Channellock E338 8-Inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT) Requires Less Force to Cut than Other High-Leverage Models | Laser Heat-Treated Cutting Edge for Extended Life | Forged from High Carbon Steel | Made in USA

 Channellock E338 8-Inch Diagonal Cutting Pliers with Xtreme Leverage Technology (XLT) Requires Less Force to Cut than Other High-Leverage Models | Laser Heat-Treated Cutting Edge for Extended Life | Forged from High Carbon Steel | Made in USA Brand Channellock

Style:Diagonal Cutting  |  Size:8-Inch Channellock E Series E338 8″ HL Diagonal Cutting Plier with Lap XLT Joint. Made from C1080 steel for superior performance.

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  • XLT Xtreme Leverage Technology means considerably less force required to cut than traditional high leverage
  • Sleeker, Lighter design, streamlined for easier handling
  • Lap joint diagonal
  • Laser heat-treated cutting edges last longer

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  • The E338 pliers function very well, I was able to cut 2 & 3mm brass rod rather easily and 4mm brass rod with minimal difficulty. I routinely spend extra to buy tools manufactured in the US because I believe that supporting US industry is important. However, I exchanged the first pair because the shoddy finish on the metal (as pictured) made me feel like I was getting a second and not a first quality tool. When the replacement arrived I was quite surprised to not only see the same splotchy finish but also the differences between the width of the steel of the cutting edges (as pictured) between the pairs. I kept doing a double-take because I couldn’t quite believe how far apart they were from each other. I suppose I’d like to think that Channellock’s manufacturing process had tighter design tolerances than what I received, but I guess that is not the case. Again, the tool functions great, just disappointed in the lack of what I perceive to be a rigorous QC process.
  • 7.5″ diagonal cutting pliers. Arrived sharp enough to cut tissue paper along the entire cutting edge. No light shown between the edges, perfect alignment. Cuts copper wire with much less effort than similar sized cutters. Very impressed.After a few days, I cut some spring steel, a fish tape, with one hand, not much force required, and it took out a chip from the cutting edge. Could see light between the edges now. That spot no longer cuts copper wire cleanly. Continued using. Went to remove a Romex staple, grabbing it with the tip, and it chipped there too. Very disappointed. Had high hopes. These are now my junk/demo pliers. Oh well, I’ll stick with Knipex. Have same style cutters I’ve used for years, cutting the same stuff and no chips at all.
  • The Channellock E338 diagonal cutters / dykes work as well as I hoped they would. They are able to cut through 16 gauge wire like butter, and I was able to slice through a small wood screw without difficulty. I’m expecting these cutters to last for a long long time, and the fact that these are supporting a USA factory is a plus. Highly recommended.Edit – I had some #6 machine screws that were a bit too long, and used these cutters last week to snip-snip them down to the correct size. No way my old cutters would have been able to do this so easily. This has quickly become my favorite hand tool.
  • I had to rewire several houses after Hurricane Sandy. I have had cheap imported cutters that cost much less. They would dull, and one even had a handle break off in my bare hands (didn’t know I was that strong!). I had Craftsman cutting pliers that were good, but lost on a job. When I am in the middle of a job where I need to cut wires that may be standard 14 or 16 gauge wire, or heavy 10 or 12 gauge, I don’t want to waste time. I need a tool that is dependable, effective, and lasts forever. This Channellock wreaks of high quality, and this makes even a tough job more enjoyable, if that’s possible. Teamed up with Channellock needle-nose pliers and lineman’s pliers, I have yet to come across an electrical job that these tools cannot handle.
  • Have a pair of these cutters, been using them for almost 4 years. Even after using them to cut through a 1/4 inch concrete anchor they still cut flawlessly, and are still my favorite cutters. Also use the 337s I found on top of a light at work, also exceptional quality. Just received a pair of e338 with the code blue handles and I’m dying to get to work with them. Also have a 6 inch pair I bought for around the house and they cut just as well as the big boys. If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of channellock’s cutters! Well worth the money!
  • Cuts better than Klein, Knipex and any other brand I’ve tried. Really I performed a cutting competition with them and they easily cut the best. The clear coat is kinda rough, but the sharpness and price is unbeatable. Definitely recommend to any electrician.
  • My old wire cutters were pretty worn. I had forgotten how well a good pair of diagonals work. easy to grip and can cut thru 3 or 4 wires with no problem. I only do occasional electrical wiring and I like the feel of this pair. I know I won’t loan them!
  • These are not worth spending your money on! The cutting edge is way to soft. I only use these for swisting wire, just thin tie wire; and nip the excess off. These in just a morning had already lost its ability to give a clean wire slice.

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