Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier

 Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier Brand Stanley

Item Package Quantity:1 Product Description Stanley 84-096 5-Inch Needle Nose Plier From the Manufacturer The Stanley Needle Nose Pliers feature long, tempered jaws ideal for bending wires or working with small objects as well as work in tight places. With a forged, chrome-nickel steel construction which meets or exceeds ANSI standards, these needle nose pliers have a rust-resistant finish and machined jaws for slip-resistant grip. The double-dipped handles provide comfortable use. This tool measures 5 inches n length and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

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  • Long tempered jaws for working in hard to reach areas
  • Excellent for work in tight places
  • Forged steel construction, Rust resistant finish
  • Double-dipped handles provide comfortable use

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  • The picture shows a clear step in the tapering of the jaws which leads to very pointed tips. The pliers I received do not have this step tapering and are not as pointed as shown (and as I expected and wanted). In addition, the jaws themselves are clearly malformed, with one of the biting edges of one of the jaws appearing to have been ground down or splintered during or after manufacturing. Some of the teeth are also partially ground down or missing. The pliers appear to either be rejects from quality control or misused in a way that has damaged them.They were very cheap and it’s not worth returning them, so I will keep them as a disposable tool to be misused on jobs I wouldn’t use use a good pair of pliers for, such as prying, grinding, torquing, hammering, etc. However, I would never buy them again and I very strongly discourage you from purchasing them yourself.
  • I should have heeded the bad reviews. These pliers are not well machined. The two jaws are not ground well and are not the same size. I had a difficult time picking up and/or pulling small gauge wire and the like. I thought they would be good because I have Stanley slip-joint pliers that I really like. These obviously were not manufactured to the same standard.
  • Description is half true. While the nose is 5″, the description doesn’t mention the handle being so small (See pic). I found the description deceptive at worst and inaccurate at best.
  • Ok, so why great?These are *NOT* your typical needle nose pliers. They are a bit smaller to fit into tight places. If you are looking for something to chop wire with and are used to the bigger version, these are NOT the same thing. These are designed for smaller and tighter work. At the same time, they are not toys. You aren’t going to destroy them doing normal jobs with them. They are properly ground and have a nice tight hinge. The springs on the handle are plenty good enough to run for a long time. The grips are … well, Stanley grips. They are not the silly vinyl stuff we used to get. You can get a good no=-slip hold on them. Handles are properly sized for the size of the tool. They have a lifetime guarantee from somebody you actually have a chance of finding if there is a problem.Good stuff !!
  • Yeah the product says they are 5 inches, and they probably are, but these are probably a lot smaller than you think they will be. I was in a hurry ordering them and needed to do some electrical work inside a few boxes in the house and my old pair had rusted up and no longer opened on their own. The 5 inches I thought might be like with knives where it’s the measurement of the working surface, doesn’t include the handle. These are probably only 5 inches end to end though, they’re teeny tiny like a toy.Probably would be great for intricate work or in extremely tight spaces, not what i was looking for to wrangle a bunch of 12/3 inside a work box though.Still giving 5 stars because they seem high quality and a fair value for what they are.
  • These needle nose pliers perfect for my fine, delicate or detail work. They are not a good choice for general household needle nose pliers where they need to handle heavier use. What I use these for is hobby work with electronics or light house wiring like my recent smart doorbell installation. They have been perfect for my use. I have a heavier pair for heavier work.NOTE: The ones I got do not have obvious or serious machining problems that that have been reported. Maybe Stanley listened and current stock is better made. Maybe I got lucky and just got a good pair. I’m just reporting my own experience.Here are things I like:+ The needle nose end is very small and just what I want for fine work+ The grips are comfortable and “grippy” to hold+ The spring to push them open is nice (most of the time)+ They operate smoothly, not catchy like some others I’ve triedWhat I don’t as much:- Some of the non-working edges feel a little rough/sharp (not a functional issue, but aesthetic)- No wire cutter at the hinge like many other electrical needle nose pliers (obvious from the picture so this was not enough to keep me from getting them).My bottom line: if you want general needle nose pliers you can squeeze as hard as you like without damage don’t get these. These are made for light and precise work and the small thin needle noses lets me do things heavier ones would not. For my electronics and hobby use they are just perfect so I’m giving these 5 stars. Just what I needed where my heavier ones were too much.
  • Be warned: this Item is non-returnable ! Amazon should indicate it on the item webpage, that the item is non-returnable . The ends of the plier are too flexible. And it rusts. I tried to return it and got the message: “the item is not returnable”.
  • Arrived with NO rust, unlike the Klein tool. It is NOT 5″ but 6″ long.The jaws have good alignment, but if you push near the tips of the jaws from side-to-side, they tend to move a little off alignment; however they move less than the same pliers from Harbor Freight. This is not a true Needle Nose pliers; it is a cross between a Needle nose and a Long nose. If you want a 6″ Long nose pliers without a cutter, this is a good option. I have a hard time finding 6″ long nose pliers because they are actually 7″ long but package say 6″.

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