Vessel Megadora 900 +2×100 JIS Cross Point Screwdriver (Original Version)

 Vessel Megadora 900 +2x100 JIS Cross Point Screwdriver (Original Version) Brand Vessel

Color:Original Version It is a black point finish. Cutting edge: [[(+)]] No.2. Shaft length (mm): 100. Total length (mm): 210. Full body quenching. Edge: with magnet. VESSEL CO., INC. is a leading company in fastening tools. VESSEL is producing and distributing VESSEL branded screwdrivers, driving bits, industrial tools, pneumatic tools and ESD-related products. VESSEL was founded in 1916 as Japan’s first volume manufacturer of screwdrivers. With most ironworks at the time producing agricultural implements such as spades and hoes, the young company put in place a mass production system specialized for the manufacture of screwdrivers for industrial applications and began supplying its products to the market. In 1933, the company began emblazoning its products with the brand “VESSEL,” meaning a large ship in English, as a signifier of their superior quality. VESSEL products have consistently met strict quality requirements as professional tools. Over more than 100 years of history, this rock-solid commitment to quality has anchored our operations. In terms of design, we strive to create products that all customers will find pleasant and comfortable from first-time users to professionals who make a living with our tools every day. VESSEL designs products to ensure the health and safety of users and those around them. The design process includes risk assessments addressing such areas of concern as machine safety, vibration, noise, and electric shock as well as a full regimen of safety evaluation testing.@

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  • Cutting edge: [[(+)]] No.2
  • Length of shaft (mm) : 100
  • Total Length (mm) : 210
  • Specifications: Magnet is included.

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  • If you work on your Japanese motorcycle, or other Japanese vehicle, then JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screwdrivers are an absolute MUST have because they are designed to properly fit in the phillips screw heads that they use during manufacturing. If you try to use the standard American screw drivers on the JIS screw heads then you will likely strip them before you are ever able to remove very tight or stubborn screws.After getting tired of drilling out stripped JIS phillips screw heads, I finally decided to spend the money on a proper set of JIS screwdrivers. My research eventually led me to the conclusion that the Vessel brand of screwdrivers are the best on the market. I bought a complete set, and absolutely love them. Was finally able to remove all of those stubborn screws from the 20 year old carburetors on my Suzuki motorcycle.These aren’t the cheapest thing on the market, but worth every penny. Quality tools are the most important thing when you are working on a project. Saves a lot of extra work and frustration to have proper mechanics tools on hand!
  • This is a great screwdriver, the JIS is way better than phillips even with phillips fasteners. The handle isn’t very well textured but despite that I still like it, I like it a lot. I admittedly do have large hands so I really like the size of the handle much more than even my SnapOn and they’re even more comfortable for me than my Wera and Felo if only because they always felt a bit on the small side. The knurling on the shaft is great for quickly spinning fasteners, the only thing I can possibly say is missing is a hex or pair of flats for a wrench. The tip fits in perfectly and lets you apply a lot more torque without worrying about camming out and chewing up the fastener. I was opening up a couple old John Oster and GE drills this week and this is the first tool I grabbed. They’re not dollar store cheap nor are they dollar store quality, they’re quite reasonably priced and some of the best money you are likely to spend on a screwdriver.
  • I have used Vessel Megadora 900 JIS drivers, Original Version (as noted above) in the past and they are excellent. The tip fits JIS screws perfectly and can loosen a very tight screw with no damage, unlike using a Phillips driver in a JIS screw. The handle is comfortable and allows for good torque without slipping, especially when loosening a tight screw. I sing its praises.However, this shouldn’t be confused with the Vessel Megadora New and Improved JAWS driver. The black metal tip has teeth cut into it to bite into very tight and damaged screws that might be a problem for the Original Version Vessel.If you are working on a newish vehicle or a restoration product where the finish of the screws is important, the JAWS version should not be use as it **WILL* damage the finish or worse, of the screws.I ordered and paid for the more expensive Original Version but was shipped the cheaper JAWS version while being charged for the OV. Not realizing this, my return window passed. If you want and order the OV, make sure you examine the tip as soon as you get the driver. If it has little teeth on the tip it’s not the OV. Contact Amazon to get your situation corrected.
  • I’ve been wrenching bikes for years using standard phillips screw drivers and after working on a particularly troublesome derailleur decided it was time to get a JIS screwdriver. I don’t know why I waited so long. It fits snugly allowing me more precision when tuning bikes to today’s increasingly specific tolerances. Because it fits properly, I don’t worry about having to push in a bit harder to make sure it doesn’t slide out of place, nor do I worry about rounding out the set screws. If you work on bikes with drive trains that cost more than a college student’s car—and even if you don’t— spend the $9 (at time of review) and get a tool that fits. Don’t let bad tools happen to good bikes.
  • Most important is to buy this, or a set of them before starting work on a metric machine! Lacking a clear view of the screws on my motorcycles, I have tried with common screwdrivers until the heads were useless, then ground the heads off an bought new bolts with hex heads. NO MORE!…now, I just reach for the Vessel and save time, frustration, skinned knuckles, and overpriced replacements. These JIS spec tools are also very effective for common Phillips head fasteners.
  • They stand up to their reputation. I really like the knurling on the shafts and the tips are top notch. The handles could be better IMO, but so far they’re fine. I just prefer the squared hard handles design Snap On or Williams offers, or the new Snap On instinct style. You can get more torque out of that style vs rounded handles.
  • I work an all sorts of equipment in my line of work, and this is the perfect #2 screwdriver. I have used it hundreds of times in the short time I’ve owned it, and it’s been the exact perfect tool each time. I have yet to have it slip in any number of screws, from many different companies. I could not be happier than I am with this screwdriver. I am already planning on buying the longer one for certain jobs.
  • These tools really lock into Phillips and JIS screwheads. Classic Phillips screwdrivers and bits tend to cam out, damaging the screw head. These don’t. They are marked P2, which I would think designates them as number 2 Phillips, but anyway they have really performed well for me.

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