ATLIN Gamebit Screwdriver Set 4.5mm and 3.8mm Security Bits for Opening Nintendo, Sega Consoles and Game Cartridges

 ATLIN Gamebit Screwdriver Set 4.5mm and 3.8mm Security Bits for Opening Nintendo, Sega Consoles and Game Cartridges Brand ATLIN

The ATLIN Gamebit Screwdriver Set is a must-have tool for opening consoles and game cartridges for various Nintendo and Sega systems. Whether you are replacing batteries in your Gameboy games or dusting out the inside of an old Super Nintendo, this security screwdriver set is fit for the job. This Gamebit Set includes a 4.5mm security screwdriver and a 3.8mm security screwdriver. Unlike other Nintendo screwdriver sets, this set will reach deep into the screw wells of the Virtual Boy console. The screwdriver shaft length measures at 2.9”, and the entire length including the handle measures at approximately 6”. Below is a compatibility list showing the games and systems which can be opened using this security screwdriver set. Games Original Nintendo (NES) Super Nintendo (SNES) Nintendo 64 (N64) Original Game Boy Game Boy Color Virtual Boy Sega Game Gear Sega Genesis Sega 32x Consoles Super Nintendo (SNES) Nintendo 64 (N64) Gamecube Virtual Boy Sega Game Gear TurboGrafx 16 TurboDuo

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  • This gamebit screwdriver set comes with a 4.5mm security screwdriver and a 3.8mm security screwdriver for opening compatible retro game consoles and cartridges, compatibility list below
  • Opens Cartridges – Nintendo (NES), Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Original Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Virtual Boy, Sega Game Gear, Sega Genesis, and Sega 32x
  • Opens Systems – Super Nintendo (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Gamecube, Virtual Boy, Sega Game Gear, TurboGrafx 16, and TurboDuo
  • Unlike other Nintendo screwdriver sets, this set has a long shaft length of 2.9” for getting into the deep screw wells found on the Virtual Boy console. The full length including the handle is approximately 6”

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  • My family has been collecting Nintendo games and consoles since the 80s. These are 100% the best gamebits we’ve ever had. I have a neurological condition that severely effects my grip strength. I often drop tools that are too slick or if the weight is too unbalanced.. along with many other reasons. I have not dropped these one time! I also have great difficulty picking up small screws. These gripped them so I didn’t have to struggle! They are a BEAUTIFUL color. I even bought a special case for them. If I could change just one thing I guess it would be to have the option to have my initials or name engraved or printed on them. That’s just because I love them so much. Great tools and superior customer service! I received the funniest thank you email from these guys. It totally made my day better. I hope everyone gives these a chance. I’m glad I did!
  • If you plan on repairing or fixing an N64, these will make your life easier. I cant say if these will work on older Nintendo consoles as I have only used this set on an N64. I have to say though, being able to open a console up and see just how dirty these things can get really opens your eyes to how clean you or someone else is. Customer service was great and on top of their game.Pros:- Light weight- Fit the security bits in the console and cartridges perfectlyCons:-Haven’t found any yetStrongly recommend to those that Mod or maintain and repair older Nintendo consoles.
  • Definitely worth the buy if you need to repair, (or in my case attempt to repair), your GameCube. Unfortunately I’m probably going to have to order a new laser disc reader. But the screwdriver is fantastic. Definitely worth it for the value and the sturdiness of it!
  • When I received the drivers, I was impressed with the simple packaging and quality of the tools. They seem to be very well made and the color is a nice touch (green looks good, most other brands are blue). I had a choice to buy a different brand of gamebit drivers for $2.00 less but I chose these for two reasons. 1. From a company in the USA and 2. I like the color better. The only reason I am giving these 4 stars as a review is because the damn packaging says made in china. Anything labeled with the word “china” leads me to believe that eventually something will wear out before it should due to inferior materials and or manufacturing. Will that be the metal? The plastic? Who knows, so far they are good to go, but it would really be awesome if these tools were made right here in the USA. I’d pay another $2 for that.
  • I’ve been recollecting SNES and Genesis games to use with my Super NT(Amazing)and my Mega SG(Also amazing)and I needed a tool to help take apart games to not only deep clean pins, but to check the boards and see if they’re official or a reproduction. I tried a pair of these I bought at Lowes and they were passably usable. These bit screwdrivers blew those away. They’ve turned my hobby into an absolute blast, cause finding a game you thought was toast, then stripping it down and replacing batteries and scouring those pins, to then pop it in you system and see them run like a dream is extremely satisfying. Buy these. You need them. Lol.
  • The product came on time and works great. Very strong and durable, I’m sure I’ll be able to use these for a long time. On top of that, the manufacturer contacted me to make sure the product was delivered and works. So, not only is it a great product the company has great customer service. Even if there was something wrong with the product, I’m sure it would be very easy to fix it due to how helpful the seller was. If you’re looking for good sturdy tools from trustworthy companies, this is it.
  • After ordering a different brand of bits to try and take apart my super nintendo so I could clean and restore it, I found those bits didn’t fit as they were just a hair off in size. So I looked again and found a pair of Atlin screwdrivers (4.5 and 3.8) and decided to order them. I got them and preceeded to get to work. They not only fit perfect but were very easy to use and didn’t strip the screws at all like the other brand had started to. If your looking to repair classic nintendo consoles, I would definitely recommend these for the perfect fit as well as how professional and nice the company is for messaging to make sure I was happy with the purchase!
  • Many Gamebit screwdrivers won’t fit the recessed screws of a Virtual Boy. This one fits perfectly. Quality seems good so they should be fine with all other game cartridges and devices I’ve encountered.

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