EPAuto 3/8-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-80 ft.-lb. / 13.6-108.5 Nm)

 EPAuto 3/8-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench (10-80 ft.-lb. / 13.6-108.5 Nm) Brand EPAuto

Made in Taiwan Specification: Ratchet: Cr-V, 24-tooth gear Drive: 3/8″ Length: 14-1/2″ Accuracy: ± 4% Increment:    – 1 ft./lb.    – 1.36 N/m Dual Scale:    – 10 ~ 80 ft./lb.    – 13.6 ~ 108.5 N/m Package includes: 1 × 3/8″ Drive Torque Wrench 1 × Storage Case 1 × User Manual

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  • Durable Ratchet Head: Made from Hardened treated Chrome Vanadium steel alloy (Cr-V)
  • Easy Storage: A sturdy plastic storage case is included. Non-Slip Grip: Knurled handle
  • Easy to Read: High Contrast & Dual Range Scale. Accurate: Pre-Calibrated to ± 4%
  • Corrosion-Retardant: Satin Finish. Made in Taiwan

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  • Well I was relying on this for a BMW motorcycle… they require specific torques for well all the bolts. They also have “crush washers” made of of metal that you have to just crush enough…. so bought this… Set it … changed the oil… clicked … ok… good. reset it, changed the tranny fluid… it never clicked. Instead it stripped out the aluminium threads. You are thinking “I don’t know that 22 nanometers or whatever feels like… Did some other work and now nervous about reliability. Some times it clicks other times NOT. Long story shorter is I wish I hadn’t followed BMW’s instructions and I wish I hadn’t bought this. Cause now I have to figure out how to permanently fix a hole in the side of my expensive motorcycle. I wouldn’t trust it.
  • Bought this to apply proper torque when replacing the spark plugs on my Cub Cadet mower. Set it to 28 ft. lbs. and proceeded to tighten the plugs. No click. I had to stop as it would have been way too tight. I went to Home Depot and spent more, but it worked properly. I even compared the two on a lug nut and this cheap torque wrench took much more effort to get the click at the same setting as the Husky wrench.While it cost over twice as much as this piece of junk, the Husky Torque Wrench came with a lifetime (no receipt) replacement warranty. I guess I’ll be passing this tool to my son some day.
  • When ordering this particular model torque wrench, wasn’t sure if it was a good idea considering many reviews said that it was difficult to adjust the rotation numbers dial, but it wasn’t that bad, the force to adjust the dial was about the same as on “Pittsburgh Pro” torque wrench which was purchased earlier, “Pittsburgh Pro” wrench had to be replaced because it fell from a 5ft shelf and stopped working, these torque wrenches are very delicate, need to be careful not to drop them. The accuracy on the EPauto 3/8 wrench is pretty good, the click itself is nice and loud, the only issue I see with this torque wrench is that the numbers on the handle (10 to 80 foot pounds markings) are a bit small (much smaller then the ones on “Harbor Freight/Pittsburgh Pro” wrench) so they can be hard to read.
  • It only torques right handed fasteners. If you have to torgue left handed threaded fasteners, this one is not the choice. (not in advertisement date I purchased mine, “right hand only or equivalent”) Secondly, I have tried several times to get a calibration certificate from EPAuto. The statement is, +/- 4% accuracy or whatever their claim is. 4% compared to what ? A nationally known standard, or (Joe’s) “feels like 26 ft lb of torque to me”. For torquing all fasteners to closeness of each other, it is probably OK. For being a quality accurate tool, look further. Calibration Certificate that states the accreditor of accuracy is what you really want & need. Something like ISO 17025 or equivalent. This tool does not come with a certificate of any kind, nor have I been able to get one from them. Accuracy of 4% can mean many things. Depends on if you are torquing critical fasteners or not.
  • This is not an accurate tool. Do you really think you are going to get an accurate torque wrench for $24? I took a chance because of the good reviews and the low price. But this thing seriously over torques. Most of the time it doesn’t click at all, no matter how much force you put on it. The example that I received was not a quality tool. I highly recommend that you buy an expensive, made in USA tool with a certificate of calibration. If your application is important enough that you need a torque wrench to get an exact value, then it’s important enough to buy a quality tool.
  • Impressed so far. Was one of the least expensive options and works as advertised so far. Feels solid and well built. Read the instructions, there are 2 important notes. 1 Loosen bottom nut to adjust torque. 2 set to lowest setting before storing to keep calibration.Pretty good purchase.
  • Worked well. A bit on the low end but for the price a great deal. You need to practice on some uncritical bolts to get used to listening the ‘click’ or use a lower torque setting than dial up. It does not stop ratcheting after you reach the torque. Will do until I can justify a made in Japan, USA or Germany torque wrench. Be sure to store on lowest setting. Be sure to lock torque setting in. Requires some getting used to. I will probably buy the 1/4 inch version. Quality could be a bit better, jimo. Good for tightening spark plugs, oil pan bolt etc.
  • Great wrench. Used it while replacing my brake pads. Easy to use, just read the instructions before use, and make sure to decompress the tension on the wrench to 0 when you’re storing it / not using it. Worked so well, I bought the 1/2″ drive as well

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