Bondhus 10686 1.5-5mm Balldriver Screwdrivers, 6 Piece Set

 Bondhus 10686 1.5-5mm Balldriver Screwdrivers, 6 Piece Set Brand Bondhus

Size:1-Pack Product description Bondhus Ball End Screwdriver 6 pc. Set,1.5-5mm, BON10686 From the Manufacturer Ball driver Screwdrivers feature ergonomically designed Comfort Grip handles. This handle includes a hard thermoplastic core for strength and split resistance and a soft rubber outer coating to ensure maximum comfort and grip. Only available from Bondhus, Protanium(R) steel blades mean these are the strongest ballpoints available. These screwdrivers provide the greatest time savings for maintenance, assembly and adjustment of hexagonal socket screws. The handles are proportioned to provide maximum torque without breakage.

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  • Angle entry up to 25 degrees on sizes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4 and 5mm
  • Comfort Grip handles are designed for maximum torque with ultimate comfort and grip
  • Tools are Made in the USA with Bondhus proprietary Protanium steel and are up to 20% stronger than competitor tools
  • ProGuard Finish is 5 times more effective than the next leading brand in preventing rust, protecting your investment over time

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  • I first experienced these Bondhus tools when a couple of them were included with a Cubex Duo 3D printer I bought. I have been using those tools for a couple years and they are holding up well, except that the labeling on the handles is starting to wear off (bottom tool in the picture). I recently decided I wanted a wider range of sizes than the couple tools that came with the printer so I bought this set. If I had known how cheap they were I would have bought a set of them a long time ago.I have a set of t-handle wrenches from Harbor Freight Tools and the balls snapped off the ends of them very quickly. The Bondhus tools are much better quality, and none of the balls have snapped off the ends.
  • I’ve used Bondhus drivers for assembling various things I’ve designed using 80/20 extruded aluminum. The distributor I use for extruded parts actually sells the bondhus allen wrench sets on their site (in both Metric and Imperial/Standard). I was rather impressed with their quality (especially for the price), so I decided to get these drivers to add into my RC Car tool kit.You can get these with multiple types of ends, but I really like the balldrivers the best due to the ease at which I can get access to screws which would otherwise be difficult to access using traditional flat end drivers.
  • These are very comfortable tools to use. After using standard Allen wrenches (hex keys) for many years, these are considerably easier and more comfortable to use. They are well built and can provide a considerable amount of torque to the bolt/screw so they can be tightened very well and with more control than the standard Allen wrench provides. For those that work on 3D printers, these should be on your “MUST HAVE” list. I’ll suggest that you get more than one set if you have printers in more than one location. You’ll want these close by.
  • Nice handle surface material and seems like a quality steel as mentioned. However, after two days of use with the 3mm one, the steel shaft started twisting freely inside the handle. This occurred with normal hand pressure only, NO other tools (such as vice grips or whatever) were used to put extra torque on the handle.The use was tightening M5 bolts into threaded aluminum. This should not be a difficult task for a hand driver.
  • I wish the shafts on these were longer. They seem accurately sized. The 4mm works for adjusting the truss rod on my short scale Fender bass.If I had it to do over, knowing what I know now I’d probably look for other options but these tools are not bad if you need metric sized drivers.Happy DIY projects to all!
  • Good quality steel used in the construction, and better than the junk set that I had overall, however, I was disappointed to find that only the larger sizes have the comfortable rubber-grip handle. The smaller ones are hard plastic, and still hard to use for long period of time.I bought them for Hobby R/C assembly, and putting tiny fasteners (especially self-tapping ones into plastic parts) can really wear on your hands and wrists quickly. I wish all of them had the larger rubberized handle.
  • I love these things. I do a lot of work with espresso machines, and they have a lot of hex screws. I had been using the typical allen wrenches, and they were a pain. These are excellent and they were a great value for money.
  • I’ve had these for just about 6 months now and use them on a daily basis with my 3D printers. They are perfectly sized, unlike the cheap tools they ship with the printers. And they have a great feel to them.

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