand and agree that if I abuse a tool it is not the manufacturer’s job to replace it for me free of cost, but it would be nice to have tools made to a quality where if they are rendered unusable through normal use, the company will step up and replace them and take that as a clue to make the tools better.So far I am happy with the quality of these channellock screwdrivers, their fit in my hand is good and works well, and I love the full length shank and butt plate on all of them. I have not had a reason to try and get one replaced yet, but time will tell how that portion works out.
  • These are the nicest screwdrivers I’ve ever owned. All the screwdrivers have a strike plate on the end of the handle with the size and type of head etched into the plate. They all are through-shaft design so striking won’t damage the handle and they are magnetic tip. Also, the handle design has both a smaller and larger radius for both thinner and faster-turning or fatter, high-torque grip. They fill my hands nicely and the rubber overmolding is very stiff, not soft rubber. Everything about the tool seems well thought-out. I have two reservations about this design:1: I’m afraid to use the strike plate on the handles with my hammer because they are so handsomely etched and I don’t want to marr up the etching.2: The handles are not acetate. They are similar plastic and rubber to the casing of a cordless drill so any grime from working on greasy/dirty cars is annoyingly difficult to clean off because you can’t use aggressive solvents (carb cleaner) without damaging the handle surface.
  • The color is gross and they look real icky as soon as you get them stained with black automotive grease and funk.The handles on the large ones are very comfortable, but the small ones not so much. (Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why the handles are smaller on smaller screwdrivers? I mean, my hands don’t change shape so why do the handles change shape?)They are strong little buggers and the metal cap means you can really whack them (or use them to whack something else) so I definitely recommend them. Ugly as they may be. 😀
  • I really like these screwdrivers so far. I’ve used these screwdrivers quite a bit by now and I’ve found them to be really tough. The tips seem to be made out of a good metal as I haven’t had any problem with them stripping out or the tips showing any wear. The handles have a good feel to them you can get a good grip on them and they are still comfortable. I know they aren’t made in the USA but I would definitely recommend these. The only bad point that I can think of is the color scheme which is actually a little uglier than what the picture shows, the good side is they are very visible so you won’t lose them.
  • If you’re like me, you wanted an upgrade on the basic screw drivers you always use, without having to buy the most expensive possible set. And for that, I couldn’t recommend these more! I usually use Milwaukee tools, but at 15 bucks cheaper and every screw driver is full tang, these were a chance I was willing to take. At first I was worried because they literally look identical to some kind of toy, but they are far from that. And the color actually helps me to grab it out of my bag when it’s dark.A couple things worth noting. Theyre not made in USA I don’t think. And the handles are fairly large, which actually helps to hold tighter, but just be aware of that.Besides that, I’m extremely happy with them! Easy 5 star.
  • These would be great as I can tell but I almost don’t want to use them…They’re selling point and I didn’t think about it at the time was the how the blade goes all the way through the handle…well, that might be ok if your building something or working on a car ect with them but not for doing “electrical” work, noooo way…Oh my goodness, I’m almost afraid to take them to work, I’m an HVAC mechanic and work with electric all the time and the blade coming out into the handle is just a no, no, no good, certainly can’t call them insulated by any means, totally dangerous for electrical work that could be “live” and of course I know we’re not supposed to work on electric “live” but some jobs require it, you just can’t shut everything off. I’m afraid of forgetting that these “aren’t insulated” and get myself fried. Just to be sure I took my “meter” and set it to continuity and held one of my probes on the tip of a screwdriver and put the other probe on the metal of the handle and sure enough the beeper audible buzzer went off, darn, proving that they aren’t insulated. Such a shame. Again, for maybe automotive work or building something maybe they’d be ok but certainly not for electrical work, darn and the price was so good, shame, shame.
  • Excellent set. I threw away all the random screwdrivers I collected over the years and replaced them with these. I was tired of having missing screwdrivers and half of them having that weird smell the handles get when old.These things are great. Channellock is a well known company and you can feel the quality when you use them. The contoured handles are comfortable and I actually feel proud when I use them, even though that may sound funny. The price is great as wellI would recommend them to friends so I def would recommend them to strangers.

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