Gardner Bender GS-388 Electrical Pliers, Crimper & Cutter, Comfort Grip, Aluminum & Copper Wire, Hand Tool, 8 in.

 Gardner Bender GS-388 Electrical Pliers, Crimper & Cutter, Comfort Grip, Aluminum & Copper Wire, Hand Tool, 8 in. Brand Gardner Bender

Style:Pliers, Crimper & Cutter Product Description Hand tools are a part of every toolbox. With exclusive features for safety, durability, reliability, and life strength, Gardner Bender hand tools offer superior performance on every job. Whether you need cutters, crimpers, strippers and pliers – Gardner Bender has the perfect tool to complete your electrical tool set. The wire strippers are a superior self-adjusting multi-use tool with a built-in crimper for making wire connections. They easily strip and cut solid / stranded copper core and aluminum core wire. The built-in crimper is designed to crimp non-insulated, vinyl and nylon insulated, as well as ignition terminals. With the multiple features of this tool, it eliminates the need of ever needing more than one tool at your side for making electrical wire connections. With a wide array of outstanding features, this is an essential wire stripper for every toolbox. Forward thinking design concepts ensure product usefulness for generations to come. From the Manufacturer 8 inch Crimping Pliers. Crimp insulated or non-insulated terminals. Cuts copper and aluminum wire. Tapered nose for cutting in tight locations.

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  • CRIMPS 22-10 AWG non-insulated terminals
  • 8 in. high leverage design and a NON-SLIP COMFORT GRIP HANDLE
  • EASILY CUT copper and aluminum wire
  • TAPERED NOSE for cutting in tight locations

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  • I’ve had a reliable GB crimper (same basic model as this) for about 20 years that has worked great, but it has finally gotten worn and is due for replacement. I ordered this expecting it to be the same thing. However when I received it I found the same problem as reviewed by others: the jaws are grossly misaligned and not suitable for crimping. I was really disappointed by this and was expecting the same quality tool as I have trusted for years. At first I thought these might even be counterfeit. I’m not sure what happened with GB along the way, and for a well known brand like GB to have such a glaring quality problem like this is surprising. How does something like this even pass their QA process? I had to return my set, and will look elsewhere for a replacement.
  • Three observations about the Pliers, Crimper & Cutter unit. One, it’s half to a third the price of some others, but those others are really worth the added price. Why? Reliability.These are fairly crude. They were “finished” on a very coarse grinding belt and it really shows.The main problem, though, is these will not solidly crimp red (22 to 18 AWG) insulated connectors. Give them a good, solid squeeze until the pliers bottom out and the wires (yes, properly sized) will still pop right out of the insulated piece. Something that makes unreliable connections when used as directed is, without quibbling, JUNK.
  • This won’t bother most and may seem insignificant, but I bought this set compared to others for the handle style. I much prefer the old school style handle coatings over the cheap plastic over-mold used on most today. I was surprised to find that the picture shown on this item is not the correct set of pliers. Please refer to the image attached for the ocrrect style or see GB’s website: as others mentioned the machining of the tip is not perfect. There is some slight misalignment of the crimping mating surfaces. That being said I don’t think there is relay any performance loss or affect on its use at all. After all it is an $8 set of pliers.
  • The thinking that went into this tool was from people who obviously use it. The crimper is on the cutting side of the plier which makes it much easier to use. It is also the full width of the tool, which makes for a better crimp. A handy thumb lock is easy to open and close. Not difficult to use like some other tools. It cuts, strips and crimps well without problems. It is heavy duty for pulling against wire when stripping so you can keep a firm grip on it. I’d buy another identical GS-388 if I lost these. I wouldn’t even look elsewhere.
  • I bought two of these, one for me and one for a buddy. We’re both electricians with 20+ yrs experience. We’re both partial to Klein tools, and have always thought of GB as a generic wanna be…But this crimper is better than just about every pair I’ve used, even those that cost 3× as much.The jaws are about 3/8″ thick, so it grabs the whole barrel of a spade connector and holds it square all the way through the squeeze – not something every crimper can say.There are multiple crimps and a cutter at the end of the jaw.I’m really impressed with these $8.00 crimpers. Oh, by the way…a 2-pack costs more than buying two individually. I don’t get that
  • Puttin another electrical tool box together. Ive had a tool like this for 40 years and if u do anything that involves crimp on ends these are by far the best tool Screw ratchet types too expensive and too finniky This type of crimper gives good results and positive feedback that you have made a strong connection. You do hafta squeeze and takes a bit of strength for best results So i guess there is a place for the ratchet type for those who are weak Anyway ive just got it and only used a dozen times r so this tool seems well made
  • I would give these 10 stars if I could!!!!I’m no electrician, just a weekend warrior who loves working on his cars. My latest project is my jeep, and I’ve been hooking up auxiliary lighting, making a fuse and relay box etc.I’ve used A TON of crimp on terminals. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I was using some of those all in one stripped/crimper/cutters you get at your local store. I could never get a good crimp. The connectors were falling off after a day or two.Then I found these bad boys as a suggested item for me. Let me say I haven’t had even 1 bad crimp after purchasing these!! Every crimp is rock solid and leaves me feeling good about the connection. They are built very well, no problems with them not being angled right as others have said. I can’t believe I went so long without these!Someone said they aren’t good because the crimping surface is so wide. I have used these on several different size/types of crimp connectors and haven’t run into any issues. The surface is very wide, but it provides a solid crimp and I haven’t damaged any terminals or wires.The best part is the price! Why buy anything more expensive? These are all you will ever need. Even if I somehow manage to break them which I seriously doubt, I will buy another one in a heartbeat.
  • I used these to punch down some wire tubes with clips for an arcade build. They take a little effort to get a snug fit, but once you get in a groove, it’s easy to work these crimpers.

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