Wiha 26791 Precision Torx T1-T8 Set, 8-Piece

 Wiha 26791 Precision Torx T1-T8 Set, 8-Piece Brand Wiha

Precision Torx screwdriver set, 8 piece. Includes: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8. Blade high alloy chrome-vanadium-molybdenum steel. Rotating cap for precise turning and control with Fingertip. Tapered handle allows Rapid rotation. Precision ground for exact fit tip.

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  • Exact fit precision machined tips
  • Special high performance CRM-72 tool steel

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  • This set is legit. I have used Craftsman micro sets as well as Snap-On, and these blow both of those away. The craftsman eventually had some of the coating come off the tips, and the Snap-On Torx set they are just bigger and less comfortable (the swivels aren’t as good in my opinion)I’m writing this review after owning this set for a few years and they look just like the day I bought them. I probably wouldn’t recommend the price premium for someone doing only a job or two, but if you’re going to use these sizes more than a dozen times, the Wiha set is money well spent.
  • Purchased them to take apart things they don’t want you or I to take apart, so far they work as expected, the bearing in the handle allowing the top to spin is a nice touch but a little awkward for my tiny trump hands.Designed a wall mount for em, if you own a 3d printer, you can download and print it if you like, search me on the thingiverse for it, or check my profile.
  • Yeah they cost a little extra, they’re also top quality. You pay extra, you get what you pay for in this instance, a little extra quality. Tips are hard on these, I think they will last. Personally, I love the little rotating caps, it makes using these simple and effective. They fit precisely in the torx screws I have tried them on. The handle is hard plastic with bevels on it to aid in gripping the driver and turning it. You can really feel the screw with these so you can set a nice solid tightness without going overboard.
  • If you just need some small Torx drivers for a quick and easy job, sure, go buy the cheap-o options; it may only last one job, or perhaps even half a job, but one or two purchases of those will still be less expensive. These fantastic screwdrivers have lasted me a while doing all kinds of jobs on small electronics, and they do not strip. Not much more to say about it; yes they cost more, but they are made of a much better alloy that is not soft, so if used properly they should last quite a while. I’ve had similar results with Wiha’s Pentalobe drivers and taking apart MacBook computers; have done probably twenty or more battery swaps (10 penta lobe screws + a few torx inside, per laptop) and they’re still going strong.
  • These drivers are a bit on the pricey side but they are incredibly well designed and constructed. The way the handles are made it is very easy to spin the driver while maintaining pressure on the screw. They rarely slip as a result. The tips are made of very hard steel and they do not deform easily as is the case with tools of lesser quality. The T1-T8 set is very useful for working on computer components and other electronics. I also bought a set of Wiha slotted and phillips screwdrivers for precision work. Very highly recommended.
  • …. it doesn’t mean the handles have to be small too. Price point was good. Appear to be of medium quality I purchased matching tool roll for them and that was too big or was made for larger handles. Sometimes you need extra torque that only a larger handle provides even on small screws.
  • Good set…quality. Bought a cheap set about a month ago to take apart my laptop. The T5 was stripped before I could tighten all 11 screws! Sent that set back and purchased this set to get back into my laptop to switch out the wifi card. This T5 was awesome. Was able to actually tightened down the screws. Buy these if you want to use more than once.
  • It’s not often I come across a small tool like this who’s material and build quality is exceptional, but that’s exactly what these are, exceptional. Used the T8 to replace battery in Sena 20S motorcycle headset, screws were in tight, no damage to tips at all, very happy, top quality materials, was amazed at the price. Buy them, you won’t regret it a moment.

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