Performance Tool W80004 4 Piece Mini Stubby Screwdriver Set

 Performance Tool W80004 4 Piece Mini Stubby Screwdriver Set Brand Performance Tool

Product Description 4pc Mini Stubby Screwdriver Set From the Manufacturer Great for confined or hard to reach places. Contains: Phillips #1 & #2, Slotted 3/16″ & 1/4″. Chrome vanadium shafts.

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  • Phillips sizes: #1 and #2
  • Slotted sizes: 3/16 and 1/4″.
  • Chrome vanadium steel shafts.
  • Great for confined or hard to reach places.

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  • I purchased these mini screwdrivers to use on my Brother sewing machine. I am sure the reason the screwdrivers sewing machine manufacturers provide with the machine don’t actually fit into the small spaces on a sewing machine are so you won’t take them apart and instead pay a dealer, but when you just need access to get a bit of lint out it is easier to just do it yourself. These didn’t quite fit in the slots of the screws on my machine, and the shape of the handle was a bit awkward, but because I now had better leverage I was able to remove the screws and clean out the feed dog mechanism. For the price I am glad I purchased these, but they definitely were not the seamless solution I had hoped for.
  • i did not expect Mini to mean all (4) will fit in the palm of a small hand…see my photo.These screw drivers are extremely small, but serve their purpose. It is my fault for not researching the physical size more closely.
  • Need a tool that fits in that tight space on the bobbin plate? Well this is it. These are mini and are just big enough to allow grip to get into those tight spots.
  • One of the reason why I need a stubby screwdriver is so that I can leverage the screwing and unscrewing using the strength of my fist on some screw that are tightly screwed on. These ultra mini screwdriver set is WAY to small to even put force in turning the screw – you have to pinch using your thumb and index finger where these two fingers alone would not be giving enough force to unscrew some really tightly screwed item. I should have known when the product is priced cheaply. I am happy that there are many customers that are happy with this screwdriver enough to garner 4 stars but for me this is practically useless. It might maybe be useful for someone with small hands.
  • They’re not the best screwdrivers you’ll ever buy but when you need a tiny tiny screwdriver to get in someplace weird they’re invaluable. They’re not the most precise nor are they super sturdy, but if you’re trying to build cabnitry with these you’ve got bigger problems. These are specialty tools that you’re not likely to be using daily, but when you need em they’re lifesavers. For what they cost? Just buy them, you know you want to and when the day comes that you need em you’ll thank me.I had one of the Phillips already, god knows where from though. Having had it come in handy over the years I jumped on this set when I saw it. For the couple bucks they cost these are a better to have and not need than need and not have tool for sure. Already used em once and the old one went out in my motorcycle tool box.
  • I use these for tightening light stands, extension bars, all the various clamps, adapters, etc used during a photo session. If you have to set up remotely these are just large enough to get that extra bit to assure things are secure while being small and light enough to tuck into the corner of a bag somewhere. I use an old small lens bag to store them in so I always have them with me.They are very small, maybe an inch long but provide just enough leverage to get things beyond finger tight saving you from picking up a few thousand dollars worth of equipment. One was about two degrees off straight but not enough to effect function.Recommended.
  • Don’t pay more than $3 for these. Seller halved price from $6.32 to $3.33 the day I received mine (Prime, two-day span), and I was already going back to see how much I paid for them after seeing them in person – THESE ARE TOYS, NOT TOOLS. I mean, I have zero confidence that the hex bits won’t fall out of these plastic nubs the minute I put >3 lbs of force on one. Would return if was worth the effort. As it is, will probably throw them away to avoid needing them and having them fail on me. Bout a 1/4 of contact, plastic “handle” to metal bit base. Could not have been more poorly constructed if that was the goal.
  • These four mini screwdrivers were perfect. I bought them so I can use one of them to turn the motor to unseize a small pump that has very tight accsss.I’m pleased that, although the screwdriver is small, it still fit well in my large hands and was easy to use.The design seems to be solid and durible.I have ended up using one of the others already for other standard uses around my boat and am overall very pleased with the purchase.

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