Williams WRS-1 Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver

 Williams WRS-1 Magnetic Ratcheting Screwdriver Brand Williams

Size:9-inch  |  Style:Normal-Handle Product Description Ergonomically designed handle for greater user comfort and control Hi-impact plastic handle for durability and flexibility in all types of work applications Heavy-duty 3-way On-Off-Locked ratcheting mechanism allows consistent and smooth operation Powerful magnetic shank securely holds bit in place before, during and after the job application Stainless steel shank eliminates problems of chrome chipping or rust Easy bit storage in handle. From the Manufacturer Snap-on Industrial Brand JH Williams magnetic ratcheting screwdriver is 9-Inch in length and has a blade length of 4-Inch. 5 bits are included: 2 slotted, 2 Phillips, and 1 Torx. The handle is ergonomically designed for greater user comfort and control. The hi impact plastic handle for durability and flexibility in all types of work applications. The heavy duty 3 way on off locked ratcheting mechanism allows consistent and smooth operation. The powerful magnetic shank securely holds bit in place before, during and after the job application. The stainless steel shank eliminates problems of chrome chipping or rust. There is easy bit storage in handle and accepts all standard 1/4-Inch hex shank bits.

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  • 9-Inch long
  • Includes 5 bits
  • Ergonomically designed handle for greater user comfort and control
  • Heavy duty 3 way on off locked ratcheting mechanism allows consistent and smooth operation

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  • I’m really confused by the few negative reviews on this screwdriver. I own the Snap-On extended length ratcheting screwdriver and when I compared this one to the Snap-On the mechanism seems to be identical. Specifically:- Both turn smoothly with a very pleasing feel- Both have 26 ratchet steps per revolution- Both have 2 pawls (that I could feel)- Both have similar deflection when loaded off-axisIt is true that the shaft of the Williams driver is not knurled, but that seems a minor benefit for about twice the cost.In sum, this is a great alternative to the Snap-on if you are not interested in paying simply for the name.
  • This is overpriced and very disappointing. The two key components are sub-par:1. The bits fit poorly into the tip. They go in with difficulty and it takes double checking to get them to seat fully. They also do not seat deeply enough, leaving too much of the bit shaft sticking out and making them prone to wobble. The magnet is also low quality and very weak. Even my cheap bit holders for my impact drivers have stronger, more secure magnets.2. The ratcheting has only a few clicks per turn. This is cheap machining and limits the benefit of the ratcheting. With fewer clicks you have to work harder to turn farther on each turn. The clicks are also rough feeling.Although not a matter of core functioning, the bit storage is also very shoddy. The bits just clatter around freely in the handle. There is no bit holder in there, so you have to dump the pile of bits into your hand to get a bit. This is a dollar-store design.I purchased a Bahco stubby ratcheting screwdriver at the same time and it is perfect. The bits from this Williams fit very smoothly into to the Bahco with no double checking that they are fully seated. The magnet in the Bahco is stronger; the bits sit at the correct depth, and they do not wiggle. The Bahco has noticeably more clicks per turn and feels more smooth and well machined.I won’t be buying any more Williams tools.
  • Great build quality, the size is just right, the stainless steel shank is a thing of beauty and has minimal play, and the ratchet mechanism is smooth and quiet (you can tell right away that this is not your hardware store $10 screwdriver). Included bits are excellent (though lack a square one). However, the ratchet does slip occasionally and the torque ratings are not published – something I find unacceptable in a $40 driver. The handle, while fairly ergonomic, lacks proper grip. The bit-holding magnet is not particularly strong.
  • I’m a bit of a snap-on devotee and love their regular ratcheting screwdriver. I was thumbing through the brownells catalog and saw that their magna-tip set was sold with a t-handle driver, which was obviously a williams/snapon rebrand.The snapon version is only black if you get the long shank. Red and orange are the current offerings. SSDMRT4 is $63 off the truck. The brownells rebrand is $35 ( pn WRST4 ), not surprisingly this williams has the exact same part number for almost the same price.So if you want a cheaper snapon ratcheting driver and like blue – get the brownells, if like me you like everything black hard handle, get the williams.
  • Very durable and handy tool! We use this ratchet driver in our sugar bush under every condition imaginable. This tool is tough and can handle hard usage. The one thing it needs is a little TLC. After several weekends of hard use I noticed it had become very difficult to move the ratchet selector switch at the base of the handle, to the point it felt like it was broken or frozen in place. At the end of that day I brought it home and dried it out real good next to the wood stove. Once dry I applied some light oil between the direction selection switch at the base of the handle and the handle itself. After a few minutes of working the oil in the selection switch worked like new again. We have been using this tool the past few weekends since applying a bit of light oil and it has worked exceptionally once again. Have only use this this ratchet screw driver for about 6 months and it has been very durable so far.
  • Finally, a ratcheting magnetic screwdriver that actually holds the screw onto the bit! The last one I bought online could only hold the bit to the screwdriver, but wouldn’t actually hold the screw itself. What good is that? I thought the point was that you won’t drop screws. Anyway, this one works, really well. Strong magnetic force holds the screw to the bit, not just the bit to the screwdriver. Feels exactly like my old Snap-on that finally broke after 40 years. I guess you’ll all have to wait 40 years to see if this one lasts as long as that one, but so far it feels the same.
  • One of the best ratcheting screwdrivers I’ve ever used, except…and to me its kind of a big annoyance…it’s round!!!! So it constantly rolls around off the bench, under things, where ever is most inconvenient at the time you are working on something. Yes the grip area has flats, but they don’;t stop the rolling around runaway screwdriver action. If they just made the base of the grip a large HEX this would be perfect in your small on-the-go tool bag.The ratchet is very fine so you can do small increments if needed and the direction collar is easy to use with one hand if needed. Also can be locked in the middle position to make it non-ratcheting. The included tips are really nicely made as well and the handle has room enough to add a few more short tips if you need.
  • This thing is perfect for assembling PCs, which is what I bought it for. The magnetic tip does not interfere with any components (granted, I didn’t wave it all around the circuitry and next to my hard drives to test it but I wouldn’t recommend that anyway), and there were a few times where I absentmindedly placed it next to a component pretty closely and nothing went wrong. The extra tips that it comes with are perfect but quite frankly I haven’t had to use any others, even for smaller(-ish) screws.

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