Mission Automotive 16oz Brake Bleeding Kit – Easy Use One Person Brake Fluid Bleeder with Magnet Mount and Hanging Lanyard – for Car and Motorcycles Brake Systems 16oz Fluid Capacity

 Mission Automotive 16oz Brake Bleeding Kit - Easy Use One Person Brake Fluid Bleeder with Magnet Mount and Hanging Lanyard - for Car and Motorcycles Brake Systems 16oz Fluid Capacity Brand Mission Automotive

Brake Bleeding Kit By Mission Automotive Pressure bleeding of brake and clutch hydraulic systems is recommended by most manufacturers and our one man brake bleeding system makes this task easy without creating an excessive mess! Our kit has been designed to last and features a durable PVC/polypropylene 16oz fluid bottle, magnet mounting & durable metal lanyard, high quality brake bleeder valve and a flexible 12” fluid tube. How To Use 1) Connect the brake bleeder hose to the fluid catch bottle 2) Attach the brake bleeder valve to the brake furthest from the master cylinder 3) Secure the bleeder to bottle to a metal surface using the magnet or hang in a vertical position using the lanyard 4) Open the bleeder valve on the vehicle and press down on the brake pump pedal several times 5) Wait until the brake fluid hose is full with no air bubbles and then close the bleeder valve. Repeat this step with other wheels 6) Fill your master cylinder reservoir with brake fluid if unsure refer to vehicle manual.

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  • BRAKE BLEEDING MADE EASY! Our brake bleeder kit has been designed to make brake maintenance as easy as possible and help you get the job done from your garage without making excess mess.
  • HOW IT WORKS: It couldn’t be easier to use! Just attach the valve on out 12″ brake bleeder hose to your brake system open the valve and pump a few times on the brake until the fluid hose is full with no air bubbles
  • INCLUDES MAGNET MOUNT AND HANGING LANYARD: No need to hold the bottle, Just attach to a magnetic metal surface OR use the lanyard to secure the bottle in an upright position to capture the brake fluid.
  • HIGH QUALITY & DURABLE: Our brake bleeder kit is manufactured from durable oil resistant plastics with a flexible 12” fluid tube and extra strong magnet.

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  • just what I was looking for, the pictures are a bit misleading though, there’s a hole in the top for the hose, do not attach the hose to the vent as shown in the pics, slide it into the bottle through the hole far enough so that it goes into new brake fluid that you need to fill the bottle with at least 1/3 from the bottom, used the cable at my Ford Escape’s back wheels, and the strong magnet to hold the bottle up at the front wheels, it’s an easy and clean way to bleed brakes
  • First time I did a brake fluid flush. This kit was exactly what I needed to get the job done. The magnet was great, you can hang the bottle on any metal part, and it was strong did not worry about it falling. The only part I did not like was the tube connected to the cap, I would prefer if you can stick it in the bottle. I ended up not using the cap and sticking the tube in the bottle, which I filled up a little with some of the brake fluid I drained from the reservoir to prevent air going back up into the brake line. About 8-10 brake pumps and the fluid came out clear, refill the reservoir and go to next brake line. I used furthest to closest brake line method but you can use closest to furthest as either is fine. Great kit, highly recommended.
  • I bought this product because I was looking for a brake bleeder kit that will let one person bleed the brakes. That would mean that the kit has a check valve or a pump included. This kit only included a plastic bottle, a piece of tubing, and a cable for hanging the bottle. There is NO WAY that the brakes can be bled by one person! I got a $17.00 plastic bottle!
  • It works but the bleeder tube was a little short and when fitting over the bleeder valve it also ripped a few times. It did fit tightly around the bleeder. Magnet is also a little weak when brake fluid is in it. The container itself is thick plastic and the hole in the lid lets the tube fit in snug which is good. Overall it will get the job done for bleeding brakes.
  • The cable and magnet were very nice to have to hold the bottle in the correct position. It worked well. What I think could be improved were after a few uses the end of the tube didn’t seal quite as well as the first and the part that the tube plugs into for “storage” or to move to the next fitting the tube didn’t stay on it. But the construction is great quality and I would definitely recommend it.
  • It was really easy to use. I used a zip tie to fasten it on, and that worked really well.
  • Stays put during use. Made the job easy for one person…
  • The magnet made this product work even better.than expected thanks.

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