Multifunction Universal Socket Tool Set- T-Handle, Double Ended Screw-Driving Bit & Power Drill Adapter Set For Nuts, Hooks, Square, Hex, Caps & More (Red)

 Multifunction Universal Socket Tool Set- T-Handle, Double Ended Screw-Driving Bit & Power Drill Adapter Set For Nuts, Hooks, Square, Hex, Caps & More (Red) Brand DR.MAGIIC

Color:Red 4 in 1 Universal Socket Set- Fitting Work Just Became Easier Our 4 in 1 Tool Set comes complete with: ✔ 1x Universal Socket (3/8” standard inner square drive compatible with any 3/8” adaptor or wrench) ✔ 1x Quick Changer Bat T-Handle ✔ 1x Double-Ended Screw-Driving Bit ✔ 1x Power Drill Adaptor for Universal Socket(Shank 1/4” x 3.8”. Length: 65mm/2.56”) In one set you can have everything you need for quick fix ups around the house and tightening any loose screws, with just one tool. Universal Versatility The Universal socket can help you screw or unscrew multiple head types- butterfly, square, hex, nut, cap, eye or hook-type screws- you name it, the universal socket has got your back. With a stainless steel construction, 43 pins made from hardened steel that are spring loaded- the Universal Socket can adapt to multiple heads, without the need for 7 or more different, unique screwdrivers, Allen keys, wrenches or extra tools. Save huge on time, work way faster and enjoy unmatched convenience with just this socket. One Set For All Your Needs You can use both the bit and the universal socket with our secure-grip T handle which can come in handy if you don’t have a power drill at home, or if it’s out of battery. If you find it difficult to use the T handle for a specific screw- use our power drill adaptor to fix the socket on your drill and make your life way easier. Also, for all the most common Phillips or flat heat screws, we provide you with a double ended screw driving bit with both flat and Philips tips, for max practicality. Click Add To Cart Now & Enjoy A Must-Have Portable Tool Set!

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  • COMPLETE & PORTABLE TOOLS: Enhance your toolbox with universal tools. Our set comes complete with a bat T-handle that features a steady grip and a quick changer-head, a universal pin socket for easy screwing of multiple screw-types, a double drill bit with Philips & Flat as well as a power drill adaptor for the universal socket.
  • UNIVERSAL SOCKET FOR MULTIPLE SCREW TYPES: Enjoy the high versatility of our universal socket and use it for butterfly, square, hex, nut, cap, eye or hook-type screws, effortlessly. Mount the socket on your power drill for extra convenience, with the power drill adaptor.
  • MIGHTY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Our universal socket sports a stainless steel construction with 43 individual spring pins made of hardened steel. These pins adjust and adhere to the various shapes of screws, and provide you with a universal compatibility that saves big on time and eliminates guesswork for DIY fixes around the house.
  • T HANDLE WITH SECURE GRIP: Our set comes with a T handle that offers an anti-slip grip for easily getting the job done. Keep it in any tool box around the house, and if you do not have any special tools at home, you can use our T handle to easily tighten up any loose screws, way easier than using a standard screwdriver.

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  • My husband bought one of these for our camping trailer because he didn’t want to get an entire tool set. This compact socket tool is a 4-in-1, and you can use it to fix just about everything! This is so handy in our trailer to tighten loose screws. It also doubles put things together and fix things on our campsite as well. He loves how small and portable it is, so it is easy to bring just about everywhere. Everyone needs one of these since it is a great emergency tool kit.
  • Such a strong little tool, everything that came with it is just as tough. I have put it through quite a few different projects and it doesn’t show any signs of weakness! Very compact so you can keep it in your pocket comfortably. Definitely recommend this tool for anyone.
  • Husband has a huge workbench and station outside in the garage, but especially in the heat of arizona doesn’t always want to be running back and forth from there. This is single, easy to carry multi tool that allows him to accomplish lots in the house without the hassle of multiple trips from the hot garage. Got it for him for his birthday and he LOVES it.
  • This is an awesome product! I purchased this for so I could have a set in the house and not have to lug my husband’s tool set out from the garage every time I needed a screw driver. I’m super stoked on it cause it also has a universal socket that you can use on pretty much any type of screw head. And it comes with a drill adapter to make your team even easier. Takes care of anything I’d need it for in the household all in one small tool!
  • I’m in the process of redoing my garage and am running into to a variety of different bolts that hold shelves and such together. I originally was just looking for the socket with the teeth, and found this set. The drill adapter came in hand so many times when trying to hang some cabinets. The T-Handle came in handy when trying to do the small last minute adjustments to different bolts and hooks. Overall, it was inexpensive and the kit was a nice variety to help out on any project. A lot easier than carrying around multiple wrenches or screwdrivers!
  • Great basic to have in the garage, the end of it has pins that adapt to the shape of many sizes. Makes it easier to not have to search through many different size socket heads. Great addition to the toolbox.
  • This tool is so handy. I love that it is so compact and universal. I keep it in the kitchen tool box so I know exactly where it is. It seems to be very durable.
  • It’s great to finally have a universal socket tool so I don’t have to use multiple sockets for the same project. This also works well for damaged bolts that were difficult to remove with a standard socket. It’s high quality and made well. Seems like it will last long time. I’ve been using it regularly since I got it for projects around the house and it’s been working great.

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